Friday, December 29, 2006

A Quote that inspires me

" Be content to be like him, a worm and no man, that like him you may be satisfied when you wake up in his likeness. That rough-looking diamond is put upon the wheel of the lapidary. He cuts it on all sides. It loses much-much that seemed costly to itself. The king is crowned; the diadem is put upon the monarch's head with trumpet's joyful sound. A glittering ray flashes from that coronet, and it beams from that very diamond which was just now so sorely vexed by the lapidary. You may venture to compare yourself to such a diamond, for you are one of God's people; and this is the time of the cutting process. Let faith and patience have their perfect work, for in the day when the crown shall be set upon the head of the King, Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, one ray of glory shall stream from you. " Charles Spurgeon

I had to look up the definition of lapidary it means; a worker who cuts, polishes, and engraves precious stones. Moses used to be a lapidary, wonder if he would have recognized this word . Probably. Anyway,sometimes most times I don't feel like a precious stone .Most times I feel like a lump of hard solid rock that takes years and years of chipping away at to get even a slight change in the shape. I wonder often why God doesn't just give up on me. I am thankful that He doesn't and quotes like this remind me that the process of change isn't always an easy one but one that is worth it.
Big changes are in store for me this year. I can feel it in my bones. Oh, Lord help me.

Christmas Pics 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Strange Dreams

Early this morning,I had some of the strangest dreams that I can ever remember having. I don't remember my dreams very much so to have two back to back was quite strange. I will breifly share.One was completely a kind of funny depiction of me not being able to say no to my friends who needed me to watch all thier kids at the same time and pick them up or drop them off at school, all the while forgetting that I don't even have enough room in my squareback for my kids. In that dream I was forgetting kids left and right and even a little boy named Louie showed up in that one and then even Louie himself.
The other was a total fear based dream that woke me right up. A man came and entered my house and was hiding in my closest little did he know I was right behind him hiding in there as well. I had this dilema of whether to kick him really hard, yell out boo and scare him while I tried to run or in the end because I started to become conscious I grabbed a gun and shot him in the back. This kind of violent act is very unusual for me to have even in my dreams and so it woke me right up.
It got me thinking though about what I really would do if something like that were to happen. Not something that I spend much time thinking about but it led me down that dreary path of thoughts. When I shared these dreams with Mo he asked the very logical question, "Why wasn't your door locked?" To which I replied , "Very good question, I guess because dreams are bit like Hollywood movies they don't always make much sense"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Potty training for the last time, WHOO HOOO!!!

We are only into day 2 of potty-training the 4th and final Scofield child and I have to say that I will be oh so happy to be done with diapers. It has been a long 8 years of diapers, diapers, and more diapers. Several times having 2 in diapers at the same time. What a milestone that is taking place here and little does Isaiah even know the excitement going on inside his mothers heart everytime he successfully makes it to the toilet.
I would have never chosen this time of year to potty train but thanks to Sherry Walker(thank you Sherry) and lil Zachary's positive peer pressure Isaiah got a tad bit interested and when the potty chair bug bites you just gotta role with it.
So here's to no more diapers after a very long 8 years and I must say a very fond farwell. I am not fond of the dirty diapers but the babies who are in them I could never get enough of.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quote from Solomon and maybe a new Scofield family tradition

Me- So Sol , since Christmas is supposed to be the time that we remember when Jesus came to earth as a baby that would mean it is Jesus birthday on Christmas . We should get Him a birthday present. What would you give Him?
Sol- Mom, Jesus doesn't have a birthday. He is too old.(Me thinks he is a bible scholar and knows that Jesus has been here since the begining)
Me- Yes, well this is the time of year we remember that He came here on earth for real as a baby and so it would be His birthday. What should we give Jesus for His birthday?
Me- Do you need to think about it?
Sol- Yeah, give me a minute
Me-(10 minutes later I had forgotten that he was still taking time to think about it)
Sol- I got it mom, I got it!!
Me- What?
Sol- We should buy Him a balloon and draw on the balloon that we love Him and then let it go up to the sky.
Me- (Trying not to cry cause that was just so cute) Great idea Sol. I think He would like that.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So I must say.....

I really do love this time of year. I know that I said that last month when the fall weather came around but I guess I have learned to love every season of life as it comes. Ya right!! Psshh, changing seasons in life has got to be one of the biggest challenges for me. I really don't embrace change all that well. Once change has taken place and is now currently the present then I am okay with it, but during the changing process I have a tough time. I must say though, over the years it has gotten easier.
Anyway, I am way off track on this blog that really doesn't have a track to begin with but I will try to walk at least alongside the track of "this time of year" and by that I mean not the weather but the holidays. I am enjoying the excitement that is in the air for my children and I remember oh so well this same excitement when I was a child. I can hardly believe that I am not the child but the parent , okay there I go getting off track again. I just celebrated my 32nd birthday of which my mother reminded me that I was supposed to be born on Christmas day but much to her surprise I came a week early. Turning 32 I must say not a big deal, and there I go again off track. So back to Christmas and why I love this holiday.....
Christmas has become a holiday that has so many meanings it is hard to just nail it down to "The Real Reason for the Season" or something cliche like that. It has morphed into a very different holiday then just celebrating Jesus birth of which didn't really even occur during this time anyway so why , oh why do we try to deem it the Real reason for the season? Again off track.
I think that one of the reasons Christmas is such a special time of year universally is because it is one of the main times in a year that you really do think about other people instead of just you and yours. I know for myself sending out our Christmas cards is not just so that I will get them in return(although , to be honest that is a big reason) but it is also because I like to really think about each and every person that I give one to. I wonder what thier year has been like and how they have grown or changed. I think about what an impact that they have had on me in my life all year long and for some it is just comforting to know that they are still there. I am reminded every year around this time that my life is rich not with material possesions but with people who are truly amazing.
I won't attempt to put a tag on this season for what it really means because we all know that it means so much to so many but to me it really is a time when I like to hear from, see, and cherish the true gifts that God has given me, the people that I call my friends and family. That being said, If you are reading this then I want you to know that I wish you a very
Merry Christmas and please know that you are loved.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quiznos Man on McCarran

This blog will only make sense if you live in Reno, drive on N. McCarran on a regular basis, and have seen the light-footed gentleman who holds the Quiznos sign.
So, if you fall into that catergory, have you seen this man? I just wonder what is playing in his Ipod and why he gives me a peace sign everytime I wave back at him. Are you supposed to wave back at him or is he just doing his job? Did they tell him he has to dance like that or did he just get handed some Quizno lemons and is making lemonade out of them?
Anyway, whatever the case he puts a smile on my face everytime I drive by.
Oh yeah, one more question- Do you think he gets a yummy sandwich everyday for free?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Last English Essay

I finished my last English essay this evening titled , "The Importance of Preschool" and although it is much less controversial than my first attempt at writing on Same Sex marriage it is soooooooooooooooooooooo boring. Not at all an argument really and I am wondering if my teacher is going to catch on to the fact that I don't really like to argue.
It's really lame even by my standards and so I revisited the old paper and I am wondering if it would be against college English protocol to turn them both in?? What do ya think ??

so many thoughts, so little time...

and yet nothing comes to mind to write about.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nacho Libre Sleeps!!

why are they always so stinking cute when they are asleep??

i feel i should explain why my son fell asleep with belly exposed and mask on. after watching nacho libre about two weeks ago he has been a bit obsessive about the character nacho who is a spanish monk turned secret pro wrestler in his off time.

anyhew- isaiah now is definitely in a phase(at least i sure hope it is a phase) of taking his shirt off, putting something over his head(even if it is his brother's dirty underwear) and running into the room hands up exclaiming, "nacho libre!!"

if you haven't seen the movie it's a good one for laughs and if you haven't seen the reenactment yet from isaiah, stay tuned you probably will shortly.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My final English Essay

My final English essay for this semester has to be an argument, and in case you haven't already noticed I really don't like to argue nor do I care to write a whole 4 page essay based on an argument. I could so easily hand this over to the giant who should've become a lawyer he is so convincing, but I fear she will not recognize the decisive tone of the paper and also not to mention the fact that would be cheating.
I gave every idea possible to other students who were struggling for ideas on what to argue about and yet when I try to think about what I want to argue about, I Got Nothing!!!
I started to get something about the hot topic of same sex marriages but then it got all muddy and now, now here I sit needing to write a paper but instead choosing to blog because I am once again avoiding an argument.
Oh did I mention that we have to read these in class? That should be argued as cruel and unusual punishment.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Me and the Dentist

I had the best dental experience today that I have ever had. I forgot I was at the dentist because my new dentist and his assistant were so incredibly funny. I got up from the chair when it was all done and felt I should tip them for their comedy relief. Later today when thinking back on the experience they put a smile on my face not only because my teeth got fixed but it was so easy, and dare I say it, fun!!! The icing on the cake for sure though was the bill which was incredibly lower than what I am used to. Gotta love that.
So this is a shout out for my new dentist, located off of Greenbrae in Sparks, Dr. Bobby Locke.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Holidays and a Tribute to Jen

