Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So I must say.....

I really do love this time of year. I know that I said that last month when the fall weather came around but I guess I have learned to love every season of life as it comes. Ya right!! Psshh, changing seasons in life has got to be one of the biggest challenges for me. I really don't embrace change all that well. Once change has taken place and is now currently the present then I am okay with it, but during the changing process I have a tough time. I must say though, over the years it has gotten easier.
Anyway, I am way off track on this blog that really doesn't have a track to begin with but I will try to walk at least alongside the track of "this time of year" and by that I mean not the weather but the holidays. I am enjoying the excitement that is in the air for my children and I remember oh so well this same excitement when I was a child. I can hardly believe that I am not the child but the parent , okay there I go getting off track again. I just celebrated my 32nd birthday of which my mother reminded me that I was supposed to be born on Christmas day but much to her surprise I came a week early. Turning 32 I must say not a big deal, and there I go again off track. So back to Christmas and why I love this holiday.....
Christmas has become a holiday that has so many meanings it is hard to just nail it down to "The Real Reason for the Season" or something cliche like that. It has morphed into a very different holiday then just celebrating Jesus birth of which didn't really even occur during this time anyway so why , oh why do we try to deem it the Real reason for the season? Again off track.
I think that one of the reasons Christmas is such a special time of year universally is because it is one of the main times in a year that you really do think about other people instead of just you and yours. I know for myself sending out our Christmas cards is not just so that I will get them in return(although , to be honest that is a big reason) but it is also because I like to really think about each and every person that I give one to. I wonder what thier year has been like and how they have grown or changed. I think about what an impact that they have had on me in my life all year long and for some it is just comforting to know that they are still there. I am reminded every year around this time that my life is rich not with material possesions but with people who are truly amazing.
I won't attempt to put a tag on this season for what it really means because we all know that it means so much to so many but to me it really is a time when I like to hear from, see, and cherish the true gifts that God has given me, the people that I call my friends and family. That being said, If you are reading this then I want you to know that I wish you a very
Merry Christmas and please know that you are loved.

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