Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The story of Mo..el Part 3 of 3

Learning to be complete in God's love and to trust in Him fully for the future was what the time in between my sophmore and senior year taught me. Ephesians 3:14-20
Okay, so this bring us to my Senior year of high school. In between all that time like I said I truly didn't think again about Moses but that was partly due to the fact that I didn't see him again because he had dropped out of high school and partly due to a distraction that I entertained for a bit about another boy. Ya know , I was after all in high school!! Mostly though I really was growing alot in my relationship with Jesus and I was fortunate enough to be able to go on several missions trips during this time that kept me pretty busy.
My Senior year was very hard because I really didn't want to be there anymore. So the year was draggin a bit for me up until mid year one day when I walked into my last class Art, and there was Moses. Whoa!!! I was so shocked I cannot even tell you but again not knowing if he ever got my letter or if he knew who I was now, I just walked on by and sat down at my table in class. Then, when I looked up there he was. Closer than we had ever been before he sat down right next to me and said, "You are Noel right?" To which I replied "Yes" He then said, " I never got to thank you for that letter but it came at a really important time in my life and I just wanted to thank you for it." He then went on to say, "I would really like to get together with you sometime and talk to you about what you believe in" to which I said, "NO"(just kidding) I said yes of course. The class proceeded I left and went right over to my youth pastors house and told them what had happened. I was on cloud 9 you better believe it. I could hardly wait to go back to school the next day but when I did to my total disappointment he wasn't there. The art teacher told me that there was a mix up with the school and that they weren't going to allow him to come and assist in the class anymore. I was pretty upset but I didn't even know how to get a hold of him and certainly didn't want to fall back into my bad stalker habits again so I didn't even try.
Another year went by. I graduated from high school and decided not to go away for college as I originally had planned. I was working at a preschool taking classes at WNCC and had a new roomate at my parents house, my good friend Allie. We would stay up late almost every night into the wee hours of the night(not good for her she was still in high school) but made for some very great memories for me. Anyhew, she asked me whatever happened to Moses to which I replied I have no idea. She then suggested that I look him up in the phone book and see what happens. So I did. I called the listing and to my shock and amazement it was his house but he wasn't home. His roomate Scott answered and said he would give him my message. What I didn't know was that around the same time I was looking for him he had thought of me again as well. Running into a mutual friend he asked where I was and what I was up to. So after a day or so of phone tag we spoke and I invited him to come to our Saturday night college service. He said that sounded great and I was so excited just to see him again. At the same time I was a bit weary because I knew for sure that I wasn't about to just start dating him right away unless I knew he was serious about persuing a relationship with Jesus first. I watched from a distance as he was faithful to come every Saturday and then when he was asked to live in Guys house for the purpose of becoming a stronger Christian (it was called a discipleship house) I knew that he meant business with Jesus and not just with me. This meant a lot to me, his decision probably more than he realized at the time. So for a long time we went out with a big gang of people and then as I got more sure of his intentions for Jesus and for me we started to go out just the three of us, Me , Mo, and my good friend Allie. Poor guy , now that I think back on this time I have to laugh because of the hoops I made him jump through but I had to be sure. Anyway, he didn't seem to mind and even paid for Allie's night out as well(what a gentleman) but it didn't take long before he wanted to know when we could go out on a date alone. I was at this point to be honest a little scared but excited at the same time. We dated for about 2 months before he made his intentions clear that he didn't want to just "be dating" but that in fact he wanted a life partner. I was on board. So at the young age of 19 he asked me to be his wife and the rest is history....present and future.


Karen S. said...

Yea! What a beautiful story. "And they lived happily ever after", except that it's still just the beginning of your story, ya know. So I think you should write the sequel now, and I think it would be appropriately titled: "Crankin' Out The Kids".

JayBird said...

good stuff. i'm amazed at the time between your meetings & how things played out. you had lots of prayer & patience. very cool... thanks for sharing.

Jeni said...

AWWWWW... (Now I can really say it since the story is finished.) And I can't wait to read "Crankin' Out The Kids" parts 1,2,3 & 4! :)

TPluckyT said...

NOEL! I haven't been on the blog lately as we have house guests, so I got to read all three parts at once (haha Paula).

It was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it! I told Sue and our guests your story. Man, I can't thank you enough. I loved it!

I think it would be way cool if every married blogger took the time to tell their "how we got together story."

What's funny is I have slowly been working on Sue and my story which will probably end up being the longest thing I've ever written (I'm up to 25 double spaced pages and only 60% done) and won't be ready for several weeks. In the meantime, come on everyone, what's your story?

Can you tell this kind of stuff floats my boat?

debi said...

i got to read the whole thing at once too. maybe i will share mine & hubby's story too. we'll see.

wordpatch said...

Thank-you for not making me wait too long. There is a Paula and Duffy story to tell as well. We'll see.

Jeni said...

Hey plucky, any suggestions for what the singletons should write while the smug marrieds are writing their stories? Perhaps the story of how I came together with my cat? :) He he he... I actually really do like reading those stories, so don't get the wrong idea. I just need to know what ya'll would like to read from me while all of this is going on!

TPluckyT said...

Jeni - You could write a blog entitled, "Marriage: The Only Known Cure for Puppy Love." :-)

Seriously, though, how about a story based on what you would WANT it to look like? Don't forget to throw in a few unexpected events, because I'll wager us smuggies stories will be full of them.

noel said...

tim- i am so glad you put in the request for other stories, and i am oh so excited to read about you and sue. i LOVE marriage stories.
karen and jeni- i am not sure crankin out the kids would be rated for bloggin viewers. hee hee!!
debi- you should please share!!
paula-you are welcome.

shontell said...

ROFL!! noel, i was thinking our "crankin out the kids" might hurt people more than uplift them. like the other day when Louie asked what song we should practice next and i said "anything but 'let the river flow.' poor jamie. LOL he was pretty grossed out!

cali-allie said...

Bet you thought I'd never make it back to your blog. All you had to do was mention me in your blog, and I'm back in action!! :) I know, you're shocked. Anyway, I forgot about Moses paying for me too. What a dawl! But, I noticed you forgot to include the part about your dad cutting out that picture from the grand and glorious Nevada Appeal, of Moses when he was homecoming king or prom king,and giving it to you. I just remember being in your room, and having him barely crack the door, and only stick his hand in with the picture dangling from his fingers. And of course he used one of his funny voices to tease you about the picture. Now THAT was funny! Do you still have that? You used to keep in it a photo album, right? Aww. What a great stroll down memory lane!

Katharine said...

I read all three parts and this is just so beautiful! :)

I have just followed your blog (and I got the link from follow wednesday). This inspired me more to really wait on God. Thank you so much and keep blogging. You bless us, your readers. :)

i blog over at
hope to see you there!


No(dot dot)el said...

@Kat- WOW! You read all 3 parts. Holy Moses that's a lot of reading. Well, I already found you over at your blog and I'm all joined up. Thank you for taking the time to tell me that this story blessed you. It really means a lot to me.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

What an amazing story!!! And a true testament to the glory of God. It makes my heart smile. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

@Irishtwinsmomma- I am beyond happy to hear that this put a smile in your heart today.

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