As the bigger holidays are approaching this year I am more aware than ever that my sister is half-way across the globe and it makes me miss her something fierce.
I have been fortunate all these years to have all 4 of my siblings close enough to share all the big holidays together, and this is the first year that we won't be all together. I know that might seem like something silly to be bummed about, but I adore my big sister Jenny and she lights up the room like no other. So this is a tribute to her and to her namesake who will also be missed this holiday season.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Too much fun

Here is the fall photo of our little ones minus the elephant aka Isaiah or Izillia as Joey so nicely deemed him.
Solomon won the costume contest this year which was pretty great. The expresion on his face is priceless to me in the photo of him with his prized puppy. Not too many more years of this fun dressing up stuff so I am fully enjoying thier creativity and imaginations right now.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A beautiful Fall day

Today has got to be one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen in Nevada. The explosions of color that are happening on every tree around here is amazing. I drive by these trees so much slower just to take it all in. By next week, the trees will mostly all be barren and empty and the weather will get very, very chilly. Right now though , once again I am amazed by The Creator, and how year after beautiful year He produces such awesome beauty for His kids to enjoy. You couldn't paint these colors even if you tried.
I made a carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting, lit candles that smell like fall, and hung out with some beautiful brand new moms while our babies fell asleep in our laps (probably from our non-stop chatter) the leaves fell off the trees right outside my window and I thought, what a gorgoues fall morning. I couldn't ask for better ingredients in life. Good company, Good food, Good scenery, and a very Good God who knows my name and made explosions in the sky just for me.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bagpipes and Airbags

Sol-"Mom, does gramma's car have bagpipes up there?" Pointing to the front of her van on the dashboard.
Sol- "YOU know bagpipes?" This time pointing right at the glove box.
Me-"Oh, no her car doesn't have bagpipes that's why you can sit up here."
Sol-" I like gramma's car and our bus cause dad's bus doesn't have bagpipes either."
Me- In my head thinking , Well sometimes it has bagpipes but only when dad is bringing those pipes somewhere special.
Hee hee hee!!
Please don't tell him the difference.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Life according to Chloe

Apparently being double jointed means much more than I thought. While talking on the phone , my daughter Chloe told her friend Keelin that she is double jointed and this is what it really means; "Yeah, I am talking on the phone and putting on my shoes at the same time cause I am double jointed."
Huh, I guess I missed that one.
Also, last week while she was trying to convince me to sign her up for a tap class that she wanted to take Chloe said, "Look mom this class even pays you money!" while pointing to how much it cost. I wish they paid us money!! My sweet Lo lo. Did I mention that both my girls believe that are betrothed to some wonderful boy who they don't get to know about until they are 18. Please don't tell them otherwise.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Country Music, Me ,and This time of year

I have the compulsion to tell you of yet another wierd trait about myself. Around this time of year, and this time of year only ,I really love to listen to country music. I can give the credit of this quirky trait to my all time treasure friend , Allison. Ever since we were teenagers she used to say that she loved to listen to country music, but only when it is cold outside. At that time in my life I was studying voice, and learning opera songs left and right by a very formal voice teacher who happen to HATE country music, therfore I did! Whenever Allie would mention country songs I had no idea what she was talking about and didn't care to find out until my cousin became a member of the then famous country band, Collin Raye. When they came to Reno I got a free ticket to go see them, and well... needless to say I was not so impressed with the country fans(mostly the girls that where crazy out of control over this guy in a pair of Wranglers)but the music did make an impression. I started to fall in love with the stories that the songs tell. I ventured out, and started listening with my friends advice to listen only when the weather started to get cold . I have been hooked ever since.
I dont' really think about it . I just start to listen the minute the trees turn yellow, or the air becomes cool . Somehow my ears tune in and my fingers just move the station over to the country music that I hear on the radio. I love the fall and when the trees are turning I love to just reflect upon seasons changing always in life. Some things you can just count on. Change and country music are two things that I can count on to cause a point of reflection.
I didn't even realize how this had become a tradition until today when listening to Rascal Flatts on the radio I thought, "Why haven't I heard this great song before? Oh I know, because I don't listen until it's cold outside) Then it dawned on me that this is a very strange trait. Why do I only want to listen when it's cold out. It makes no sense. Is it because that is what was suggested first by a friend who does have a way of persuasion with me and I have a deep respect for Allie ? Is it because in the fall/winter I want to go inside and listen to reflective music that tells a story? Is it because I am only patriotic and therefore a country kind of gal around voting season?
I DON'T really know, but this is a trait that is not going away. I am really enjoying what I have been hearing these past few weeks and when spring rolls around maybe I will keep on listening. Maybe not. Just thought I would share. Any other country music fans out there? Got some suggestions for other great songs that I might have missed out on between spring/summer months?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hunter and the hunted

Last night after I got home from class I noticed that my cat Hunter was planted in front of fridge ,and he wasn't moving. Hmmm..... I thought well, I wonder if he's hungry, (no just kidding )I knew he was on the prowl for something found not inside the fridge, but probably under or behind it. This cat was named appropriately. He was waiting for that nasty rodent to show it's face. I love my cat. He does such a good job of being the hunter that we hired him for. Okay, back to my story. So fastforward to about 3a.m. in the morning. I wake up from a dead sleep to hear the cat shuffling his paws in and around the bookself that is right outside our bedroom door. Ah man, the mouse made its way out of the kitchen, and is now finding a safe retreat right outside my room. I look over to the giant who is sawing logs, totally unaffected by this game of cat and mouse.How can he sleep when the game that is being played out rather loudly I might add is right outside our room?? Well, as any woman knows you can't just go back to sleep knowing there is a nasty rodent near by so I do what any brave woman would do in this situation and I wake the sleeping Giant. I love my husband. He does such a good job of being the protector that I married him for.He wakes up, and gets in on this game of cat and mouse. He ups the anty for Hunter by moving the bookcase out of the way which then provides the mouse the straight path right into my room and under my bed. Can you say , EEEEEKKKK!! If it were not for the fact that it was 3a.m. in the morning and we had 4 sleeping lil ones I would have been screaming. I did scream but under my pillow and then I had to resort to singing. Why, you might ask? Well, because my wonderful cat decided to EAT his tasty morsel right underneath my bed at 3 AM in the morning(well, it was more like 4AM now) and if I didn't keep singing I could hear every crunch. Can you say, EEEEKKKKK!!! SO , because I couldn't be vocal about this while it was happening I am choosing to share this wonderful story with you all. Hope you enjoy it and sweet dreams tonight.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A personal heater

This morning I started reading in 1 Kings and the very first story that is told there is of a virgin girl named Abishag. This story has always stuck out to me because I have always wondered what it must have been like for this girl to snuggle up to a strange old man every night. The bible states that she was beautiful and a virgin so I am sure her social life wasn't left wanting and then she gets the job hire of personal heater. What must it be like to be a personal heater? I am sure the Giant could answer that question because he is my own personal heater. Sometimes in the winter my feet get so cold they are numb and then it is only when I get them close to Mo's feet that I am reminded that I have feet. Anyway, enough about us playing footsies. I really thought about this differently though this morning. I wondered if this girl may have realized who it was that she was asked to care for and warm. I wonder if she realized this was one of Israel's greatest kings, and a man after God's own heart. Did she realize the job she was asked to do was a blessing, or did she just think it was her duty and that she had no other choice? Did she realize her placement and the great wealth of wisdom that was within that man she was warming, or did she resent this position because it was her job. Clock in . Clock out. Clock in. Clock out.
I often think that in America especially we take our elders for granted. We don't glean nearly as much wisdom as we should from them. We don'tthink we have the time to hear thier life stories and listen to what they have learned so that we might learn from them. This is truly a shame in my opinion and something that shouldn't be.
This story made me think two things. First, never to take for granted the place that God has put you in or the people He has surrounded you with, and two that those older than us have a wealth of wisdom to give if we have the time to listen.
1 Kings chapter 1

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A picture played out right before my eyes

The other night on my way to TMCC I turned onto Sullivan off of McCarran, and looked to the left to see the sun shining on this beautiful home that is literally built on a rock. This house must have a gorgeous view of the city of Reno, and was probably very difficult to build. I don't know much about construction, (that's the Giants job) but I imagine they must have had to cut into this big rock in order to build this house.
Then as my eyes wandered off to the right I noticed these other houses that I never really payed attention to before, but my sister Gina and her husband Izzy are currently house shopping and this group of houses were all up for sale and for a great price. My sister Gina wanted me to take a closer look at these homes the other day because she really liked them, and you couldn't beat the price, but what she didn't realize at the time was that their foundation is shaky. Brand new homes, very nice , in town, great price, but not built on solid ground.
It was a picture from the bible that is played out right before my eyes on my weekly route to school.
Now, here is my thought, it took just as much time, energy and money to build both of these houses. I would say that the one on the rock probably cost more but the outcome is evident. That house is a way greater value than the other homes and it is noticed just from looking at it from afar. Still, the other homes took as much energy and I am sure the owners love them just as much, at least until they find out theirs was built on a shaky foundation. When you start to realize that your home is not structurely sound most people start looking for another place to live,(hence all the for sale signs in that neighborhood) and probably start suing left and right.
It takes the same amount of time (life that we are all given here) to build your house on either the sand or on the rock. I am so glad that my life starting building on a firm foundation from a young age and that when the winds of life have come my way I didn't come crashing down.
I feel sorry for those people stuck in those houses that are going to be very hard to sell now, and the value is probably no longer as good as they thought. It makes me think that when I look back on my life what will really be of value. What is really important to build on, and what could stand to be washed away like sand on the seashore?
Matthew 7:24-27 "Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise .Llike a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won't collapse because it is built on the rock. But anyone who hears my teaching and ignores it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash."

