Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Early Morning Thoughts

 This whole blog post and life analogy could just be that I had only one cup of coffee, before 7 am and while I was driving around having this profound realization, I may or may not have been coherent. 

Early, early yesterday morning after I had dropped off the the bigger spawn at school, I got caught at the ETERNAL light. Ya know those stop lights that without a doubt are THE longest stop lights in town?

 Well, there I was getting ready to be there for a good long sit when I happened to see two little birdies in the middle section of the road. 
They caught my eye because one was safely in the planter part of this intersection, no doubt looking in the dirt for worms and one was right there in the road, very close to cars and picking through the gutter. As I sat and watched them, I thought well maybe these two are a duo. Like one gets the worms from the dirt and the other gets the garbage from the gutters for their nest?

I may be giving these pea brained birds a bit more thought than what is reality, but hear me out. 
Just for fun!
I warned you, one cup of coffee before 7 am can do funny things to ones psyche ;)

So, as I observed closer I saw the one in the gutter actually trying to eat the cigarette buts and other pieces of trash. Like he was actually checking to see if they were edible. 
And here's where the life analogy comes in.
Ignore the fact that I called them pea brained earlier.

The way I saw it was like this, the one in the dirt was looking in the right place for his morning meal. 
He was safe in the dirt looking for that big fatty worm that he no doubt would get.
But the one in the gutter, well it just didn't make sense.
Maybe he'd been hit by one too many sliding glass doors or windshields? 
Too far? 
Well, I'm just saying it really made me wonder!

It reminded me of how often in life we get our meals for our souls from the gutters of the world instead of from God's own heart.
We eat lies instead of truth.
We scrounge around for trash rather than eating a T-bone steak. 
We hang out in dangerous gutters looking for something, anything that is edible and we eat the disposable crap that has been thrown away, when every morning we could have fresh baked bread, or a fat worm in this lil pea brained birds case.

Does any of this make any sense at all?
Ok maybe I needed more coffee. 
But, if you are tracking what I'm laying down then let me just say, I don't want to be that dumb pea brained bird in the gutter. 
Who's with me?

"Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap, or store away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. 
Matthew 6:26

Friday, April 19, 2013

Major Mom Faux Pas

I have a funny little story to tell you.
 Funny to me, not so much to my sweet Solly Dolly.
Do you see that look he's giving me in the above photo... well that doesn't even come close to the one he gave me this morning.

 I hope this lil story makes you laugh.
Beloved reader, We could use a laugh right about now don't cha think?
I still can't believe I did this to my oh so sweet Prince Solomon. 
 I am confessing it here to you now beloved reader, in hopes of forgiveness, absolution, and wishful thinking that someone else out there has made a similar mistake.
Please, would you be so kind as to make up some similar stories of embarrassing moments with your kids if you haven't done something so stupid in your parenting career?

That's right, just lie to me and make me feel better would ya?!!
I said Please.

Ok so here goes nothing.
First a little back story.

For those of you out there who are moms of boys there is a certain age that our sons embark on  (usually around double digits) where it is no longer ok to point out anything that has to do with a certain area of their bodies, our bodies, anyone's bodies.
Even the word bodies might be reason enough for a conviction from them.
Those of you who have sons, KNOW exactly what I'm talking about.
The nether regions are off limits for Moms of boys in double digits. 
You just DON't go there.
Netherlands with 11 year old BOYS + Moms who are GIRLS= OFF LIMITS!!

I have taken great measures not to embarrass my boys, BUT in my defense,
 I come from a long line of talk-ers.
A long line of just saying what needs to be said-ers.
A long line of .... well My Mom Ellen... 
Enough said.
Ok moving on.

Here's the story
Every Friday morning I volunteer at my children's school in the library.
Before you judge me for this here Faux Pas, just remember I VOLUNTEER!!
That should count for something, somewhere shouldn't it?
Actually, shhh don't tell but the real reason I'm there every Friday morning is because I dig the kids school librarian. She is ... well she's awesome, and I just like to hang out with her. So, I do.
Every Friday.
I love Fridays.
Every Friday me and my boys drive into school together which gives us more time to get ready and of course more time to talk. (Really, more time for them to goof off, but let's just stay on the wishful thinking notion here)
The rest of the week they have very different schedules so
I treasure this time with my boys every Friday morning.
I know in the not so distant future Friday mornings with my boys will NOT BE so we take our time.

