Monday, October 21, 2013

Funny Southern Sayings and What Nots

Well Hello There Beloved Reader  " I ain't seen you in a month of Sundays!" or as I would normally say that, it has been a busy, busy month. 
We are having our own kind of Octoberfest over here, and it's involved a lotta baseball, and crafting, and dinner dates, and crafting, and Italian festival, and crafting, and visitors from out of town, and crafting.

I am so tired or as they like to say in the South, 
"I feel like I've been rode hard and hung up to dry!!"
Not to go off on too much of a tangent but I LOVE ME some Southern sayings.

Let me clarify before ya'll start to thinkin I've done gone and lost it;
I love southern sayings
not so much the south.
That one up there is truly how I feel. 

Here's another one that works well for my post about being busy and tired;
"I was busier than a cat burying shit on a marble floor!!"
Bah ha ha, isn't that one so funny?

Ok Moving on...
This past weekend was the first craft show of the season that I was signed up for and I'm already feeling whelmed, and pooped, and every other word in the english language and Southern language, that means, flat out TIRED.
" I been busier than a Cat on a Hot tin roof!!"
I'm thinking that a cat on a hot tin roof would be pretty busy not so much from the hot, but more from the tin.
I'll tell you what keeps me busy like that Cat with some tin, LAUNDRY!!
It never ends PEOPLE!! 
In between all the other kinds of busy there is always the laundry and dishes kind of busy. Again just to be sure you are getting the idea, I'm tired, and I'm busy. 
Earth shattering news, I know !

Well, all that being said,  even though I'm tired I have to say it's a good kind of tired, as opposed to a bad tired which would be like from being sick or hurting yourself. 
I'm having fun crafting and making some extra Christmas money.
And of course looking up funny southern sayings.
What have you been up to ? 
Or how they would say it in the South;
"How ya'll doin?"

Friday, October 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Solomon

12 years ago, we became parents to a boy that would forever change this families lives.
I know every child that enters our world changes it, but this young man we had no idea what was in store for us. You see, we were parents twice over already, but to two little girls. A boy was all new territory for us.

A son, my prince, entered the scene, and the world became brighter, fuller, more alive, and certainly more lively. We needed the joy that Solomon brought because he was born right after 9/11 and also during a particularly difficult time for my family of origin. 
Solomon brought immense joy. 
He was a surprise right from the start, and he hasn't stopped surprising us since.

It has been said many times of him, that he's an old soul. When trying to explain that to him I said, "It just means you know a lot more than most kids do at your age, and you are very aware of the precious gift of life." Because of this, I truly believe his soul is kind. I mean, he is still your average 12 year old boy who likes to tease and sometimes border on obnoxious, but on a deeper level there is so much going on inside that boys noggin.

Solomon has always found the stranger, foreigner, outcast in the bunch. He loves to make them feel welcome and at home and I often wonder sometimes if it's because he himself doesn't feel at home here. 
He is your typical little brother to his two big sisters, but to see their friendship develop... well these are the true blessings in life. I know in my heart when they all go their separate ways someday, they WILL remain each others best friends. 

And being that he is a middle child 

He is a really good Big Brother as well, although if you ask Zay this question on an off day he might have a different answer. I tell Sol all the time that I'm thankful for the example that he sets for Isaiah. 

When Solomon was only like 3 years old we were shopping for furniture and the sales lady asked him which Super Hero he liked best, because he was wearing a t-shirt with Spiderman, Superman etc. She said, "Are you Spiderman, Superman....?" To which he looked at her and replied without skipping a beat, "No I'm S O L O M AN !!" We all laughed so hard and knew at that moment he would probably always walk a few steps ahead of us. 

On top of being an Old Soul, He is really a funny kid. 
He takes the role of being funny very seriously, can you tell?
He likes to make people happy whenever they are sad. The only thing he didn't like as an infant was when his sisters would cry. I kid you not, he would cry right along with them. Oh, and he also didn't like when they left the room. He really doesn't mind being alone now, but back then he wanted people all the time.

He is beyond creative and inventive and truly since he was a little boy has been an artist like his dad. The minute he learned how to write he has been making little creative stories, and drawing pictures.
He is forever in pursuit of the next greatest invention and I LOVE that about him. 

The way his mind works... well it never ceases to amaze me.

His eyes.... Oh his eyes!
They see things in this world so very differently than most. And much like his name sake, he is wise beyond his years. But more than anything I guess, the thing I am most blessed by about this boy his own pursuit to know Christ. He has questions all the time about God and he isn't afraid to speak up about his beliefs at school. When I stop to listen, to see what it is he sees, I'm reminded of what a gift HE IS.