Monday, September 18, 2006

A quote that has been lingering....

"Success will take you where character cannot."
I cannot remember where I heard this quote or even who said it but I wrote it down in my journal a long time ago and came across it the other day.
When I first heard this quote I thought of how famous successful people seem to fall by the waste-side in character issues all the time. The truth of this is quite obvious when you look at the cover of any People magazine . The covers are plastered with divorce or drug and alcohol abuse. This is an example that makes this quote easy for me to understand.
After some thought though I started to think about how this quote could be applied to Christians who think they are achieving spiritual success. I don't know what many of you would define as spiritual success but there was a time when for me it meant being used by God in the Billy Graham sort of way. Now, I don't think that way anymore. A long , long time ago this was what I thought it meant to be spiritually successful; to read your bible every single day without fail, to pray for everyone, help everyone, go on as many mission trips as possible, prophesy, sing prophetically, read one or more books on being a good Christian, go to every bible study available at the church, pray prophetically, you get the idea. If you weren't living this way you weren't a successful , victorious Christian.
When you apply this quote that way it makes me think of how many Christians I have known over the years who were living this way, constantly looking for the mountaintop moments to affirm their salvation, and now they are not even going to church. All of them having these Billy Graham sort of moments on a daily basis. Used to perform miracle after miracle. Now a few years later when I look back on them I see that the core issues of their lives fell apart. Why? I think because they thought that what they were doing was for God so how could it not turn out good. Sometimes we put the God-tag on things that He isn't behind.
Now, I realize that the day to day life is where it is at. The little victories in my character that are changing but have taken a very long time to get there. Sometimes God heals and miraculously we are changed overnight , but more often than not it is an every day choice in my life where I get to obey or not obey.
It has made me appreciate the times when I know that Jesus is working on me and my character issues . I don't embrace these times when they are happening but when I look back I realize their necessity. I realize that it is because Jesus loves me that He corrects me.
I want to obey in every area . I want to have the character that comes along side the miracles.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fall is in the air around here, and it's about time.

I am so happy that fall is finally here. This is my favorite time of year. Today was a perfect weather day in my opinion. I sat outside and the air was cool but the sun was warm and it made me thankful for season changes. I might not like other changes so much but the season changing is something that I can really enjoy. One thing that I will give credit to Nevada for is the fact that we get a pretty good dose of every season. That's about all that I can say that is positive regarding the state of Nevada. More times than not I wonder why I live in this state, but that is a topic for another blog on another day.
Every year when the leaves start to change it makes me remember that changes are good.

Monday, September 11, 2006

1 year ago today and then 5 years ago.....

One year ago today my beloved grandmother Joan LeSage passed away from this earth to go home. I loved this woman so much and it hurts to think of her not being here anymore but I am thankful that the sting of death is not all that I feel on this day. I know in my heart that I will see her again and so this time apart doesn't hurt as bad. I know that I will see her smiling eyes again. I know that her hug will warm my spirit again. I know this like I know that my name is Noel, or that my hair is brown, or that I have 4 children. I know this.
This makes me think of the other saddness of this day. All those lives that were lost 5 years ago. They were taken way before the long full life that my grandmother was given. Thier deaths were not nearly as peaceful. She died in her sleep , they died in terror and fear and long before they should have. Thier families didn't get to say goodbye and many of them don't have the assurance that they will ever see them again. That assurance is a gift. It steals the pain away from the sting of death like nothing else can. It is I believe what we are here to realize . That we are eternal beings and that one place or another we will live on.
This was a strange day for me with mixed emotions. A visit from my brother and then from my dad and then with a close friend. I am left feeling sad for those people who are still in fear of death and happy about my grandmother's beautiful long life lived. Mixed emotions. Trying to make sense of it all.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Always have time for a friend

This article was about a college professor who started his philosophy class by presenting his students with a large empty mayonnaise jar. He then proceeded to fill it with golf balls. "Is this jar full?" he asked his students. They nodded in agreement. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles under the table which he dumped into the jar, which he shook to allow the pebbles to roll into the open areas. "Is the jar full now?" he asked again. And again the students agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of sand, also from under the table, which he poured into the jar. The sand filled up what little space there was left. "Would you say the jar was now full?" he asked. The students responded with a loud "Yes!" This time they were really sure. The professor smiled and then produced two cups of coffee which he poured into the jar filling the empty spaces in the jar. When the professor announced that the jar was now full, the students laughed. The professor then told his students that the jar represents each one's life. The golf balls are the important things -- your God, your family, your health, your community, your friends -- whatever you consider to be the most important things in your life. "Things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full," he said. The pebbles, on the other hand, represent the other things that matter to you such as your job, your house, perhaps your car. The sand is everything else -- the small stuff -- like your computer, your cell phone, your HDTV, your DVDs, your shoes and clothes. If you pour the sand into the jar first, the professor told his students, then you won't have space for the golf balls and the pebbles. "If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff," he said, "then you will never have room for the things that are truly important to you." The professor told his students to pay attention to the things that are "truly critical to your happiness." You should make time to spend with their family, he said. You should go on vacations together. You should take time to get your medical check-ups. Play golf or tennis or go swimming at the YMCA. There will be time enough to clean the house or buy another shirt or skirt. "Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand." As his words sank in to his students, one of them raised her hand and asked the professor "What about the cups of coffee?" "I'm glad you asked," he said. "It just goes to show that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room to share a cup of coffee with a friend."
I just thought this was really great and very true. Thought I would share it with my bloggin friends.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day, and some ponderings about sleep

I slept in til 11:30. The giant got up with the kiddos and I can hardly believe myself that it is still possible for me to sleep that long. When I looked at the clock I had to rub my eyes to see if it was really almost noon. Haven't slept that long since I was a teenager. Do you know what is so wierd though??
I am STILL tired!!!!! Someone tell me please why it is when you get more sleep than usual that you wake up feeling more tired?? How can this be?? Just doesn't make sense.
Also, someone told me once that all the nights that you don't get a full 8 hours sleep you will have to catch up on all those lost hours later in life when you are older? That can't be true. Most older people I know require less sleep. Why is that?

Friday, September 01, 2006


I feel pretty lame today. Last night we recieved back our first lil writing assignment that I shared with you all in the previous post, and well it turns out that I didn't read the article correctly and so therefore my lil arguement that I was feeling oh so proud about was null and void.
I don't feel as stupid only because so many other students in the class misunderstood the very same thing that I did, and therefore it is partly the writers problem BUT all the same I feel pretty LAME.
Apparently , I will be learning some things in college , like how to read :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day back for me a long time!!!

Tonight I went back to college (so now my kids could actually say, "Your mom goes to college" )and not just be quoting a great movie.
It was an English writing course and we had to read this article posted at about whether higher quality education is a right. It was so much fun. I really could have taken either side on this but here's what I came up with;

I recently read an article posted at by Paul Jacobs. In this article Paul is debating over a recent measure called the DC Education Rights Charter Amendment. The amendment would provide higher quality education for free. He disagrees with this proposed amendment because he feels education is not a right, and I disagree with him.

Let me tell you why. If you were to take a group of people and never offer them the oppurtunity to learn for free then that society as a whole would suffer for it. As human beings he says "we have the right to speak, worship, trade, to associate, and to move throughout the country unimpended." I also disagree with this statement because this is not a "right" given to all human beings but mostly, only to those who live in America. So, really his arguement should be "this is not a right for us in this country or that we should have in America". I believe that it is.

America is a country(patriotic music playing here in the backround) that has been founded upon higher standards than the world at large. The rights that we have as citizens of this great country far exceed the rights that most human beings have in other countries. That's why alot of people want to live here. I think the more oppurtunity that is given to learn in this society the better. It will only benefit our nations quality of life and the world as well.