Once we get there we walk into school together and we say good bye usually right there at the entrance of the school. 
Isaiah goes off to his class and Solomon goes with me into the office where I sign in and he prepares for morning announcements. Oh right, you might not know this but my son Solomon he's the school President(Big Man on Campus) so he does morning announcements with 3 other student council members. The Vice President Brett who is Sol's best friend, and two girls.

So that brings us to today. 
Sol goes off and gets the announcements ready, I'm signing in and getting my badge and then I turn to say goodbye just like I do every Friday.
He's sitting down across from the two girls who help with announcements and so I know I can't give him a mushy kiss and hug goodbye, or say things like ; "Did you remember to wear deodorant today son?" 
I can't and don't say that.

Here's what I did say;

"Ok buddy, I love you, have a great day, and 
X Y Z!!!"

No sooner had the words come out of my mouth then I realized what 
H U G E 
those three little letters would be in mixed company.

X Y Z!!!

How could I be so NOT observant?
Poor Solomon.
He looked up at me like as if to say,
"Really MOM??!!"
At which point I totally just thought it would be best to turn and walk away.

that's what I was thinking in my head. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

God Is Good

Good Evening to YOU Beloved Reader.
I'm not sure what to begin with.
What a strange course this post has taken.
I started it this morning when I read the quote below,
and then came back to it this afternoon after the Boston bombings. And now here I sit this evening with this post that in a matter of 8 hours has taken on a whole new meaning. If you want the bullet point version of this post here it is;
-God is good.
In every season.
-God is still good.
- When bad things happen,God is still on the throne.
-In the Winter and in the Spring, 
one thing remains;
God and His faithfulness.

Here's the quote that got this train of though rolling;

"The joyful birds prolong the strain, 
their song with every spring renewed;
the air we breathe, and the falling rain,
each softly whispers:
John Hampden Gurney
The above quote reminds me of two things;
1.)Seasons are important,
B.)The present moment is a gift.
Whether it is in the Winter or the Spring.
Present aka Gift.

Oh and 
D.) Am I listening long enough, well enough to always be hearing the soft whisper that indeed says, God Is Good?

There is a renewal process that happens every Spring that gives birth to new life. But, what we want so desperately to forget in the Spring is what caused this life to come to pass. 
The Cold, Dark Winter.

We even whine and complain if Spring starts to change it's mind and head back into those symptoms of Winter we are trying to forget!
Can I get a witness those of you who live in Minnesota terrain?

With the cold dark days of December behind us now, it's easy to shout the praise from the mountain tops.
We get a spring in our step,
A spring in our song, 
Heck even a spring in our cleaning!!
And that's great. 
It's the way it should be.
I'm just reminded by this quote to think a little deeper.
Because although, its easy to say God is Good when things are coming back to life, it is a very hard position to take when death is on the line.
("Never mess with a Cecilian when DEATH is ON THE LINE!!" You're welcome Princess Bride fans)

So I ask myself what was    
 my song,
 my step,
 and even the cleaning of my own heart like this winter?
I can honestly say that this Winter was a lot better than those that have gone before it.
Still, there was some lag in my step.
But as my kids went on Spring break this past week I had the thought that I could hardly believe it was over. 
The Winter is over.
Spring is here.
It didn't seem like some Winters that have gone before it to be so long that I wondered if there would ever be a Sunrise AGAIN!!
Ya know what I'm saying?
 I guess that's a good sign.
I bet by now you are gathering that Winter is not my favorite?!
Yer, A smart one young whipper snapper !!

This past week has been filled from top to bottom with nothing but goodness for me and mine. 
A much needed visit from Momma Nash has been the main reason, as well as having some much needed time with my Fab 4 while they have all been on Spring break.

Do you ever have weeks like this?
Where everyone is healthy,
everyone is happy,
and all is right with the world?

I can't help but sing God's praise in the midst of such goodness.
So that's what I'm gonna do here for a minute.
Listen real close. This is me, 
singing God's praise.

As we are in full swing into this Spring season(say that five times fast for fun) I start to think about what lies ahead. The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. My kids will soon be wrapping up this school year and in less than 1 month I will have two teenage girls in my house. 1 in High School, 2 in Middle School and only 1 left in Elementary school. I'm coming up on a new season of life(BIG KID SEASON)

This Spring break provided such a wonderful time to take the pulse of this lil family we call MoNoSco and the pulse was strong.
It was good.
Because God is good.
I give thanks for this.

