Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Captured Moments #5

And so begins the holiday pics.

This top one is still a shocker to me every time I look at it, I think to myself... Self "I can't believe you let your boy do that?"
BUT Before you go thinking I have gone off the deep end by letting my 10 year old get all painted up like a zombie so he could participate in the Michael Jackson Thriller act that he had been taught at school, and practicing all week, and begging, begging to be allowed to be scary and gory for just one night at the Redmond Town Center... just think to yourself... It's Michael Jackson for crying out loud AND DON'T JUDGE!

Well I did let him go and you can see as I have now once again used you my reader as my therapist, that I still have a little guilt over that one.

Moving on, this year I could not stop taking pictures of the autumn taking place all around me. If you have ever read my blog before, and IF you are indeed my friend you know that this is the time of year that I love most. I know shocking, being that my name is NOEL and all, you would think that it would Winter and that I should be a true blue Christmas Elf, but alas the time of year that makes my heart sing is Fall. I must have a bout a ba-zillion photos of trees and leaves from this year alone.
This year Halloween was quite different than in years past. It marked the beginning of an end for the Scofield clan. We were all fragmented and went our own ways on Halloween night. For this sentimental heart it was a rough night. And the picture below marked another big day in my house. Sigh. That's all I have to say about that.

My kids are getting older as children often do. You feed them, they grow. This momma is trying to hold on for what lies ahead is what the picture below captures. My younger brother Jeremy is now on his own. In his own place. Paying his own rent. Making his own dinners. Working a job. Going to school.

WOW!! Seriously, when did that happen? He is an amazing human being. Success number 5 for my mom and dad.

I can only hope to do half the amazing job these two have done with 5, with my 4.

Solomon turned 10 this year. We now have 3 in double digits, SAY WHAT??
Yes, this 10 year old boy still much like his namesake is so wise beyond his years. He makes me think, "They'll learn much more, than I'll ever know. And I think to myself what a wonderful world" You know, I just can't help myself sometimes with the song quotes. It's in my DNA.

The captured moment above was a memory I will treasure forever. When I went home to NV in November for my dad's 70th B-day, my sister Gina's baby shower, my brother Greg's birthday and my mom's birthday, I got the pleasure of having a pedicure done with my 4 year old niece right by my side. She was so precious and wanted only what Auntie Noel wanted for "pol-nailish" and this moment was just so fantastic to me!

For Thanksgiving this year we had the absolute Joy of having Momma Nash here with little Izzy, Auntie Eileen, and Uncle Jeremy. We also had our wonderful friends the Days over. Needles to say with 17 of us in our little cabin it was a true Scofield, Jam em in, Get real cozy, and Enjoy the Ride kind of event!

I loved strolling the Market with the family and having us all together was really so special to me.

For Christmas we headed down to NV because that was THE FAB 4's Christmas wish. To be with family and friends in NV. More than gadgets. More than money. More than toys. They wanted people. Hmmm.... imagine that?
It was a wonderful memory that will hold us all over until we meet again.

We also had our first of what I hope to be many viewings of the movie Elf with some great friends, we brought in the Christmas season eating the Elf diet of Candy, Candy Corns, Candy Canes and Syrup. We came. We saw. We laughed. We quoted all while we went into diabetic shock(JK) and we remembered the Joy of Christmas Spirit, comes truly from LOVE.

Well friends this concludes my favorite captured moments for 2011. It's hard to capture a whole year on film and then narrow it down to your most favorite but I enjoyed doing it, and I hope you enjoy looking at it.
If you are reading this and you took the time to see our life lived out in pictures then know that you are loved and YOU ARE PATIENT :)

Until 2012 readers :) thanks for staying tuned!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Captured Moments #4

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine."
Thomas Jefferson

Is there really, anything under the sun(or the clouds in my case) better than old friends?
I don't believe if I searched the whole world over, with a fine tooth comb that I could ever find better friends than the ones that have crossed my path in this beautiful life.

As I look through all the photos of this year I am reminded that although I might live in a little tiny cabin in the woods, with barely enough square footage for the 7 people that live in it, I have so much! SO MUCH! I often feel I am the wealthiest person in the world when it comes to the people department.