(Spoken like a true oblivious american) So go ahead give opinions and Jeni feel free to proof but remember be nice it is my first day back in a very , very long time.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Some fun photos from our summer

Here some fun pics from our summer just because my blog has been picture-less for far too long.
Our summer was great and went by once again way too fast. School started today and once again life is back to the books, teachers, new friends all that good stuff. Thank God for new beginings.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back to school.....(Gotta love this song from Adam Sandler)

Last year around this time I blogged about my kids going back to school and this year well, I am oh so excited to report that I am on the list of kids in our house going back to school. I am only taking 2 classes one of which is strictly for my own personal gain and something I have wanted to do for a very long time and the other is one of the 7 classes I have left to take to finish getting my AA degree. The courses on the menu this semester, Guitar and English. YIPEE!!!
Needless to say , Monday brings lots of us in the Scofield home back to the books. (Well, I never actually left the books but, ya know what I mean)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Giant

My Giant came home tonight with a mission. To paint(sorry Gardners he started a new one). Do you know how exciting this is?? PROBABLY NOT, so let me explain. He hasn't picked up a brush since Christmas. That's an awfully long time to not engage in a hobby that you love, that relaxes you, and even inspires you.
So needless to say, while he paints I scrap, blog, read, watch movies and wait for the finished product. I can't peek over his shoulders or comment until the end because I have learned that these are not good things to do to someone when they are creating a masterpiece. Didn't know that before but now after many years I do. Everytime he paints it's like Christmas to me. So excited to see what this will be. Just thought I would share and when he's done maybe a picture will appear here of the finished product.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

God is good

I am very thankful this morning for God's faithfulness to me .
He provides for my every need .
He loves me in ways that I cannot even begin to explain.
He teaches me better than anyone or anything.
His love never leaves, never grows faint, never changes.
I don't have to do anything at all to recieve all of His blessings .
When He gives He doesn't expect anything in return but is happy when I notice that it is Him who has given .
I am thankful for the family that He has placed me in and the friends that He has surrounded me with.
I am comforted to know that no matter what lies ahead He will be with me to help me, to guide me.
I am honored that I get to serve Him.
He alone is worthy.
"What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every God direction is road - tested. Everyone who runs toward Him makes it. Is there any god like God?" Psalm 18:30-31 MSG

Friday, August 11, 2006

My Very Catholic Cousins.

On Tuesday I had the great joy(sarcasm) of traveling once again out to Lake Lahontan with my mom to see some out of town cousins that are here from Kansas.
Now, before I tell this blog I must preface it with the fact that this part of my family is beyond Catholic. They are a part of "the few, the proud, the Roman Catholic one true Church." Before my family became Christian we too were Catholic but never the "true Catholics" because we were apart of what's called the novis-order branch of Catholic churches which doesn't really qualify I guess as being truly Catholic. Okay so, needless to say these are cousins that never really got me and my clan when we were "so called Catholic" let alone now that we are Christ - followers . Confused yet??
They come from a family of 7 kids and probably were the closest extended family to our own growing up in the Pellant home. There house was always filled with lots of noise, messes, and drinking. They lived in Silver Springs right across from my grandparents who built a Catholic Church right next to thier house, and I do mean right next to it.
Growing up they always thought me and my sister wore immodest clothes, too much make up and didn't really know how to be basically as good of a person as they were.
All that to say , we don't really relate to each other in alot of ways but I still love them and always will.
So, back to the lake. It was great to see them at the beach not in bathing suits but in skirts(the girls always have to wear skirts, always) They came out this way because one of my cousins Kathlene adopted a baby through a Catholic website. Pretty amazing story and I am very happy for her.
The conversation that I think was the highlight of the whole day though was between my Uncle Jimmy(hippie, lives in RV, still smokes some stuff, musical, amazing talent, big heart) and my cousin Charlie's 7 year old son Xaiver.
X- "Can I play that guitar"
J-"Sure, come here I will show you"
X-"Do you know any songs from our Lord?"
J-"Well, no but if you could sing them maybe I could try to play them"
X-"Do you know something, something requiem?"
J-"I don't think so do you?"
X-" Mmm, no butI could never be a rock and roll star cause I have to be a priest when I grow up"
Me-"You have to be or you want to be?"
X-"Oh no I have to be our Lord told me I have to be a priest when I grow up"
Me and Uncle Jimmy- smile look at each other and go, "Hmmmmmm"
Some things never change.

Phone call home

Got to hear my sister Jen's voice today for the first time since she left for Budapest. So, now I have proof that she really is alive and well(even though she has been bloggin almost daily). What a pleasant way to start the day.
It's funny cause she has left before and even lived in LA for 4 years when most of the time I would see her every 4 months or so but just knowing that she is so far away makes me miss her so much more. Strange.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Last night my car broke down for the second time this week. First, it was at the bug rally that I have been anticipating since ...well, for a while and then last night after youth group.
On Saturday during the scavenger hunt/rally we were 3 away from finishing our hunt and it broke. We were stuck. Again. With no cell phone. After being passed by the police officer(hello, here to protect AND serve) we had safely been given a ride to 7 /11 from a kind stranger to make a phone call for a ride. When we were sitting outside waiting on our ride, with slurpies in hand(all 6 of us) I said to the Scofield clan, " So, the lesson in all this is to be able to thank God in all things." After I said it I could hardly think at that very hot, sweaty moment what to thank God for myself when one of my kids said , "Well, our slurpies" then another "The nice lady who gave us a ride" and so on...
In that moment I realized that if I would have taken the opposite route , different train, bandwagon , whatever you want to call it , if I would have started grumbling, crying , getting angry the lesson here for my kids would have been oh so different. I only know of these other routes because they are the ones that I am used to traveling on. That day was a different day. Thanks be to God.

So, back to last night as my car was packed to the gills with people, my clan +1 (don't ask how that's possible cause legally it is not) and as my car had literally jerked me off to the side of the road. As I am sitting there thinking "not again" and " I am so stinking tired of this " Jesus reminded me by way of my children , "Well , at least we have the cell phone this time Mom."
God is good. Because that was something to be oh so grateful for. Not only that but so much more.
Today I am refusing to let the negative thoughts stick around. Today I am looking for (and it's not very hard to find them) all the blessings that God has abundantly given me and my family. I am truly thankful that at least I have cars that need to be fixed . That's a good problem to have in a sense because, at least I have more than one or even two cars.
God thank you for who YOU are . For how faithful you remain always. For my husband, family, friends, health, cars, house, my swamp cooler, my bible, Joyce Meyers, Joni Locke, my computer, bloggin, beautiful scenery(b.m.people included) sweet smells, coffee, food, ice cold water, clean water, etc.........................................................
"I have a thankful heart and it's because of you" this is the chorus to an old Petra song I believe and the truth is in the end of that statement.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Calvary has arrived

The burning man people have invaded the neighborhood once again and once again I am totally enjoying the people watching .
I wonder if I could stick a sign out and offer up all the junk I have in my backyard for thier creations. It just might save us a trip to the dump.
Tasha I don't think I ever need to go since half of the people that go come to me and a bonus to that is that I don't even have to pay the $300 ticket price to get in. All my entertainment is for free and from the comfort of my couch.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My thoughts for today

My oldest sister Jenny left for Budapest on Monday and naturally I have been thinking about her a lot. I have been wondering what she has been experiencing on the first few days of her arrival. Today she emailed everyone in the family to say that she arrived safely but that she was having some issues with her internet access and a few other glitches. Before she left we were trying to think of all the things that she might miss the most about the U.S. She is definitely a planner and she tried to think of every possible thing that she might want but wouldn't be able to get while over there. She plans on being there for a year or more so you can imagine all the things that we were talking about.
Anyway, even with all that planning and thinking, here she is her first days and she is already experiencing some "technical difficulties" of a sort. This got me thinking down the path of what an adjustment it must have been for Jesus to come here to planet earth. He left His heavenly home where there was no hurt ,pain or sorrow, no hunger, time differences, etc... to arrive here as not a fully functioning adult but a baby completely dependent on His creation to care and comfort Him. This still trips me out. I don't know that once I get to heaven I would ever leave for anything but then I begin to think of people and I think would I leave all the comforts for people that I love?? The answer for this selfish , imperfect human being is YES, a resounding YES. This gives me some insight into the heart of my beautiful Savior who chose to leave heaven's home and make the journey here to experience every pain, every sorrow, more hurt then imaginable, and all the other discomforts of this human plight because of love.
He still amazes me. He still woos me with His love. I am thankful today for that love . I am grateful today for the breath that is within me and the opportunity to love Him back. To thank Him with my life.
My sister is learning what it is like to live in a foreign country , Jesus did the same but so much more. He did it all for love. He left heaven for not only the people that would love Him back but also for those who would never love Him, for those who spit on him, beat him, and even those who killed Him. He is so beyond my grasp of understanding. What little I do understand I love so much and for the rest I will spend my life trying to understand.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This just in......

