Friday, September 01, 2006


I feel pretty lame today. Last night we recieved back our first lil writing assignment that I shared with you all in the previous post, and well it turns out that I didn't read the article correctly and so therefore my lil arguement that I was feeling oh so proud about was null and void.
I don't feel as stupid only because so many other students in the class misunderstood the very same thing that I did, and therefore it is partly the writers problem BUT all the same I feel pretty LAME.
Apparently , I will be learning some things in college , like how to read :)


georgia said...

If that many students misunderstood what the assignment was, the probably the teacher's writing was what was lame.

Jen Pell said...

yeah, seriously....that just brings to mind how important it is as a teacher to be clear and prepared. I wouldn't take it personally AT ALL.....I have nothing for my first day of class on Tuesday. I will be standing in front of 9th graders. I must be prepared on more than one level.

noel said...

thanks gals for making me feel better but when i got it back and her notes at the end were nicely telling me that i missed the whole point i felt pretty lame.
no worries, i am over it already and on to the next writing assignment which is on "something i have noticed lately in the american culture" could be anything from tatoos to so many crappy movies. should be fun.

TPluckyT said...

Noel: I have some cool suggestions for you that should inflame your teacher;

"Things I've noticed in the American culture"

1. Public education has become the biggest entitlement program since the New Deal.
2.Like . . . clear communication has like . . . become as rare as like . . . a professor without an agenda . . . like . . .
3.America's propensity to hate herself in the hope the rest of the world will think she's cool.

Okay, I'm being a smarty-pants . . . no one else may think I'm funny but I'm cracking myself up . . .

noel said...

tim-i think you are funny, and thanks for the ideas that i won't be using but did enjoy entertaining the thought of using.

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