Friday, August 11, 2006

My Very Catholic Cousins.

On Tuesday I had the great joy(sarcasm) of traveling once again out to Lake Lahontan with my mom to see some out of town cousins that are here from Kansas.
Now, before I tell this blog I must preface it with the fact that this part of my family is beyond Catholic. They are a part of "the few, the proud, the Roman Catholic one true Church." Before my family became Christian we too were Catholic but never the "true Catholics" because we were apart of what's called the novis-order branch of Catholic churches which doesn't really qualify I guess as being truly Catholic. Okay so, needless to say these are cousins that never really got me and my clan when we were "so called Catholic" let alone now that we are Christ - followers . Confused yet??
They come from a family of 7 kids and probably were the closest extended family to our own growing up in the Pellant home. There house was always filled with lots of noise, messes, and drinking. They lived in Silver Springs right across from my grandparents who built a Catholic Church right next to thier house, and I do mean right next to it.
Growing up they always thought me and my sister wore immodest clothes, too much make up and didn't really know how to be basically as good of a person as they were.
All that to say , we don't really relate to each other in alot of ways but I still love them and always will.
So, back to the lake. It was great to see them at the beach not in bathing suits but in skirts(the girls always have to wear skirts, always) They came out this way because one of my cousins Kathlene adopted a baby through a Catholic website. Pretty amazing story and I am very happy for her.
The conversation that I think was the highlight of the whole day though was between my Uncle Jimmy(hippie, lives in RV, still smokes some stuff, musical, amazing talent, big heart) and my cousin Charlie's 7 year old son Xaiver.
X- "Can I play that guitar"
J-"Sure, come here I will show you"
X-"Do you know any songs from our Lord?"
J-"Well, no but if you could sing them maybe I could try to play them"
X-"Do you know something, something requiem?"
J-"I don't think so do you?"
X-" Mmm, no butI could never be a rock and roll star cause I have to be a priest when I grow up"
Me-"You have to be or you want to be?"
X-"Oh no I have to be our Lord told me I have to be a priest when I grow up"
Me and Uncle Jimmy- smile look at each other and go, "Hmmmmmm"
Some things never change.


georgia said...

Hmmmmmmm. :)

Sounds like an interesting visit all around.

Jen Pell said...

Oh, how I wish I would have been there!!! FUNNNNNYYYYY! worldviews, can we say, time for some expansion? especially when worldviews get so tiny so as not to see the world around ya....

Jeni said...

Now when he says "Our Lord", I'm assuming he means "Mommy & Daddy".

Basssix said...

And I thought my sister-in-law and her family were Catholic. Though My brother is becoming a Deacon.

noel said...

georgia- it was indeed
jen- me too!!
jeni- you are correct
aj- yep, they don't get anymore catholic than my relatives. mom and dad both were covinced at one point that they would be a nun and priest, thank God that didn't stick!!!

Jen Pell said...

Hey Noel....Emma needs to start writing on her blogspot again. Her last entry was like in .....February.

noel said...

i can't remember how to get to her page do you??

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