Apparently, " I am not a girl." Why , you might ask?? Well, I was minding my own business , cleaning the kids bathroom when I over heard my son Solomon and his cousin Jaydn talking something like this;
Sol-" Lets build a fort and make a boys only club."
Jay-" Okay, and make surwa no girls could ever come in"
Sol- "So let's ask my mom to help us"
Me- (inside my head) I thought no girls allowed in, but I guess I get a special pass to help build.
Jay-"Okay, yeah beacause moms are really good a building forts."
Sol-"Mom!!!! could you help build a fort??"
Me-" Sure Sol I would be glad to help"
So we build a pretty elaborate fort and then I go back to cleaning the bathroom. At this point I think that Jaydn must have been pretty impressed with my fort building skills because he says to Sol;
Jay-" We could probably let your mom come and play in here , can we?"
Sol- a resounding" NO, she's a girls remember no girls allowed"
Jay-"She's not a girl, she's just your mom"
Sol-"No I know she's my mom but remember no girls"
Jay- again"She's not a girl , she's just your mom remember!!!"
I then started laughing and didn't hear the rest of thier conversation but I am assuming since I never got invited to come into thier boys only club that I am in fact, still a girl. What a relief for Moses.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Becoming a human "being" not a human "doing"

I think this is one of the loudest things that stood out to me after going to hear this guy named Robb Bell a few weeks back.
I am not a busy one as far as working around the house 24/7 kind of person goes but I am one who will busy my schedule very quickly with "fun" events. I would have to say that I work moderately around here with house duties, heavily with children duties, and barely with yard duties. I am not the kind of gal who's picked up your glass that you were drinking out of the second you put it down just to put in the dishwasher asap!!! Nope , that's not me. BUT I am the kind of gal who will fill up mine and the giant's social calendar so jammed packed that we barely have time to breathe.
Well, as of lately God has really been working on me in this department to learn to say no and to be okay and even glad that I am saying no. It has been a process and one that I am still working on.
Today in the mail arrived a new favorite read in my house the Joyce Meyers "Enjoying Everyday Life" magazine and the article that just screamed out to me was one titled " Control Stress by Controlling Your Time" I am not stressed (that much) but I am a poorly managed time person .
The reason I believe I am not a good time management person is because usually I am just not. I don't really know for sure why but I think that I was a little bit better before I had four kids. Maybe. Maybe not. Anyhew, in this article it says,
"When we become too busy , we lose our joy. As a result, people irritate us , and we often become frustrated , anxious and critical. How can we break out of the trap of being too busy and practice keeping healthy margin(margin was described as the time in which we experience breathing room and access reserve energy) in our lives? Primarily by organizing our time and cutting out anything that is not in line with our top priorities." This reminds me of what Jerry Cook said when he was here, " When I say yes to something or someone I also say no to something and someone else." Oh so true. Lord help me get my priorities in line with yours.
Also it said;
"Remember, your time is ultimately your most precious possession. How you spend it determines, in many ways how you will spend eternity. Use it wisely" . Oh how I want to get better at this and use my time wisely.
I want to be a human "being" not a human "doing."

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shout Out

Just thought I would ask for continued prayers for all those who are up at Old Oak Ranch this week. There are 15 of us from Hillside, including Joni and Louie and lil Weezer. I am sure they would appreciate any and all prayers.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Back in the Saddle again

I have recently been bit by the scrappin bug again. Life has been on full speed for so long that I had forgotten how much I enjoy this hobby and recently I just decided to get back on the horse and get going with all these pictures.
I am behind by about 2 years but no worries, at the rate that I am going( 20 pages in the past few days) I will be caught up by the end of the summer.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

So I have decided....

that I really enjoy children. I think that this is not a new decision but one that I have decided upon again after a fun filled week of kids, kids, and more kids.
Of course I am a bit partial to my own but I really and truly enjoy other peoples children as well. SO so so many stories rolling around in my brain from this weeks events but I think I only have time for a few.
One of my favs was when worship was done on one of the days and the kids favorite song "Milk" didn't get played I heard several of the youngsters shout out, "That's it!" Ha ha ha!! That just made me laugh. Sorry, if that's not funny to you all, but it was to me.
Another story fresh off the press today was from Dylan when asked what his favorite part of camp was he said, "I weally liked the water balloons, that's why today I am going to get a weally big balloon to get everyone wet."
Little Jonah crying cause he just couldn't get his camp photo to fit inside the popsicle stick picture frame. Karina asking if I could help her with her picture frame and then everytime I tried she let me know very nicely that I wasn't doing it right. Baby Samuel falling asleep amidst all the noise. Isaiah and Addison becoming the best of friends so long as he stays away from her playdoh knife. Tressa so sad and asking , "Where did all my friends go?"
What a blessing to be a part of such a fun filled week. Thanks again to everyone (the Village)who helped made this week so much fun.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Of our Christmas Photo this year and we didn't even have to use photoshop, yipeee!~!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Dream Car

My dream car is for sale. Only a mere $14,000 and not too far away.

Someday. Until then I get to keep dreaming.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Yoga Junkie

I believe I have become a yoga junkie. I have been doing these stretches everyday for the past few weeks and if I miss a day I can really start to feel it. I feel like gumby afterward(although I am not exactly sure this is how gumby feels) and not quite as old as I am.
Today while doing yoga with the children even Isaiah got in and struck a pose. Wish I couldv'e snapped a shot in time but imagine his lil body bent over with one arm stretched up to the sky. I thought his big head would topple him over for sure but he held his position strong for a good long time.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Killer Cat Hunter seizes his opportunity

As proposed a day and half later the killer cat Hunter had poor little Pickles in his jaws. We were saying goodbye to the girls friends who had spent the night when one of the girls shrieked...."The cats got the bird!" WHAT!!!!!!
I don't think I have yelled like that since the Boys 2 Men concert a few months ago. (That was for you Brent) My cat apparently is
deaf and didn't care that I was popping blood vessels trying to get his attention. He had a tasty treat that he wasn't letting go for a thousand blood curdling screams. He ran out of the living room where all children were present to see the bird in his mouth and back to my bedroom. I ran to get some water and closed the door
behind me so that my children wouldn't be traumatized. A bath,in a jug of water later,
and a good yank on his tail did the trick. He dropped
the bird out of the jaws of peril and left him panting for dear life.
After we all settled down I called Moses to come get the bird OUT OF THE HOUSE. The bird who is now at the church is doing fine and still looking for a home.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bird Found, Free to good home

Today, while sitting outside Starbucks a parakeet landed on my roof rack. I knew this was not a native Nevada bird and before I could think twice about what to do the bird flew right next to the table where Sarah and I were sitting.
With the help of Sarah, and a nice lady who threw her sweater over it we caught the bird and stuck it in my car, much as I know my husband who loves birds would love to keep this bird, alas, we have a cat, named HUNTER no less and it just doesn't seem like a bright idea.
SO, if any of you blogreaders are looking for and free pet here she is.
Looks almost identical to the picture on the left.
Let me know if you are interested. My gentle Giant has already set her up in a nice comfy cozy hotel of a cage and so that will be included along with a bag of food, mirror, toys,etc. etc. He went a lil nuts caring for this lil critter so pretty much she is literally "good to go"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nanny McFee

This is a new kids movie out on dvd. We recently rented it for our kids and watched it first because someone said that it was about a witch. I thought "bummer," and I wasn't going to rent it and then Moses picked it up without knowing what I had heard so we watched it first and to my surprise it is no more about a witch than Mary Poppins was about a witch. To those of you who think Mary Poppins was about a witch then .....well, disregard this blog.

Anyhew, one of the things that I liked about this movie is that she comes in to teach the kids 5 lessons and as each lesson is taught she loses a blemish. First a mole, then another and finally by the end of the movie she is skinny, beautiful, no moles and perfect teeth.
Ohhhhhhhhh, that this could be real life!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shout Out!!

Just a shout out for my friend Shontell. Lord, let that baby come like yesterday already.
Health, pain free as possible, peace, comfort, strength, rest, wisdom and a debut very soon. Thank you Jesus.
Baby Samuel's already in big trouble.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The happy ending(part 3 of the FORD saga)

First, I must start this blog by saying that my husband is amazing. Truly , I believe he is a genius and a rather hot one at that. Now back to my story, it was starting to get dark and so being the genius , amazing man that he is he told everyone to look in the car for something long and straight to pry open the window on gramma's van. After no luck in our search inside the car we then looked outside the car for any stick on the roadway and finally on the car seemed the ONLY answer, our antenna. Now, I don't know about other people but this is what amazes me about my husband because I would have never thought that a car antenna and a little girls shoe could unlock a car door but apparently it does. So 45minutes later we were back in business and able to call on the wonderful piece technology that we had longed for all day. Thank God for cell phones.
The car ride home I sat on the floor in the back with the kids and thought a lot about the days events. I was feeling pretty down and I had wished for somebody, anybody to yell , scream, or holler at me but no such luck. The people in my family are just all too kind.
I woke up the next day and still felt like crying. It wasn't until spending some alone time with Jesus that I felt much better. He taught me some things that I needed to learn in the best possible way and said the words I needed to hear. His kids helped a lot in this as well.

