Sunday, April 23, 2006

Working at the Car Wash...

I have a funny story to share . Short and sweet. So, the other day despite my reservations to use up a car wash ticket on such a cloudy day , I threw caution to the wind and went for it. As I finish going thru the automatic wash I pull in to vacuum out the food that is in the back of my car that could probably feed a small family and while I am getting out of the car I notice the teenage boys next to me have decided that the whole state of Nevada should be listening to their music. Now, normally I wouldn't mind this but the rap music that they were listening to was.....Well.....NOT so nice. Very vulgar actually. Anyhew, I go about my business and I am trying not react with the look on my face. They were very nice boys who handed me the bottle of windex when they were done and the vacuum also, but their choice in music was again not so nice.
Everything is going along just fine when in pulls next to me on the other side an older gentleman in a brand new SUV. He steps out of the car and after hearing the music looks at me with a smile , but also kinda in shock and says, " Only in America" to which I reply with only a look of , "I agree" and I chuckle while shaking my head. As I am finishing up he then says to me, "Oh, I thought that was you bumping to that music!" I laughed so hard I had a hard time responding to him because if he only knew how funny that would be, and I say "Now that is funny" and he says, "Well, I am a pretty funny guy" Mister you have no idea.


noel said...

well, i guess you had to be there to realize how truly funny it was.

slogoin' vws said...

Well, if it was any of us, we would laugh too. Not just at the kids but the guy thinkin' it was coming from your car! Back in the day, it was coming from your car!

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