Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Becoming a human "being" not a human "doing"

I think this is one of the loudest things that stood out to me after going to hear this guy named Robb Bell a few weeks back.
I am not a busy one as far as working around the house 24/7 kind of person goes but I am one who will busy my schedule very quickly with "fun" events. I would have to say that I work moderately around here with house duties, heavily with children duties, and barely with yard duties. I am not the kind of gal who's picked up your glass that you were drinking out of the second you put it down just to put in the dishwasher asap!!! Nope , that's not me. BUT I am the kind of gal who will fill up mine and the giant's social calendar so jammed packed that we barely have time to breathe.
Well, as of lately God has really been working on me in this department to learn to say no and to be okay and even glad that I am saying no. It has been a process and one that I am still working on.
Today in the mail arrived a new favorite read in my house the Joyce Meyers "Enjoying Everyday Life" magazine and the article that just screamed out to me was one titled " Control Stress by Controlling Your Time" I am not stressed (that much) but I am a poorly managed time person .
The reason I believe I am not a good time management person is because usually I am just not. I don't really know for sure why but I think that I was a little bit better before I had four kids. Maybe. Maybe not. Anyhew, in this article it says,
"When we become too busy , we lose our joy. As a result, people irritate us , and we often become frustrated , anxious and critical. How can we break out of the trap of being too busy and practice keeping healthy margin(margin was described as the time in which we experience breathing room and access reserve energy) in our lives? Primarily by organizing our time and cutting out anything that is not in line with our top priorities." This reminds me of what Jerry Cook said when he was here, " When I say yes to something or someone I also say no to something and someone else." Oh so true. Lord help me get my priorities in line with yours.
Also it said;
"Remember, your time is ultimately your most precious possession. How you spend it determines, in many ways how you will spend eternity. Use it wisely" . Oh how I want to get better at this and use my time wisely.
I want to be a human "being" not a human "doing."


Jen Pell said...

Wow. It's good to reflect on this. It's so easy to be a human doing...much more difficult to sit and be still...Thanks for this encouragement as always. I love you sis and enjoyed our talks today.

TPluckyT said...

I really like that. I too want to be a human "being." Something I've struggled with for most of my adult life.

Jeni said...

It's really ironic that you're writing about this today. I just started a new book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and this is exactly the sort of thing that the author talks about in the first chapter. She discusses how when we get wrapped up in the business of life, we miss out on really knowing and experiencing Jesus.

digapigmy said...

this is some great wisdom. i could pack my days so full of stuff that i hit meltdown point about every week. my wife constantly calls me on it, and i throttle down for a spell - then i jump right back in.

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