Sunday, December 22, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I realized something while taking our family photos for Christmas cards this year and that is,
 Cyndi Lauper was right.
We girls really do just wanna have some fun,and also we don't mind photo shoots as much as the men folk in our lives.
You would have thought I was asking my boys to clean the toilet, go to the dentist, and rake the leaves all just to get a smile out of these fellers. 
Now, to be fair My Giant was sick, but then again so was Chloe. The other two though... well they have no excuse for pictures like this;

Notice the joy and elation on the fellers faces. 
Kinda lacking in the joy department don't you think?
And then compare that to the lovely smiles on my girls faces.

I mean, I don't ever expect much from Solomon he has since the time he was a wee lad HATED, with a capital H, taking pictures. But usually, I can count on Isaiah to help out when it comes to looking somewhat happy. In this picture though, notice the arm over the banister. Don't you think it just screams of PHOTO EXHAUSTION. It's like they have PPTS. Post Photo Traumatic Stress.

Now any mother can relate to my rant here, because to get a good family photo is a task that is not for the faint of heart. But, I mean, I really thought that as my Fab 4 got older I wouldn't have to rely on photo shop so much. Well, and then
 a picture like the above photo pops up. 

U G H !!
I mean, seriously?

What am I supposed to do with the Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins on the end there?
Everyone in this picture, even my Solomon is smiling so nicely, and then there's Mr. Grinch on the end.
So, I decided to roll with it this year. 
He asked me when I put the word Naughty over his head if he was going to get coal in his stocking and would Santa understand that it's a joke?
I assured him he didn't need to worry.
His status of naughty or nice wasn't really in true jeopardy from this PHOTO BOMB!

I sure hope your Christmas photo shoot went a little better.
If not, keep in mind that a good sense of humor and a hint of sarcasm can go a long way. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Beloved Reader!!  


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On Turning 39

Hello There Beloved Reader
Yesterday I turned 30+9. 
It kinda snuck up on me this last year of my thirties, and to be quite honest I had a bit of a melt down last week with My Giant. 

It was a low point of self-loathing and self-pity and frankly, just all around selfishness. 
I'm not proud about it, but I am aware I'm not alone in these type of moments.

My Giant handled it like a champ and patiently waited for the bubbling brook of tears to stop and then,
somewhere in the midst of my blubbering like a big Ba-foon, My Giant said, "Do you think this has anything to do with you turning 39?"
Sheesh... why does he have to be such a smarty pants!

SO of course I replied like any mature grown woman would and rolled my eyes, grunted and said,
"Psh... of course not!! Well... maybe just a little."

But really, I knew somewhere deep down in my knower, that all that blubbering did have something to do with turning 39.
My self awareness can be lacking sometimes.
Anyone else feel me on that ? 

Ya see, I seem to always get hot and bothered by the year that comes before the BIG year. 
So when I turned 29 I had a similar reaction, and of course now here I am doing it again.
There is a bit of a pattern going on here, thank God My Giant has been paying attention.

The thing is, that I really have looked forward to my 40's for quite some time. 
I have many women who have gone before me as a beautiful example of what 40's can look like and I've always thought that it's a decade of prestige, wisdom, and elegance. 
Or maybe that's what I've told myself as I've slowly crept closer to that year. 

All I know is that I'm going to Carpe The Hell out of the next 364 Diems and enjoy my last year of the 30's.

I know that my 40's will come with it's own set of joys and sorrows and if I have learned anything at all in this 30 + 9 years it's that each year is a gift to be celebrated.
LIFE... all of it,  the ups the downs is truly beautiful and not to be taken for granted.

I feel extremely grateful for this life and I don't want to waste a minute, not even a second worrying about wrinkles, and age spots, and varicose veins, and grey hairs...
remind me again what I was talking about?
Oh yeah, the key to a happy life...
Because no matter what there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Calling All Book Nerds

Hello there beloved reader.
We are now full swing into the busiest month of the year and I'm wondering if you will find yourself resting long enough to read a good book, or if your calendar is so jammed packed this month that all books are pushed aside for now?

Out of total curiosity, I would like to know how many books you are reading at the moment?
Do you only have time for one (if that), or like me do you feel the pressing need to conquer "the list" in your lifetime so you read at least 2 to 3 at one time?
I was telling a friend recently that if I don't read at least 3 books at a time I start to panic. 
I'm not kidding people.
I'm pretty sure I would never make it through the list of books I want to read in my lifetime if I only read 1 at a time, so 3 seems to be my steady rate. Ya know because, that list gets longer every year because there are just SO many great reads out there. 
If you don't feel this way, and can't at all relate like My Giant who is not a big reader,  this might not be the post for you. 
Move along now to a fashion post or a DIY!!
But if you are not offended by being deemed a book nerd then let me pick your brain for a minute.
I'm currently weaned down to 3 right now after finishing Caterfly by Lara (see book review post below).
My book club is going through Jane Austen's, Emma which I have already read so I loaned out my copy. Instead of reading that, I've got My Life in France, Julia Child by my bedside. It's a fun read and light hearted which is perfect for me right before bed. 
That brings up another question about reading, and reading styles. 
Do you read certain books at certain times?
I can't read anything scary or intense before bed so I generally choose light and fluffy before bed.
But like, then there are times when you want something a bit deeper, so I have a book in the bathroom right now called The Explicit Gospel by  Matt Chandler.
It's a great bathroom read because I can pick it up and put it down and not miss a beat. Every sentence is one to ponder and so what better time to sit and ponder than when you are on the throne (wink wink)

And then I have a book in the car for those times that I'm waiting on teens. I have said it before and I'm gonna go ahead and say it again, to survive the taxi cab drop off and pick ups you have to equip your office (aka your car) with some essentials and a great book is one of them. Then you don't get so impatient while sitting and waiting for a half an hour when your teen told you they would be out in 2 minutes. 
The books I usually keep in the car are ones that I can't read at night because they are too intense or scurry, and also the ones I need at least 10-20 minute increments with. 
Right now, I currently have the old book The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
in my car. It is SO intense but came highly recommended so I knew I needed to push through the intensity to get to the good.
And then finally I keep a self-help/ spiritual book near my bible to read a bit in the morning when I first wake up. Right now that book is Life Overflowing, by T.D. Jakes.  Man I love me so T.D. Jakes!!
Ok so just to re-cap, I just realized that is a total of 4 books.
And if you count the bible which I try to read on the regular that would be 5.
Clearly, math was not my strong point in college ;)
How about you how many are you reading?
What are you reading?
How long is your list?
What's on your list?
Oh and btw, I love you ... You Beloved Reader Book Nerd!!
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