Thursday, September 07, 2006

What a face!!!

Isaiah says,
"Je yes!" to all things. It's good to be 2.


Jen Pell said...

Oh Noel! This is torture. Please send me more pictures. I just checked your my space and saw some more really good ones. Booo hooo....And then big smiles.....Boooo hoooo...and some more big smiles. My range of emotions for your kids is all over the board. Did I tell you that my friend Erin brought a vonage phone for me. Long story short, you can call this vegas number and it will reach me in Budapest. Haven't figured it out yet, but once I do, pure bliss....just like seeing this picture of I-zilla. He's been a part of my english lessons, you know...Yep. I love you. Love your kids. I shared you and Mo's story with Erin tonight. Somehow it came up about how I have to amazing sisters. Erin was totally blessed by you and Mo's story...Its still blessing people! Love you guys.

noel said...

that's cool. i miss you too. seeing pictures of you in foreign places without me brings a range of emotions as well. don't ever go putting pics up of you in italy or i really will be crying. no fair!! i love you so very much my sista.
uncle bob called tonight :)

The Weez said...

He is sooo cute!

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