I also don't feel worthy. Of all the kind words, and deeds that have been given to me and my family from said friends. You all are amazing! Truly, I love and appreciate you so much. If I haven't already told you this, I am saying it now.
FRIENDS... FAMILY... Thank you for making my life so very rich on every level possible.

You know I am a girl who LOVES words, and I find that when it comes to this department; my friends and family there are NO WORDS to ever really express how grateful I am for you.

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival."
C. S. Lewis

Do you even know how hard it is to choose favorite captured moments from just one year? So many pictures, so little time. As I stroll through each and every captured moment, I am brought to that place where there was love, laughter, and life. This my friends is where it's at!
"I got two turntables and a microphone, where it's at!" Thank you Ben Folds :)

At the end of this summer we started what we hope to make into a new Scofield family tradition. We had an end of the summer BBQ. It was so fun to finally have many of the friends and family here in WA that have taken such good care of us, over for a little gathering. My Giant is still working on the Garden area for next year but I hope to be eating and sharing some of our own growth next year from it.

And I hope that you can be there!

Favorite Captured Moments #3

This year was such a BIG year for my family in so many ways.
The month of June especially seemed like around every corner we were celebrating something.
But 2011 as a whole marked many very important dates for my family;

As I mentioned in the previous post we have an official teen now, we also have a 70 year old dad now, a 40 year old sister, a 30 year old baby sister, our baby brother graduated from High School,

And ....Sister Jenny's Wedding Day came. The day when my sister Jen said "I DO".

My sister Jenny's wedding was on June 25,2011 and what an amazing event that was.

Her special day has been a topic of conversation ever since I can remember. My day many moons ago(16 to be exact) June 3, 1995 came when I was so young, so in love, and also so very much like the non-detailed person that I am. For me there were many decisions that were made by others because I simply didn't care. So I don't remember putting as much time, energy, or thought into it.

The only detail that I remember thinking about was that of course I was going to get to finally have sex!! (Did she just say that? Why YES, YES I did!) My Giant, IF you are reading this which I highly doubt you are, know that just because I didn't think about our actual wedding day much doesn't mean anything other than, I knew without a doubt I was ready to get IT started!! LOL...

Okay where were we?? Oh yea, But my sisters day was one that was a long time coming, with many a thought, many a detail, and so there were many, many conversations as to what it would look like, who it would be standing next to her, and how it would all happen.

Well, her day came this year. She had always talked about getting married by the water and to see her on that day with the crystal blue Lake Tahoe water behind her made me realize how completely fortunate our family is to have one answered prayer after another. I am now the proud owner of another amazing brother-in-love, James Simmons. To see my sister in her new role as wife really does my heart good.

And Did I mention I have a teenage daughter now?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Captured Moments #2

In the Spring of 2011 the Scofield home became an official teenage home. That is we officially have a teenager now. So many people warned us about this moment when our lives would forever change. We were nervous. Not really.

Well, what I want to know is when did she

Turn into her

It goes by way too fast people. That's all I am saying. And you know that saying you don't ever know what you got until it's gone well it's true. When I was younger and my sister and I would fight and bicker about clothing items or what radio station we should have playing in our room I never thought in a million years that there would come a day that I would long to share a room with her again. That's where my girls are at. They don't know what they have.

I am here to remind them. Someday they will be grown women who will say to their children when they are fighting, "Love Each Other" or "Tell each other 'you're my best friend'! They will do as I have done. Repeat the words my mother said to me. Teach as I have taught.

So I kinda cheated by using some old photos to prove a point here but you'll forgive me.
From top to bottom
Emma and Chloe this year 2011 in Funky Freemont
Emma at Lake Tahoe 2007
Emma here December 2011
Emma and Chloe Newport Beach 2007
Chloe University of Washington 2011

This last pic is of me and my sister Jen enjoying a Christmas morning together.
Too Fast People.

Favorite Captured Moments 2011

This year a very tragic thing happened regarding my captured moments. You can read about this sad day here if you have time, under the tag Maccy, but for time purposes and to keep this mostly about pictures I am going to give you the condensed version.
My Maccy crashed and so with Maccy went all my beloved pictures that were stored in him.
It was tragic.

But thankfully, I bought a new little piece of technology this year called the I Phone.
It has not only been my only phone but also my camera, computer, and all around favorite piece of entertainment that I now own. We bonded after Maccy died. We became friends. I learned to appreciate this small device in a way I had never done before.

