Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I watched the half hour special documetary on Dietrich Bonhoeffer that was on PBS the other day and I was surprised by a few things. One, I didn't realize he was in a secret group of men who on several attempts tried to murder Adolf Hitler. Also I didn't realize that he was caught and put in prison because of this.
These points were interesting to me because this is not the sort of thing that you associate a Christian scholar with but I would call him a hero. Would you?? This brought up a good discussion between Moses and myself. I think he did what other countries were afraid to do. Other leaders were turning a blind eye or too busy to notice what this man and his brothers were very aware was going on. He turned against his country and everything comfortable for the sake of strangers. I would call him a hero.
The book I am reading "The Cost of Discipleship" has been difficult at times to swallow because it speaks of a faith that I don't think I really know. I mean not in the sense that he did. I haven't had to abandon anything or suffer. I haven't forsaken everything and everyone for the sake of the gospel. I believe with all my heart that I would if I were asked to but I haven't walked that road yet. He inspires me that it can be done and the book is getting much easier now that I have learned how to read(smile , that's for you Allie)


walkwithHim said...

Hi. i happened randomly upon your blog while searching for "Jesus your more than a friend" lyrics, and just wanted to share with you that your faith, and messages encouraged me. God has been revealing to me recently how he desires to bless His people through the multifaceted church, and the way we all "randomly" seem to run into one anothers lives. anyway, i hope you are encouraged because God has used even something so simple as an "accidental" visit to your board, and benefitted His body. Keep the Faith, Praise Him for his Grace and unlimited resources. In Christ. simon

My Name is Noel Maria said...

To walkwithHim or Simon- Sorry for the very late reply on this but thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for your encouragement in the faith as well. Your accidental visit did bless me and here again all these years later and now I hope this response will bless you too. All of God's best- Noel

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