Now here comes the happy ending. A few days before all of this had taken place I had told Moses that I thought we should just give the Ford away or park it for a while and get me a vw squareback(station wagon) . To save money on gas was my primary reason but also,I have never felt better in a vehicle than when I am in a vw . Something about them is just a comfort to me. Anyhew, he thought that would be fun to look into and then all of the stuff with the Ford took place and we really needed to find something else. Instead of just a want it became a need. We did have the camper(which btw fits us all just fine and up until just 2 weeks ago was out of commission) but I am not really good at driving that because of the reach factor. I can do it , it's just not easy for me. Then our bug was not running because Mo pillaged parts from it to get the bus running. So, we went to Bug O Rama this year hoping to get parts to get the bug running again and for some much needed R&R. Before the trip had even got under way Moses met a couple who came to the parking lot where our VW club(Slogoinvws) was meeting in Carson City. They weren't in a VW and so Mo wandered over to say hello and maybe he thought answer some questions they might have. Turns out that they had a friend who had a squareback in his garage for over 8+ years and he was looking to sell it for a very low price. Moses didn't get to overly excited but he did think it was interesting that out of all the people there he was the one who got the number.
We got home from our wonderful weekend in Sacramento(Just what the doctor ordered) and gave the guy a call. Sure enough it was the gem we were hoping for. As the guy rolled her dust covered body out of the barn I was given a name for this car , Grace. This car is a sign to me of God's continual hand of grace on my life. Even though I screwed up, even though I feel I should be punished for my stupid oversight God is gracious to me.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Part 2 of I don't know yet(Continued FORD saga)

My heart sank and I began to feel sick to my stomach. Mo prompted me to try the engine a few more times but this time it just clicked when I turned the key so they thought maybe it might be the battery. The police officer hooked up his battery jumper cables and still nothing. Moses came over to tell me that the engine was "blowed up", done, ca-put, gonzo. I sat there shocked. Surely, something could be done. At this point I was really feeling ill but had to make a decision as to who to call to come to our rescue and decided that my mom's house would be the best bet because someone is always home. The police officer kindly let me use his cell phone to make this call and thankfully my sister was home . After describing where we were, that she would need to bring mom's van because there would be so many for the car ride home, and that we didn't have our cell so she would just have to keep her eyes wide open for us she said she was on her way.
The police man needing to get back on the road after helping us for the last 2 hours said he would be by later to check on us. He drove off and there we all sat and sat and sat. There was of course the occasional bathroom break behind the protection of our vehicle and I did get out and try to wave down a cell phone to call Louie and Joni to inform them that we wouldn't be there but other than that we sat. It was almost getting to be dark when I saw our beloved rescuers on the other side of the road , honking , waving , and smiling. They pulled up behind us and jumped out of the car in such a hurry that they locked themselves out of their very own car with the engine still running!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
All I could do was laugh because I had been crying all afternoon and thier just wasn't a drop left.

Where to start?? The FORD saga

What a turn of events that has occured in my life in just the last week. I don't even know where to begin.
Maybe I should go back to a week ago today I was enjoying the tail end of the visit with Moses mom Nashelle and we were driving them into Sacremento where thier plane was to fly out the next day. We said our goodbyes and were headed straight for church to drop Mo off to work. We had just left the gas station and were on the road for about 2o minutes when the Ford started to make some funny noises. Moses told be to pull over to the side of the road and it was a good thing that he did because our engine was just about ready to blow up right there on the the freeway. He popped the hood and the kids and I figured no big deal , Mo is such a mechanical genieus we should be on the road in no time. Much to my dismay this was not the case. Someone had forgotten to put oil in the car(the guilty party shall remain anonymous NOEL) and it was bone dry. OUCH!! Well, I thought good thing we caught it in time but now what? Mo had forgotten his cell phone and wallet and I was glad at least that we had my debit card to go get some oil but it would be on foot and we didnt' know how far so Mo suggested(being the wonderful husband that he is) that he go with my card and hope that they didn't i.d. him. So off he went, while we (me and munchins) sat and sat and sat. One half hour later we saw him going down the other side of the freeway. The kids were happy to see him and so was I but I also realized that this meant that he was headed the other way to find a gas station and who knew how far away the closest one was. So we sat, and sat, and sat. About almost 2 hours after seeing Moses a police officer pulled up behind us. With tears in my eyes I rolled down the window and told him our scenario and he said , "Well, I will go find him and we will be back in a bit" Again, we sat and sat and sat and about 45minutes after he left ,Moses and him pulled up with the oil in hand and popped the hood to fix all the problems. Yipee!!!
The engine turned over and was running for about 45 seconds when it slowly died. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
(to be continued)
I promise a happy ending is in sight.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Philippians 3:12-14

"I don't mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me. No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us."
This passage of scripture has really been speaking to me lately because I feel as though I am having to press on through some things. Some old habits that need to die, some areas of my life that have not been disciplined, and some comfort zones that are no longer comfortable for me to live in.
It's a funny thing when God speaks He does it in such a way that I always know that it's Him. At first it is always so quiet and then the longer it takes for me to listen the louder or more evident it becomes that He indeed is talking. The specifics become clear and He gives me the strength to take the steps to walk in obedience.
I am in a "pressing on" season in life. It is good. I am glad that He who began this good work in me a while back is faithful to complete what He has started.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Change of Seasons

Thankful for the change in the seasons. Seems my brain is busting with new ideas and I don't know if it's the nice weather or what but I can hardly even keep up with the excitement in my own head. Does anybody else ever experience that or am I on my own here? It's like when you go to do some spring cleaning and one thing leads to another and before you know you have rearranged the room. I feel like thats what happening on the inside of my head.
Thank God for the change of scenery.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A Gift

Have you ever recieved a gift that you were afraid to use, touch, or move for fear that it might break or get dirty, or even be stolen? When my beloved gramma died this past fall I was given her dutch boy cookie jar. Do I put cookies in it? No. Do I set it on my counter top for all to see? No. It is hidden in my pantry where it can't even get dust on it, let alone be knocked over and broken. Every now and then when I open the cupboard I look at it and it puts a smile on my face but I wonder would my Gramma frown upon the fact that I am not using this to distribute cookies to her great grandbabies.
Sometimes that's the way I feel about the gifts that I have been given from God. One inpaticular , keeps me wondering why did God give this to me? I know so many others who would've done so much greater things with this gift and it almost seems wasted on me because of my fear to use it.
It reminds me of Moses in the bible , not my hubby. We can tell from what is written about him that he definately did not think that he was the right man for the job. When God asked him to go back to his hometown and tell his family and friends that what they were doing was wrong and that they needed to stop immediately and free the Hebrew slaves he questioned Gods call . He even came up with what I think is a pretty legite excuse of not being a good public speaker due to his stuttering. God didn't like his hesitancy because I think it showed Moses lack of faith/trust in Him . I can relate to Moses. I can think of a million excuses not to do what I know in my heart I was designed to do but in the end the call never goes away. The nudging is still there be it ever so small.
Because I know what Jesus said about the gifts that he gives and what we are supposed to do I am trying to be faithful using my gifts the best way I know how but somehow I wonder when I stand before Him will He ask me why I buried so many things because of my fear of rejection or pure complacency. I wonder if it will be enough. I am trying to be faithful but the desire every year grows stronger.
So, I am left at a crossroads. I can start to choose the path of least resistance or I can muster up all the time, energy, courage, strength and boldness that I have left and pursue what it is that I know in my heart is a gift buried right now.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

First Grey Hair

That's right , I found it this morning. Had a bit of a different texture. Interesting. Exciting. Bring it ON !! Here's to growing old gracefully.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jesus you are more than a friend

Your mercy and grace overwhelm me
You bring joy to my soul.
Your love and your grace never fail me.
Your merciful touch always heals me.
You bring joy to my soul.
Joy to my soul.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I watched the half hour special documetary on Dietrich Bonhoeffer that was on PBS the other day and I was surprised by a few things. One, I didn't realize he was in a secret group of men who on several attempts tried to murder Adolf Hitler. Also I didn't realize that he was caught and put in prison because of this.
These points were interesting to me because this is not the sort of thing that you associate a Christian scholar with but I would call him a hero. Would you?? This brought up a good discussion between Moses and myself. I think he did what other countries were afraid to do. Other leaders were turning a blind eye or too busy to notice what this man and his brothers were very aware was going on. He turned against his country and everything comfortable for the sake of strangers. I would call him a hero.
The book I am reading "The Cost of Discipleship" has been difficult at times to swallow because it speaks of a faith that I don't think I really know. I mean not in the sense that he did. I haven't had to abandon anything or suffer. I haven't forsaken everything and everyone for the sake of the gospel. I believe with all my heart that I would if I were asked to but I haven't walked that road yet. He inspires me that it can be done and the book is getting much easier now that I have learned how to read(smile , that's for you Allie)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Working at the Car Wash...