Well, all that to say the pictures that would have been posted on this recap post would have been quite different if I had all my pictures but I am getting really good at picking up the pieces, and the pictures wherever I can find them. Don't be surprised if I steal a pic right off your page for my own purposes because that's just how I roll now.

These Favorite Pics are of when;
Uncle Greg and Tanya came to Seattle in February
Easter in West Seattle
and When our Lil Cabin got a Face Lift
Hope you enjoy, more favorites to come.

Full Moon Poem

For these I am thankful;

The Moon,
The Breeze,
The sound of the wind through the trees.

The Love,
The Joy,
The sound of my girls and all three of my boys.

My House
My Cars
My Dogs who sometimes I wished lived on Planet Mars.

My Family
My Friends
My Neighbors who are always giving without end.

The Creator
My Savior
Without which what is this life for?
But with whom all blessings come from and so much more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love Letter #2

Remember when you sent that really cute, very old man up my street?
He was just waiting by my address sign.
As a bonus you sent him with his beautiful baby girl, great grandchild.
Remember when you had his parents name him Gregory because you knew that would make me know it was from you.
Those are the moments only you can orchestrate, and that's why I love you.
Remember when he was standing there listening to the sound of the creek.
That sound that I get to listen to now everyday.
You really know how to show me that you love me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

# Tagging

So now that I have this tagging thing somewhat figured out, (only took me ... ahem...not going to say how long it really took me to figure this out) I have a lot of old posts to tag.

In doing so I am having so much fun looking back at when I first started this ongoing rant with you all.
It will be 7 years this August, and I do believe that I am going to throw a party for my BLOG :) LOL!
That's right. We are having a party to celebrate "beautiful life" right here folks, August 2012

Not sure how I am going to throw a blog party but I have some time to think about.
In the meantime check out the tag below that will lead you to my first post here, many moons ago.
Hope it provides a chuckle.

Oh and tagging blogs is so much fun.
I can't believe it has taken me this long to catch on.
Ya know me a lil slow in the tech dept, but on point in real LIFE!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love Letters #1

Thank you for the that perfect, divine moment.
Where you sang to me through the voice of Josh Groban.
When you made the fog so thick that it made me slow down.
In a car alone with a moment to breath deeply.
After I was feeling like no one knew my name, you sang it out.
Thank you for that.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turning 37

The day began as any other Saturday would.
Well, except My Giant had to go into work at 2am.
After he wished me happy birthday, he begrudgingly got out of bed and went to work.
I went back to sleep, only to be awoken by Solomon around 8am.
He went right to the most important thing in life to a 10 year old boy on any given Saturday morning, video games.
No Happy Birthday mom from him.... hmmm...?
Back to laying there I went. Because although I wasn't asleep, I wasn't going to get up earlier than 9am dammit!
So I laid there.
And this is what I thought.
37 is a LAME year.
Really, I mean even the number is lame to me.
*(Not to my sister Gina, oh no this is the year she can't wait for,huh? Yep! But I am getting ahead of myself we will return to this later,don't forget)
So why wouldn't this birthday be lame to me?
I laid there a little longer and then the dogs came out.
Dogs can't wait to go to the bathroom and eat. Even if it is your birthday they need to be fed.
Did anyone offer to do this chore for me because it was my birthday and I should therefore be able to sleep in? NOPE!!
This began the downward spiral of lame thoughts, which then turned into a full blown pity party.
I got up and had a mountain of dishes waiting for me, and also two hungry puppies.
It WAS 9:07am. Success! But still...
By this point Chloe and Isaiah were up.
OF course one of my beautiful blue eyed babies would remember it was my birthday, but NOPE!
After feeding the pups, and feeding the puppy of 'LAME' inside my head, I decided to get started on those dishes(they weren't getting done all by themselves)
So there I stood doing the dishes.
Until my oldest,my teenager came rolling out of her bedroom.
Of course,she will remember now that she is a young adult. I mean I can hardly hold it against the kids, but a young adult will surely remember her dear mothers birthday... NOPE! She passed me right by me and headed straight for the bathroom. Not a word!
By this point that puppy LAME was getting HUGE!
It was a fat puppy.
It was a hungry puppy.
I could have given that puppy a million more bones to chew on, BUT ya know what?
Just as I was about to let the streams of tears come rolling down my cheeks,guess what happened?
I decided that once again I was going to shut that puppy up!
By puppy I mean discontentment.(See tag below)
She's a sneaky B-word... discontentment. Sneaky, mean, conniving, ruthless, and deadly if not caught in time.

