Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fall is in the air around here, and it's about time.

I am so happy that fall is finally here. This is my favorite time of year. Today was a perfect weather day in my opinion. I sat outside and the air was cool but the sun was warm and it made me thankful for season changes. I might not like other changes so much but the season changing is something that I can really enjoy. One thing that I will give credit to Nevada for is the fact that we get a pretty good dose of every season. That's about all that I can say that is positive regarding the state of Nevada. More times than not I wonder why I live in this state, but that is a topic for another blog on another day.
Every year when the leaves start to change it makes me remember that changes are good.


Jeni said...

Oh, come on... Nevada's not so bad.

georgia said...

I love fall too! I also like the mountains and the pastel colors in Nevada. And the dry climate. And the cool weather.

TPluckyT said...

I like the remarkable lack of insects (compared to everywhere else I've lived), the low humidy, the fact the roads typically clear off after a snow storm, the fact there are many days of the year that you can choose to either ski or golf (or do both), can you say Lake Tahoe! (thousands of people travel thousands of miles to see it and it is right in our back yard), any many other things but I won't go on.

Did I mention fall is my favorite time of year too?

noel said...

wow- such a reaction from you nevada groupies!!
jeni- it is no bad but then again it is.
georgia- mountains i like, pastel colors like, dry climate like but then sometimes i would like more rain(not humidity, i hate humidity)
cool weather is great in season. when it stays too long or comes too soon , not good.
tim- will have to agree about the insects . yucka. the bugs in the south are as big as animals. also the low humidity is great, and the lake.
okay so basically i have never LIVED anywhere else so i can't speak from what i don't know then , right?

scoey-d said...

and you like the Dixie Chicks, but that is a subject for another diatribe.... :)

Rachel said...

I'm really not a huge fall fan, but I seem to be in the minority, judging by how many people write about how much they love it. I'm really a spring and summer girl, myself. But that's okay, all seasons deserve some lovin', so we can just divide and conquer.

Heidi said...

I love fall! Can't say anything about Nevada as I've never been there. But I can appreciate the no bugs (we don't have too many in Alberta) and be thankful your winter isn't 8 months of the year! Yes, I'm exaggerating, but only a little.

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