I have a funny story to share . Short and sweet. So, the other day despite my reservations to use up a car wash ticket on such a cloudy day , I threw caution to the wind and went for it. As I finish going thru the automatic wash I pull in to vacuum out the food that is in the back of my car that could probably feed a small family and while I am getting out of the car I notice the teenage boys next to me have decided that the whole state of Nevada should be listening to their music. Now, normally I wouldn't mind this but the rap music that they were listening to was.....Well.....NOT so nice. Very vulgar actually. Anyhew, I go about my business and I am trying not react with the look on my face. They were very nice boys who handed me the bottle of windex when they were done and the vacuum also, but their choice in music was again not so nice.
Everything is going along just fine when in pulls next to me on the other side an older gentleman in a brand new SUV. He steps out of the car and after hearing the music looks at me with a smile , but also kinda in shock and says, " Only in America" to which I reply with only a look of , "I agree" and I chuckle while shaking my head. As I am finishing up he then says to me, "Oh, I thought that was you bumping to that music!" I laughed so hard I had a hard time responding to him because if he only knew how funny that would be, and I say "Now that is funny" and he says, "Well, I am a pretty funny guy" Mister you have no idea.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Book

So, my new book that I was all excited about the other day, that I blogged about with all the quotes and what not.... well, let's just say this one might take me a while. Those old dead guys man are they wordy.
It's very good and I am only in chapter 5 but this is one of those books that you have to take frequent intermissions or otherwise your forehead begins to hurt from the quizical look permanetly there while reading. Maybe that 's just me and no one else has ever had this experience while reading old dead guys books.
If so then just disregard this blog all together, if not and you know what I am talking about feel free to comment so that I don't feel so slow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Anniversrary

Mom and Dad 36 years is something to celebrate. I am proud of you and thankful for you. Hope you two love-birds get a nice break. Just singing your praises.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Cost of Discipleship

I just wanted to share a few snip-its from the book I just started, The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrech Bonhoeffer. Coming off the heals of reading, Monday Morning Church by Jerry Cook this new book already is so parallel in theme. These quotes are from the introduction alone;
"When we go to church and listen to the sermon, what we want to hear is his Word- and that not merely for selfish reasons, but for the sake of the many for whom the Church and her message are foreign."
"The real trouble is that the pure Word of Jesus has been overlaid with so much human ballast-burdensome rules and regulations, false hopes and consolations-that it has become extremely difficult to make a genuine decision for Christ. Of course it is our aim to preach Christ and Christ alone, but , when all is said and done, it is not the fault of our critics that they find our preaching so hard to understand, so overburdened with ideas and expressions which are hopelessly out of touch with the mental climate in which they live."
"They are convinced that it is not the Word of Jesus himself that puts them off, but the superstructure of human, institutional, and doctrinal elements in our preaching."
"Does not our preaching contain too much of our own opinions and convictions, and too little of Jesus Christ? Jesus invites all those that labour and are heavy laden, and nothing could be so contrary to our best intentions, and so fatal to our proclamation, as to drive men away from him by forcing upon them man-made dogmas."
"When the Bible speaks of following Jesus, it is proclaiming a discipleship which will liberate mankind from all man-made dogmas, from every burden and oppression, from every anxiety and torture which afflicts the consciense. If they follow Jesus, men escape from the hard yoke of thier own laws, and submit to the kindly yoke of Jesus Christ."

What I am amazed at most is that this was written in 1937 first and then revised and Copywrit in 1959 and yet it is so applicable for this day and age. I guess this is a problem that the church has been having for quite some time. Nothing new under the sun.
Wow, I am excited to read this rest. This man's life and death(he was matyered for Jesus) tells such a story.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Take me out ....

Take me out to the ball game
Take me out to the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks
I don't care if I ever come back
For it's root root root for the home team
If they don't win it's a shame
For it's one , two, three strikes you're out
at the ol' ball game.

First thought of the season... the Giants need to find themselves a pitcher!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A day in the life....

So , today started off pretty good. Got the kiddos up and showered and ready to head out the door, when suddenly I realized it was hat day at Little Lites today. Can't be the teacher without a hat or have my son a straight' A 'student(no such thing in preschool) without a hat on hat day!!! He chose his new nike hat and I of course in preparation for the Bo' Sox first game this weekend chose my Boston Red Sox hat. Before we left though the phone rang and on the other end was an answer to prayer. Our kids dentist bill was dramatacially different than what I thought it was going to be and in fact my complete prayer for this situation was completely answered. I KNOW this is God's doing!! So we were off to school, with hats on our heads and a smile on my face.
Great day at school , some quotes from our class today ; Eli when describing his hat to the class "This is my hat from Ho-tucky that my Nana gave me" I believe it was a University of Kentucky hat, but Ho tucky I think is pretty good. Nathynn, when asked about the memory verse, " The debval is the bad guys boss." We then went on to have a wonderful loud parade and later a special visit from Pastor Louie that was pretty fun.
When I left school today the weather was absolutely fabuloso and so I decided today would be a great day for a car wash. This is the first time I haven't had kids with me thru the wash and let me just say that it was not nearly as much fun. The way thier eyes light up when we go thru the machine is a sight to behold and literally an event for them , kinda like going thru a disneyland ride. After I was done cleaning up the car I shut the last door and went to drive off when I realized I had locked my keys in the car. DAG- NABIT!!! I was determined not to let this ruin my day and the lady who was cleaning her car next to mine had a cell phone that she was kind enough to let me borrow. She had two little girls and said she wasn't going anywhere (fast anyways,w/kids at the car washit takes about half hour longer than normal) so I did call but of course Moses was busy outside and couldn't hear the phone. I then remembered that the gals for Joni's small group were meeting over at Starbucks and I thought maybe I could borrow Joni's car , run to get Moses keys , and then be back in enough to time to finish my other errands. All was well again. Thank you Jesus. I prayed for blessings for that kind lady and for Joni (it's good to have a big family) I was on my way to Wal-Mart for the things that Mo needed and on my way out the Older gentleman greeter was wearing a Bo' Soxs hat we exchanged mutual admiration for our hats and the team and I was off to get the girls from school.
I picked them up and Joni said that they lady who lent me her cell phone stayed around and chatted a bit with the other ladies . Get this , she said that she might be checking out the preschool. How great is that.
Just sharing a day in the life of Noel, Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The story of Mo..el Part 3 of 3

Learning to be complete in God's love and to trust in Him fully for the future was what the time in between my sophmore and senior year taught me. Ephesians 3:14-20
Okay, so this bring us to my Senior year of high school. In between all that time like I said I truly didn't think again about Moses but that was partly due to the fact that I didn't see him again because he had dropped out of high school and partly due to a distraction that I entertained for a bit about another boy. Ya know , I was after all in high school!! Mostly though I really was growing alot in my relationship with Jesus and I was fortunate enough to be able to go on several missions trips during this time that kept me pretty busy.
My Senior year was very hard because I really didn't want to be there anymore. So the year was draggin a bit for me up until mid year one day when I walked into my last class Art, and there was Moses. Whoa!!! I was so shocked I cannot even tell you but again not knowing if he ever got my letter or if he knew who I was now, I just walked on by and sat down at my table in class. Then, when I looked up there he was. Closer than we had ever been before he sat down right next to me and said, "You are Noel right?" To which I replied "Yes" He then said, " I never got to thank you for that letter but it came at a really important time in my life and I just wanted to thank you for it." He then went on to say, "I would really like to get together with you sometime and talk to you about what you believe in" to which I said, "NO"(just kidding) I said yes of course. The class proceeded I left and went right over to my youth pastors house and told them what had happened. I was on cloud 9 you better believe it. I could hardly wait to go back to school the next day but when I did to my total disappointment he wasn't there. The art teacher told me that there was a mix up with the school and that they weren't going to allow him to come and assist in the class anymore. I was pretty upset but I didn't even know how to get a hold of him and certainly didn't want to fall back into my bad stalker habits again so I didn't even try.
Another year went by. I graduated from high school and decided not to go away for college as I originally had planned. I was working at a preschool taking classes at WNCC and had a new roomate at my parents house, my good friend Allie. We would stay up late almost every night into the wee hours of the night(not good for her she was still in high school) but made for some very great memories for me. Anyhew, she asked me whatever happened to Moses to which I replied I have no idea. She then suggested that I look him up in the phone book and see what happens. So I did. I called the listing and to my shock and amazement it was his house but he wasn't home. His roomate Scott answered and said he would give him my message. What I didn't know was that around the same time I was looking for him he had thought of me again as well. Running into a mutual friend he asked where I was and what I was up to. So after a day or so of phone tag we spoke and I invited him to come to our Saturday night college service. He said that sounded great and I was so excited just to see him again. At the same time I was a bit weary because I knew for sure that I wasn't about to just start dating him right away unless I knew he was serious about persuing a relationship with Jesus first. I watched from a distance as he was faithful to come every Saturday and then when he was asked to live in Guys house for the purpose of becoming a stronger Christian (it was called a discipleship house) I knew that he meant business with Jesus and not just with me. This meant a lot to me, his decision probably more than he realized at the time. So for a long time we went out with a big gang of people and then as I got more sure of his intentions for Jesus and for me we started to go out just the three of us, Me , Mo, and my good friend Allie. Poor guy , now that I think back on this time I have to laugh because of the hoops I made him jump through but I had to be sure. Anyway, he didn't seem to mind and even paid for Allie's night out as well(what a gentleman) but it didn't take long before he wanted to know when we could go out on a date alone. I was at this point to be honest a little scared but excited at the same time. We dated for about 2 months before he made his intentions clear that he didn't want to just "be dating" but that in fact he wanted a life partner. I was on board. So at the young age of 19 he asked me to be his wife and the rest is history....present and future.