*Now, as I sit here and type the news of the Boston Marathon bombing has just hit the airwaves and I'm praying for all those on the east coast that may have been affected by this.
I have family on the East coast who thankfully are all okay, but I'm thankful with pause now.
No longer a Spring in my step.
It is a crazy thought that someone this morning got up, laced their shoes for a race they have been training for months, maybe even all year, and now finds themselves either injured, or worse gone forever.

Although it is Spring for all of us, someone over there has just headed back into Winter. The darkest one they will have ever faced. And I hope and pray for them even in the midst of this they are able to say 
God is STILL Good!

It's hard to make sense of such senseless acts of violence.
Try as we might, that is why they are appropriately named.
So, I am not even going to attempt to make sense of the difference a day made in my heart.
It started out with a spring and not a care in the world and has ended now here with extreme sadness for those in Boston.
But one thing has remained;
God in His Goodness.
At the Foursquare Church youth camps that my husband and I used to frequent,there was a saying that would get said A LOT!
The speaker would say,(or shout depending on how The Spirit was moving)
and the people would say in return

And even though I don't understand days like today, somehow, by the grace of God, I do understand this.

It reminds me that life, the air we breathe when we wake each day is so very precious.
The present really is a gift, not to be taken for granted.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Big Tease

Well, aren't I just a big ole tease!
I said I was so happy to be back(and I really am) but then I went and got silent again all week.
In my defense and I do have one, it's been a tad bit busy round these parts.
So here's the reason for my silence;

Baseball and
More Baseball

Getting ready for Saturday Market to open
Spring Cleaning

Boat Rides
Visit with Momma Nash
and now
It's my kids Spring Break.

I'm pretty sure this week will be full of quick snap shot check ins on instagram again,  and not much more... so here's that link if you want to find me
Instagram NoDotss

I do hope to get back on here really soon and actually post something more than pics, but for now enjoy my instagram view of life.

Happy Monday!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Oh Happy DAY!!

Beloved Reader I have missed you something fierce! 

It has been a long six weeks of no Facebook, No Instagram, No Twitter,and No YOU! It seems like forever and a day that Lent began, and now I'm finally "reunited and it feels sooo good", and  while I was away there were some majors that took place; A very beloved cousin passed away at the young age of 44 years old(more on that later), The Oscars,Daylight Savings, me working out M-F for a solid 6 weeks in a row .. What what? Hold the phone ... Noël, NoDots working out for over 30 days now that is some crazy talk if I have ever heard crazy talkin !! Some Village members moved on to greener pastures, A trip home to Nevada for a beloved friends baby shower and BASEBALL SEASON!! Woot WOOT!! 
All of which, was hard to process without you, but I managed to survive ;)

 I realized some very profound things during this 6 week break from social media, and the first one is my need for people. I love people. I love my people deeply. My love for you beloved reader is deep.
Are you getting that there is a deep theme going on here? 
If it weren't for you I wouldn't be here. I have other places to write so that my outlet is fulfilled and you better believe those places looked a lot fuller during this Lent season, but I was longing to share what I was thinking, what I was learning with YOU, because LIFE is just better when it's shared.
Can I get a witness?

 Living life is just not nearly as fulfilling without my fellow sojourner. All that to say I'm happy to be back.
Sheesh, I sure am long winded sometimes.

Another not so profound thought, but still meaningful at the same time was that I had social interactions face to face that I might not have pursued otherwise. I started talking to people in the grocery store again, and not looking down at my phone while waiting in line. Ya, know... living life in real time!

Now hold the phone...
I don't want at all to discredit the social interactions that happen here or in other places with social media. Because, honestly,
  I feel I have a whole community of people here that I truly love and I know you love me and that is just amazing! Like, people try to always point out the negative about social medias and they neglect to mention the positive.
Like totally they do that!!(Do you like my inner valley girl I'm channeling there?)
 Where else can you go and by writing one tweet or status update have hundreds of people praying... That's some awesome sauce if I've tasted awesome!!

What I'm saying is its all how we look at this thing called social media.
Balance in all things, freedoms should be applied, but not taken for granted that to look up from the computer or the phone every once in a while is a VERY GOOD THING!!

And before I say too much more I mostly just want to communicate that I am happy to be back with you all.
And without further ado the song I feel like singing today...
It's all Abundant, Beautiful LIFE!!

I'll get down to some meatier topics I processed while away later this week but for now,
Go ahead and enjoy a little Oingo Boingo on me today.

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