Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Summer

Hello There Beloved Reader-
So the summer is almost over. 
Boo hoo hoo!!
For us it ended several weeks ago(read post below)

I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you a few things I have learned this summer.
Who knows, maybe you will learn something too.
Lessons I've learned this Summer; 
1.  When your daughter asks you to be on a certain show and you say "NO!! not until your 18 ...
Unless by some strange, crazy, weird, random, freak,  chance they come to Reno, NV. "
 You better be prepared for the aftermath. 
Lesson- Be careful what you say UNLESS to

2. Remember when you bought that one Elvis record just because you thought you should at least have one of his records in your collection? Be prepared to have a FULL BLOWN Elvis fan on your hands.
My baby Isaiah who is now no longer a baby but hit double digits this summer is a full blown Elvis fan now because of one record he put on last Fall while waiting for the bus to come.

Lesson- Be careful what records you have lying around collecting dust

3. When you travel 700+ miles with your Fab4 kids and no Giant to help carry the weight of travel, know that it will feel like a long two weeks, but when you are all back together again you will wish you didn't rush the memories because you weren't all together. Sometimes its so hard for me to enjoy life in whatever way, shape or form it comes at me. 
Lesson- Enjoy life now don't wait for the perfect moments they may never come.

4. When in  this life you have trials and laughter, you will have extreme moments of sadness and ecstatic moments of joy, don't ever forget you are NOT ALONE. In all of these moments when you have a friend by your side who makes you laugh so hard you can't even see your eyes because your smile is SO big... hold on tight to that friend, and don't be afraid to lean on them.

Lesson- YOU are NOT Alone!!

5. Moving is never easy. Change is never easy. Life isn't easy. Some questions in this life will never be answered. I wished with all my heart that I could have lived in that lil cabin in the woods forever. I really did love every square inch... that's only 800 people. 
Sure, having only 1 bathroom for 6 people, then 7, then 8, then 12 was NOT easy but now when I look back on that time there is fond memory that will forever hold that place in my heart. 
But going back made me realize home truly is where your heart is. 

And my heart is no longer there. 

Lesson- Don't wish your life away

I think that's all I've got for now. 
I hope everyone enjoys this last weekend of summer. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wait Wha?

I found myself asking that question,
"Wait Wha?"

Followed by,
"School starts August 11th ?" 

And then followed by a rebellious,

"Oh Hell No!!" 

Put your seat belt on you are in for a wild ride rant, by yours truly.
Starting school in August is just wrong!!
It's wrong on so many levels, but the first of which I will say is the weather is too damn HOT for any student, or teacher for that matter to even focus let alone learn!
Can I get a witness?
Also, August does not go well with my Apple theme that I like to pull out once September rolls around. 
August is NOT apple season and so therefore school should not start in August.
I'm not sure the Washoe County school district really cares about holiday/monthly decor but dammit that should. 

And one more final thought I will leave you with before I stop this rant is that I feel like I have been robbed when school starts back up in August.
Robbed of summer memories.
Robbed of Island time.
Robbed of family time.
Ok, I believe I'm done with my rant you can take your seat belt off now, 
or not 
if you feel safer that way.

Does anyone else have thoughts on starting school in August?

What's your rant been about lately?
I've heard several rants about the whole Ice Bucket challenge.
I was challenged twice.
I chose to decline. 
But, that's a rant for another day.



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