Story of Mo..el Part 2 of 3

Prayer changes everything!! 1 Timothy 2:1
Now, a few months had gone by since I first saw Moses at that bible study. He had changed girlfriends and was still very much lost in the world from all appearances. I was looking for him at high school around every corner. Truly, he was the highlight of my sophmore year. The girl he was dating at the time I knew to be a Jehovah's Witness so my prayers for him had changed a bit. After I got the prophetic word from my youth pastor though, I knew that I didn't want to upset God any further with my attentions being elsewhere so I decided to write Moses the
letter and not for any other reason than the fact that I wanted him to know that God loved him. When writing this letter you have to realize that I didn't even know if Moses knew who I was. I just wanted to tell him a little bit about the fact that I knew God had bigger and better plans for his life then what I saw him living out. I wanted him to know that the God of the universe was paying attention even if no else was. The letter went something like this;
Dear Moses,
I know you don't know who I am but my name is Noel Pellant. I am a sophmore and I am a Christian. I have been praying for you the last few months and I just wanted you to know that I really believe with all my heart that God has big plans for your life. I don't know much about you but one thing I do know is that Jesus loves you very much and I really wanted you to know that.
Noel Pellant
It wasn't a long letter and I didn't even know if he would just throw it away or if he would even get it but I knew that in order to move on for me I needed to send it. Again I prayed , "God if we ever talk please let our first conversation be about you so that I will know that you heard my prayers for him" I sent the letter and shortly after I did I was invited to a birthday party of an old friend. I wasn't going to go because I knew that it was going to be the kind of party that I didn't go to anymore but another Christian friend I knew was going and said that she would take me home if I didn't feel comfortable so I went. Most of the night was pretty much a good eye opener for me and made me very thankful that God had brought me out of so much empty living, but about half way thru the night Moses arrived with his friends and he looked very disturbed. I was wondering at this point if he had got the letter, if he knew who I was now, and what was going on in his life that was the cause for all his intoxication and tears that I could see he had been crying.
We didn't even make eye contact until at one point I was sitting down on a couch doing some serious people watching when he suddenly plopped down on the other end of the couch with no one in between. Now, of course inside my head I was thinking all kinds of things, but I didn't even look his way or acknowledge that he was there until he turned to me and said, "Do you believe in eternity?" to which I responded "Yes, I do." After my response the whole world came back to life. His friends plopped down right beside him and continued comforting him for the reason he was upset that evening was that he had broken up with his girlfriend .That I didn't know, but what I did know was that God's hand was indeed moving and I knew in my heart at that point that something very special was happening.
I got up from the couch, went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and thanked Jesus over and over again because I knew that one question about eternity was the conformation I was looking for and that now even if nothing else ever happened , even if I never saw him again I knew that God was moving in his life and that I could leave it in His hands and I did. I didn't pray anymore for him from that moment on and strangely enough I didn't see him again for two more years until my Senior year in high school. I didn't ask about him, think about him, or even wonder about him. Strangely enough my heart was asleep again during those years.
To be continued....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Story Of Mo..el Part 1of 3

The story of how Moses and Noel came to be Mo..el. The story of how when we wait on God and obey him in all areas of life, when we love Him more than anything or anyone He works all things for good. Romans 8:28
The summer before my sophmore year in high school I was asked by my friend Jen to go to her youth group and I was up for meeting new people and mostly just hanging out with my friend Jen . We went over to some peoples house where about 15 or so teenagers were crammed in a living room for bible study. This is the first time that I met Jen's youth pastors Louie and Joni Locke. We all sat down for a cozy bible study when some late arrivals walked thru the door, a girl I knew from choir Heather and her very very attractive boyfriend Moses.
They introduced themselves to the group and I thought to myself "Whoa that guy is fun to look at,also do they allow older college persons to come to a high school bible study? hmmm.. okay, but since he's not hard on the eyes, the more the merrier" I wish I could say that I still remember to this day what we studied in the bible that night but pretty much my attention was not on the bible as much as it was on Heather's boyfriend. (ouch)
After bible study was over I probably asked my friend a gazillion questions about the mysterious boy named Moses and she clued me in that he was indeed still in High School, that he wasn't a christian, and suddenly, starting my high school year took on a whole new excitement. I soon found out that Moses was actually pretty lost in the world. I began to pray for him. ALOT!!! I asked everyone I knew about him and if they knew why he was named Moses. I thought with a name like that there has to be some history that would give a flicker of hope. No one really knew the story of his name. Well, my interest grew and grew and soon became much more than prayers for salvation, my thoughts turned more toward what most young girls think about at that age, that one boy who would fall hopelessly in love with them and protect them from all the other boys of the world. At this point my self-control was a bit lacking and I became a slight stalker in some sense....well pretty much, yeah a stalker of the high school good christian girl kinda way ,not the burn your bunny kinda way. I knew where he worked, where he lived, his phone number everything. All this time we had never even had a conversation but my prayers for salvation, and ahem....for other things became more frequent. I think this is about the time that God decided to get my attention.
My youth pastor at the time was very prophetic. God told him things all the time that he had no way of knowing other than thru this gift and thankfully his gift was always used for our encouragement. I had told no one in my youth group about my serious crush on Moses and certainly hadn't told my youth pastors anything (somehow i knew it wouldn't be recieved with kudos)Anyway, one day before youth group was to start my youth pastor asked if he could talk to me with his wife privately. Oh man, I knew something was up but I had no idea that the God of the universe would care for me so much as to communicate this to me. My youth pastor said, "Noel, God has told me that he is jealous of the time you have been spending thinking and praying for someone else, you have this romance novel going on inside your head and God really misses you and your attention." Oh man, can I just say, that I was floored!! I had no idea that God was paying that close of attention to me, and my mind but apparently He was. So, I prayed one last time for Moses and this was my prayer, "God I really do hope and pray that all my prayers for Moses to come to know you are the ones that you will answer, more than anything I want him to know the hope for living that I know now in You. Please if all this wasn't a total loss I pray the first time we talk that our conversation would be about you, I am sorry for making you jealous and would it be okay if I write him a letter about you?" To which God gave me the permission to go ahead and write him a letter and then leave it at that.
To be continued......

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Nothing like a Saturday morning cup of Joe except maybe.....Sunday morning, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning or anytime of the day or night.....well you get the point.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

At a Loss for words (if you can believe that)

So, I have absolutely nothing to blog about but I really want to blog. I thought about blogging about the last book I just finished, You and Your Child by Charles Swindoll . A very good book but not enough to fill a whole blog topic. Then thought I might add a funny one about the event that took place in our home tonight but others might not find it all that funny. Thought about doing some rebutle blogs to other blogs but I just don't have the energy or thoughts to convey those correctly. So, here I am wanting to talk about something but not really having all that much to say right now. I am however enjoying immensely the topics that have been brought up by everyone else in our blogging community and with that I will say goodnight.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Solomon's Question????

Okay, My son Solomon has yet again stumped me with his line of questions regarding spiritual matters, not good I know to be stumped by a 4 year olds questions. It might worry some of you but how would you answer this one;
"Momma does Jesus love the Debal(devil)?"
My answer was "No." I really don't think that He does. I know He loves everyone and that His life was a an act of love. I know that He is capable of loving even the cruelest criminal but I don't think He loves the devil.
So there it is. What do all think?? The question that followed that one is almost as good "Would Jesus be mad if I killed the Debal(devil)?" To that I also replied "No, he wouldn't and I wish that we could kill the punk devil!"
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