So in my head I decided right then and there to change my mind.
It's all about perspective.
37 is not LAME!
37 is one year that I WILL NOT feed that puppy LAME anymore! (God knows I have enough puppies :)

Then the phone started ringing.
Just like that, my birthday wasn't forgotten.
Chloe shot up and said, "Oh yeah Happy Birthday mom" and then they all rang in my Fab 4.
Chloe took over doing the dishes and
I got the first HB song of the morning by a dear friend on the phone.
And then another one from family.
And even an old school Fountainhead Foursquare version of the HB song(which made my day!)

Oh yeah, and then returning to 37 being my sister Gina's favorite year. Thanks for reminding me.
When talking to her on the phone and explaining how LAME I think the year 37 is,she said
"What ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Apparently!
She reminded me that this is the year that she can't wait to be, because it is her favorite number.
She reminded me that this was the year she told our older sister good things were going to happen, AND THEY DID!
She reminded me that this year was going to NOT be LAME but that it was going to be Good. Very Good. Really Good.

37 GOOD.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fog and an Ode to My Twilight Fans

Have I mentioned to you, my beloved reader... how much I absolutely love the FOG!

Foggy mornings are a bit of a normal occurrence here in Seattle Washington, so are foggy evenings for that matter.
If you love them too, Don't be a hater! Just enjoy the pictures and come for a visit so you can take some of your own!

Still for this native NV girl, they take my breath away every time. I believe my family members think I have developed Asthma from all the gasping!

There is just something about the fog that can make any ordinary morning turn into something spectacular.
And by spectacular I mean kinda eery.
And by eery I mean kinda cool.
And by cool I mean... ok I will stop!

Is it any wonder why they filmed a series of movies about vampires swinging from trees up here in the PNW?
Can't you just see Edward walking out from in between those trees?
And NO we did not purchase an old red truck to copy a certain girls truck in a certain vampire movie. Mr. Big, aka My Giant, aka The Moses, aka Hubby purchased "Old Red" last year for dump runs. We like him. He eats A LOT!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reporting Back about Barbara Wa Wah's show

Todays your lucky day ....In case you missed the infamous Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating People show that was on last night I have a recap.
Because lucky for me My Giant wasn't home last night and so I got to watch this show with out his sarcasm and snickers!
Here are my thoughts -

Modern Family Gay couple - Mitch and Cam I LOVE THEM! And by THEM I mean the characters they play on Modern family. They didn't spend too much time on the actual actors, so I can't say that I love them but...
I LOVE that one of the actors is not gay, yet he is so very comfortable in his own skin that he plays his role flawlessly. This makes me LOVE them both even more. I think they are doing a good thing with the roles they have been given. And well, I could say a lot more about that, but I won't not here on this fun post.

Moving on...

Simon Cowell- I hate him(not really I don't hate anyone) BUT I still want to hear what he has to say, Why? Well, because he is Candid. That word Candid is not something that most people are. It makes me think of candid camera the tv show. That's a sidenote- but I like that word and I am not sure that in reality if Simon was CANDID with me or my daughter( who so desperately wants to be on his show one day),that I will like this word or him anymore. Didn't I say I hate him already. Not really.

*While watching the show I was constantly annoyed by the fact that I burned the roof of my mouth when I popped a burning hot Brussels Sprout in my mouth at dinner time, and because I was too damn impatient to wait for it to cool off I now have a scar on the top of my mouth!! At least for 24hours anyway.

Herman Cain- What a joke! I don't believe ONE word that comes out of that mans mouth. When you are innocent, you are innocent and you can walk with your head held high and it causes no pain or suffering to anyone around you because YOU ARE INNOCENT! And one final note, HE CAN'T SING!! And he's a schmuck! God forgive me!

The Kardasians - First let me just say that I don't even care enough about this family to write a commentary here. And after watching their lil blip on the show, I feel the same.

*Shh... don't tell but after that interview I really wished My Giant was here so he would have changed the channel and then therefore I wouldn't have wasted anymore of this precious quiet time.

