Thursday, June 01, 2006

The happy ending(part 3 of the FORD saga)

First, I must start this blog by saying that my husband is amazing. Truly , I believe he is a genius and a rather hot one at that. Now back to my story, it was starting to get dark and so being the genius , amazing man that he is he told everyone to look in the car for something long and straight to pry open the window on gramma's van. After no luck in our search inside the car we then looked outside the car for any stick on the roadway and finally on the car seemed the ONLY answer, our antenna. Now, I don't know about other people but this is what amazes me about my husband because I would have never thought that a car antenna and a little girls shoe could unlock a car door but apparently it does. So 45minutes later we were back in business and able to call on the wonderful piece technology that we had longed for all day. Thank God for cell phones.
The car ride home I sat on the floor in the back with the kids and thought a lot about the days events. I was feeling pretty down and I had wished for somebody, anybody to yell , scream, or holler at me but no such luck. The people in my family are just all too kind.
I woke up the next day and still felt like crying. It wasn't until spending some alone time with Jesus that I felt much better. He taught me some things that I needed to learn in the best possible way and said the words I needed to hear. His kids helped a lot in this as well.

Now here comes the happy ending. A few days before all of this had taken place I had told Moses that I thought we should just give the Ford away or park it for a while and get me a vw squareback(station wagon) . To save money on gas was my primary reason but also,I have never felt better in a vehicle than when I am in a vw . Something about them is just a comfort to me. Anyhew, he thought that would be fun to look into and then all of the stuff with the Ford took place and we really needed to find something else. Instead of just a want it became a need. We did have the camper(which btw fits us all just fine and up until just 2 weeks ago was out of commission) but I am not really good at driving that because of the reach factor. I can do it , it's just not easy for me. Then our bug was not running because Mo pillaged parts from it to get the bus running. So, we went to Bug O Rama this year hoping to get parts to get the bug running again and for some much needed R&R. Before the trip had even got under way Moses met a couple who came to the parking lot where our VW club(Slogoinvws) was meeting in Carson City. They weren't in a VW and so Mo wandered over to say hello and maybe he thought answer some questions they might have. Turns out that they had a friend who had a squareback in his garage for over 8+ years and he was looking to sell it for a very low price. Moses didn't get to overly excited but he did think it was interesting that out of all the people there he was the one who got the number.
We got home from our wonderful weekend in Sacramento(Just what the doctor ordered) and gave the guy a call. Sure enough it was the gem we were hoping for. As the guy rolled her dust covered body out of the barn I was given a name for this car , Grace. This car is a sign to me of God's continual hand of grace on my life. Even though I screwed up, even though I feel I should be punished for my stupid oversight God is gracious to me.


TPluckyT said...

I love how you blogged that story out! Nice!

wordpatch said...

Loved the happy ending. Your story brought to mind lots of car stories we 've been through. Wonder if the people with a just a horse and buggy had stories to tell also? Though, of course, they weren't able to blog.

georgia said...

All's well that ends well. Enjoyed the story.

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