Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful Project 2011

Day 1- my sisters, two by blood, several in spirit.
Day 2- warm beverages in the morning

Day 4- My mom and dad

Day 5- My brother Greg
Day 7- MOSES( my Moses)

Day 8- Words from my Creator, candles that smell like fall, fresh flowers, and a warm spot to take it all in.
Day 9- To hear two cousins shooting the breeze at the end of hard days work.
Day10&11- Sunny and Gray days! One makes the other that much better.
Day13- Funny movies, good food, and Stellar men

Day 15-For all the ARTS; music, painters, dancers, writers, etc. Expression is a beautiful thing!
Day 16-WORDS
Day 17- My daughters

Day 18- My sons
*I had quite a few more things I am THANKFUL for on THIS day. I got a free turkey. That's right a 21lb FREE turkey, pretty stoked about that. Also I am currently typing from my beloved Maccy that has been in the shop. Woot Woot! It's friday, I made homemade Manicotti, my house is warm, my Mr. Big is on his way home, and my kids are AMAZING!

Thankful day 19- The sun is shining in all these wonderful windows, my front yard is filled with the beautiful colors of fall, my mom-in-love is on her way up, and my Mr. Big is home enjoying his children, while I sit and enjoy this warm cup of joe. This is my "SWEET SPOT" when everyone is all together, and we are just chilling. LIFE IS GOOD!

Thankful day 20- Today I am thankful for my health. The older I get the more I realize how fortunate I have been in the health department of life. Something I have often taken for granted and even done begrudgingly is exercise. Today I head out the door for a morning walk thankful that my legs work :) and that I had a great playlist to inspire me up the BBKH!!

Thankful days 21 and 22- For People, and all kinds of personalties. I love people. I know that seems kind of general, but truly people are so interesting. I love to hear the life stories of every single person. If I could, I would sit down and hear everyone's life story.

Thankful day 23- Today I am thankful for my younger brother Jeremy. The jewel of our family. He is truly one of the funniest people I know. He is kind, sincere, faithful, responsible, trust-worthy, and already at 19 years young one of my favorite human beings on planet earth!! Jeremy Pellant I LOVE YOU!

Thankful day 24- full pantry, full fridge,full belly, full table,full heart, if life was a deck of cards... I just got a full house!

Day 25- leftovers :)

Thankful days 26 and 27- The holidays that celebrate being thankful and that it's better to give than receive

Thankful days 28 and 29- I am thankful for my faith. It is a gift that at a very young age, truth was revealed to me. Also for the many teachers in the faith that I have been fortunate to know and learn from to mention just a few; Greg and Ellen Pellant, Ben and Anita Sanchez, Jen Pellant Simmons, Moses Scofield, Charlene Oakes, Shaine Claiborne, Tom Griner and Kathie Griner, Judy Bratcher, Max Lucado, Jamie Weston, Louie Locke and Joni Locke, Peggy and Louie Locke, Jeff Peterson,Greg Rea, and so many, many more. To all of you who are running the race and I have followed after as you follow Christ, I say a HUGE THANK YOU!!

DAY 30- If you are reading this I am thankful FOR YOU!

Last day of Project Thankful 2011- I have to say that it's not hard for me to find things to be thankful for so this wasn't really a challenge or anything. Can you be thankful for being thankful? I think I remember an old Petra song about that topic... anyhew that's not what I want to say I am thankful for. TODAY- I am thankful for YOU! If you are reading this it means our paths have crossed somehow and for that I am thankful :) and I hope you can find it as easy as I do to find something, anything to be thankful for.

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Maccy

So my beloved Maccy is dead. Ka-put! Gone-zo!
I did not have a back up system in place and so everything on my said Maccy is Ka-put, Gone-zo... no longer in existence except in my mind.
This evokes all kinds of emotions.

It's not as though my house burned down. Which recently happened to my beautiful mom-in-love's bed in breakfast in MS. It was filled from top to bottom with her mothers lifetimes worth of memories.
Thankfully no one was in the house when it burnt to the ground, but still there were treasures lost.

This recent loss for her has definitely helped me keep things in perspective when it comes to My Maccy, still I miss him.

It is a shock. To have all the pictures, stories, information just gone! I imagine an even greater shock when your whole house and everything in it is just gone. Or when you have had something stolen from you.

These thoughts and many more keep this experience for me in perspective. I suppose that's the lesson learned. It's all about perspective.

I have never been more grateful for my little Iphone. The past week would have been a lot worse if it weren't for that lil apple, can't wait to get the big apple back though.I am not skilled enough to write an entire blog on my little apple so
currently,I am typing this on what My Mr. Big just purchased. A little PC called ASPIRE. It's teeny tiny and will make a great computer for the kids when we get Maccy back. Going back to a PC after being on the Mac is very interesting me. I remember learning the Mac and getting so frustrated,and actually that's how he got his nick name because I would say in frustration "MAC...KEY why you do me like that?"

When he returns directly upon his arrival home I will be sure to switch over to the camp that "hopes for the best but prepares for the worst". I might do a little dance, sing a little song, and continue keeping things in perspective.

Lesson Learned.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

Well, last night while strolling the neighborhood with my trick-or-treaters I started to ponder the thought of this Holiday Halloween, and what it must look like to foreigners.?!?

You see, I live in a neighborhood that is made up of the Nations. I absolutely love this about where I live, but when it comes to American holidays I wonder what they must think about this one.

You see, we teach our children all year long to not talk to strangers, not to eat too much sugar, don't walk out in the middle of the street and on and on... and on this one night we abandon all for the sake of a bag full of m&m's and tootsie rolls.!!! ???

When we first moved here I didn't realize that we live in an area that many have migrated to from India. In India a holiday that is a lot like our Christmas is one called Diwali. Well, this is our third season of Diwali and so when I see the lights go up I no longer think "Oh come on, we haven't even had Halloween yet?" I used to think we just had a bunch of overly excited Christmas Elfs that got started on the outside lights in October. I am embarrassed to say, this goes to show you how small my world view was. Now I know that when the lights start going up it is not Christmas Elves(I enjoy the lights all the same) but those that celebrate this Festival of Lights, Diwali.

Now that I have a bit more understanding about their holiday I wonder how would I explain this Holiday Halloween.
I am not sure I can explain it just yet, but I would say I have made it what I want it to be. A day when little kids get to use their imaginations to the fullest degree, wear that creativity on their bodies, and then be rewarded for it :)

I know this is a very simple minded look at it, but ignorance is bliss;

Happy Halloween!!
Happy Diwali!!
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