Thursday, July 27, 2006

This just in......

Apparently, " I am not a girl." Why , you might ask?? Well, I was minding my own business , cleaning the kids bathroom when I over heard my son Solomon and his cousin Jaydn talking something like this;
Sol-" Lets build a fort and make a boys only club."
Jay-" Okay, and make surwa no girls could ever come in"
Sol- "So let's ask my mom to help us"
Me- (inside my head) I thought no girls allowed in, but I guess I get a special pass to help build.
Jay-"Okay, yeah beacause moms are really good a building forts."
Sol-"Mom!!!! could you help build a fort??"
Me-" Sure Sol I would be glad to help"
So we build a pretty elaborate fort and then I go back to cleaning the bathroom. At this point I think that Jaydn must have been pretty impressed with my fort building skills because he says to Sol;
Jay-" We could probably let your mom come and play in here , can we?"
Sol- a resounding" NO, she's a girls remember no girls allowed"
Jay-"She's not a girl, she's just your mom"
Sol-"No I know she's my mom but remember no girls"
Jay- again"She's not a girl , she's just your mom remember!!!"
I then started laughing and didn't hear the rest of thier conversation but I am assuming since I never got invited to come into thier boys only club that I am in fact, still a girl. What a relief for Moses.


slogoin' vws said...

Lucky you that you even get to help! It's sad that there will be a time when we aren't included at all! Hey, call me, I have a question about photos that you've had done in the past...

Jen Pell said...

So great. LOVE IT! Your boys are awesome, especially seeing and hearing Isaiah today....I'm going to miss them WAY too much.

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