Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Holiday Special and My Inner Dialogue

Tonight provided for an unusual occurrence in my home. I actually got to watch the Christmas Special put on for the President and First Lady. This special aired on ABC around 10p and there is a reason it was on so late, (I will get to that later).
You might or might not be asking why is this an unusual occurrence in your home Noel? Well, I am glad you asked. It is unusual in our home to watch these kinds of events because the Giant is not much for these type of shows. He's not really fond of Holiday special anything or award shows, or anything celebrity or politically or Holiday-ish related. He tends to be a bit sarcastic sometimes, I know surprising isn't it, But it's true!! Anyhew, as you can imagine these kind of shows really provide a varietal plethora(sp?) of opportunities to be sarcastic, and then I usually start defending people that I don't even know and probably don't deserve defense, and it just really isn't all that enjoyable to me anymore so.....all that to say, I was excited to get to watch this special tonight because the hubby was out at a movie.
Now, I have to say that I know my writing skills are not going to bring this blog justice as to what was going on in my psyche while watching this special, but I am going to try. Hopefully I don't bore you all to death and if you are already unamused please, by all means, stop reading.
I sat down with some chocolates, a glass of wine, fully prepared to enjoy this Christmas Special and Wynonna Rider starts off the show. Now I am not a HUGE fan but I can appreciate the country music so no biggie but when she addressed the President, weird is all I can say. She timidly tried to jest with him to which he just smiled and nodded and it was just so strange. This is just a good indication of what the rest of the lame event entailed. They proceeded to have dancers half dressed(I sound like my dad there but truly they were), John Sicata(token Hispanic person for this white bred event) Yolanda Adams a woman who well.... just was interesting as well , but I am thinking is a fav of the Presidents because MAN ALIVE SHE SANG ALOT (and well she mentioned she is from Texas), a Comic who was sweating like a pig trying not to step on anybodies toes, and the Creme Del Creme OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN (or as my dad would say Olivia Neutron Bomb). The whole time I couldn't enjoy the show because Moses sarcastic voice was so loud and I just couldn't shut it up and well by the end I didn't want to shut it up because it became truly the only thing entertaining about the show. I kept hearing him say things like, "Look at them all smiling as if they are enjoying this woman who is so old she can't even keep on key anymore." or "We sing this Feliz Navidad song every holiday and still need the translation that comes with it" There was other commentary that was funnier at the time and I can't think of it now but all I have to say is God Bless Moses and his wonderful, cheery outlook on life that has forever wrecked/ruined me.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A dream come true

This weekend a dream came true for me. I was able to go see my most favorite female vocalist of all time in a show that I never thought I would be able to get into. I cried 3 times throughout the show because I felt so grateful for the life that I live. What an amazingly good life. Gratitude and contentment have been overwhelming my emotions lately. Literally, I have had moments of so much thankfulness in my heart to God that I start to cry. Not just for big events like this one but also for small ones like watching my niece fall asleep on my dad's chest, or seeing my dogs give each other kisses, or staring at my beautiful husband and children.
Life is amazing. God IS really good ALL the time.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting Lost, and Finding THE tree

This year we made the trip out to the woods for the infamous tree. We have done this before and in theory this idea of cutting down the tree is really great but in reality with crying babies, cold children, or children who are hungry, or children who are wet cause they fell down in the mud or ice or whatever....not so great. This year was different.
We went very spur of the moment and with some pretty great friends. It was a beautiful drive out to Frenchman's and I forgot how much fun 4bying(sp?) with the man can be , mostly because of the smile it puts on his face(he really does need an off road toy, shh...don't tell him I said so). The kids were really great as well with lots of laughs and no mishaps it made me believe that we might actually start this tradition back up again.
Anyway, back to what I wanted to blog about.While we were out there though there was a patch of trees that I got tangled up in all alone (don't know how that happened as I am always telling the kids not to wander off) and at one point it got pretty hairy and scary(not really but I am adding that for dramatic effects). The trees were all dead and so close together and I had got way off the trail from everyone else and I had no idea where I was(not afraid because of my photographic memory, I have never been truly lost in my life, probably why I really wasn't afraid) and I began to think what would it be like to really be lost out there. Strange thoughts to have on this day but there I was having them and the conclusion I came to is that I would wait awhile and listen. I would listen for the voices of other people who I knew weren't far off. This got me thinking of how often when we feel lost, alone, or afraid we can listen to voices, (now for those of you sarcastic folk don't go thinking , "Great , Noel's really gone and lost it now, telling us to listen to voices) the voices of those who know their way and are not lost and maybe have been down this road before. After all this thought of being lost, I was tired of pretending like I was lost and also I could hear the voices pretty strong and close by so I decided to go find them.
I think in the end that is all we have to guide us in this journey we call life, the voices that have gone before us that have left their wisdom to try and help us avoid the mistakes they have made. They call out to us in all different ways and in all different settings but when we are lost sometimes I don't think we take the time to stop, and listen.
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