Today begins the last year he is a child. After 12 comes the teen years and my heart aches just a smidge every time I even think about that, so for now I'm going to enjoy that he likes waking the whole family early Saturday morning with his saxophone.
I'm going to enjoy picking up his nerf gun toys, and legos, baseball gear, and video game controllers.
I'm going to remember that when I have to remind him for the ba-zillioneth time to prioritize hygiene it means that he doesn't have another girl in his life that motivates him to do so, and that's a GOOD thing!!
(Although, I'm not sure his sisters would agree)

Yep, TODAY is a GOOD DAY. 
Happy Birthday and 10/4 Good Buddy!!


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

One Thing I love about Nevada

It's no secret that I am not the biggest fan for the State of Nevada.
From the time I was a young teen I would tell people, "Ya know technically, I'm not a native Nevadian because I was born in South Lake Tahoe on the California side."
Being on the California side of the Lake was a big deal to me.
I know, I know it's so silly, but it meant something to me that my birth certificate says California and NOT Nevada!
Maybe it had something to do with that song the Beach Boys sang, "I wish they all could be California girls..." 
Oh heck... that's so lame I can't even believe I just typed that out loud!!
Moving on...
Since moving away and then moving back I have realized there are a lot of things about this state that I may have been a little hard on it about. I'm sorry Nevada, it's not all your fault that the lawmakers allowed for gambling and prostitution. Or that there is so much brown in this state that I call it Brown Town! Or that your state flower is Sagebrush. Really Nevada?  You're gonna go ahead and call a brush a flower?
Can I go on record saying  that a BRUSH does not equate to a FLOWER!!
And that your State brush makes me sneeze!!
Whew... I feel much better now.
As you can see, I don't think I will ever be happy about those aspects of this state, but if I don't focus on that I'm good.
People keep asking me if I'm happy to back, and I feel so strange when I go to answer them, because for the most part I am happy to be back with my family and beloved friends. I love my family, and being away from them these past 4 years was not my favorite, but I was finding a way to make it work. I'm also happy to be back with friends that may as well be family. The group of friends we have here are an incredible, amazing bunch. 
Still, my feelings are in a quandary. 
I'm bewildered, perplexed, and down right confused about how I actually feel about being back.
On the one hand my heart is overflowing with joy to be with my nieces, my sisters and brothers, my mom and dad, and my beloved friends. Seriously, all the events that have already taken place in just the few short months of being back have been OFF THE HOOK amazing! It's the kinda of thing that makes me sad for all the 4 years I missed out on this stuff. 
On the other hand, when I look down at my feet and they are cracking to the point of pain because of this dry desert place, and I drive down the street and see billboards that are down right offensive and totally inappropriate from my 9 year old boy to have to see, I get down right angry!!

I'm talking down, and right here!

I mean who can blame me?
Cracked feet and butt crack on billboards... not GOOD!
But, ya know feelings are funny that way.
Have you ever had this kind of quandary with your feelings?
It's quite confusing if you ask me. 
To feel happy and sad all at the same time is a bit of a predicament. 
I guess that's why they say, 
"It's not really that feelings are bad it's what we do with them that can have serious ramifications"
WHO ARE THEY anyway?
Well, I'm going to tell you what I'll do with these feelings, I'm going to share them with you and move on to the Sunny side of the Street. 
This post is an attempt to stay on the positive side of Nevada.
I don't know if you know this about me but I like to say positive if at all possible.
So let me tell you what I love about Nevada.


The Autumn season here is seriously my favorite, and I realized something this year, one of the reason I might love Fall here so much is because this is when all the fun events that I love in Nevada take place. 
There are the Balloon Races, Italian Festival, Candy Dance, and of course who can forget the Nevada day parade. 
Yes, I LOVE the Nevada day parade! 
Don't judge me!!
Would you look at all those crunchy leaves just waiting to be piled up and jumped upon.
Washington I love you, but you don't produce crunch in your leaves during the Fall season. 
I still love you though.
Don't get butt hurt Washington, I'll be back in the summer when it's a hundred degrees here and smoke fills the air. 
There ya have it folks. What I love about Nevada is the Fall, and of course more than all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes the world could ever make, I love the people you have here Nevada. 
But then you turn icy cold outside and because I'm not a skier Lake Tahoe has no appeal to me in the Winter months so I go back 
 to loathing this dry desert place.
Just in case you wanted to know ;)
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