Derek Jeter- Ahhh man, Really? I have to mention a stupid YANK on my page!! Ok fine. This is what I got from his interview with Ms. Wa Wah, We have 2 more years, at least that's what his contract says. And then he should come join the best baseball team EVER... Go... Bo Sox's... Booyah!!

Katy Perry-It's funny, that I really know nothing about this girl before tonight. I mean I have heard her songs but I couldn't tell you that I knew it was her that sang them. In fact tonight during this show when they were playing clips and her songs were playing, I was like "Oh that's who sings that song!" She has a Jesus tattoo, and well I tend to believe that she is more sincere about saying that is where "her roots" came from than the song Herman Cain sang at the end of his interview, as a tribute to his faith.

*For reals, sometimes I think MY GIANT is right. Shhhh... DO NOT REPEAT THAT! You are sworn to secrecy. I mean really why do I care listen to these people?

Donald Trump- He's Bi-Polar," I will run, I won't run, well maybe I will still run" AND HE pretends to be RICH! Did you see his gold furniture? No one who is really rich has gold furniture! He has a fake tan, fake hair,and I like the guy who plays him on SNL better than the actual Trumpster himself! And about his wanting my man Obama's certificate let's see his proof of ownership on those GOLD CHAIRS!! Those babies are rent-to-owns for sure! He's had so many bankruptcies, how many you ask? I think 3... I mean I don't have proof but...?!!

Amanda Knox- This story was one that I had followed closely due to the fact that she came from Seattle Washington. The local news stations have been covering this story for a while here so it was interesting to hear the run down on Wa Wah's show. I thought she was going to interview her but Wa Wah left me wa-wa -wanting!
For me the jury is still out on this girl. My questions come in here : I don't know why she had a written confession and I still have my doubts about her innocence... so well... that's cool she's home now and Seattle now has a questionable young lady lurking about.

**Honestly, it's so hard to not concede to the voice of sarcasm on this next story.

Pippa Middlaton- Who is she again? Oh yeah the sister to some new royalty person in England. Really? Bab's you fail me here. I mean there were so many other life stories that you could have chosen, that are way more fascinating than Pippa. The only truly fascinating thing about this girl is her name. Who name's their child Pippa?

And the Most Fascinating.... Drum Roll please....

Steve Jobs- Truly his story is amazing. Buddhist, Hippie, Cancer Fighter, Truly a genius. Some thoughts on the recap of his life,What's up with people stealing other people's companies? SO not cool! Also, his last word's "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!" I want to know what all those wow's were about don't you? I think I have an idea, do you?

So in conclusion of my night of guilt free, special celebrity shows I have this to say;

DAMMIT- MY GIANT WINS! These shows are stupid! The people on them are stupid! And am stupid to waste my time and watch them? Well, maybe not as much if you leave a comment here and make me feel better.

Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People... AND..

THE GIANT isn't home so I can watch this wonderful program without guilt.
This never happens. Ok well... if you follow the tag at the end of this Blog it may have happened once before.
Here I sit, all 4 kids are in bed and somewhat quieted down.
Prayers have been said.
Books have been read.
Wine has been poured.

AND The Giant is at work when the Barbara Walter's special is actually on LIVE, like right now!
Did I mention that already, oh okay well it just started and so I have got to go watch and I will report back later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tasha's Challenge

I love my friend Tasha Gardner.
If I were to describe her in a few short sentences this is what I would say;

She is beyond creative.
She loves her husband.

She is a good mom.
She raised and outstanding young man.

She loves VW's.
She introduced me to the world of scrap-booking.

She loves challenges.
She reinvents herself on a regular basis.

She is a good friend.
She is a faithful friend.

Those are just a few of the words I would use to best describe my friend Tasha.

I wanted you all to reacquaint yourselves with Tasha, and her challenges because she has come knocking on the challenge door again and this time I am more prepared and excited than ever!

If you want to you can join in on this fun challenge, here are the ground rules;
Pick a clothing item or genre and wear it for the month of January.
She (Tasha) is going to wear 31 sweaters in 31 days.
I am going to wear 31 different hats.
Emma is going to wear A SCARF for 31 days.

We will of course need documentation of your activity and there will be prizes.
To see some of her previous challenges years past follow the tag below that says ; tasha challenge

Hope this gives you enough time to prepare and join in on all the fun!!
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