Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bagpipes and Airbags

Sol-"Mom, does gramma's car have bagpipes up there?" Pointing to the front of her van on the dashboard.
Sol- "YOU know bagpipes?" This time pointing right at the glove box.
Me-"Oh, no her car doesn't have bagpipes that's why you can sit up here."
Sol-" I like gramma's car and our bus cause dad's bus doesn't have bagpipes either."
Me- In my head thinking , Well sometimes it has bagpipes but only when dad is bringing those pipes somewhere special.
Hee hee hee!!
Please don't tell him the difference.


shontell said...

I love kid interpretations. They crack me up. Or they "crap" me up if you are a four year old Isabelle lol. :)

TPluckyT said...

Today Gracie was spelling her full name. I asked her if she could spell my full name and she replied, "I don't know . . . what's your last name?"

slogoin' vws said...
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noel said...

shontell- me too. we have so much material right now between the two of us we could write a short story or at least have an on-going comedy sitcom.
tim- that gracie is so smart and in tune with life. she amazes me. what a gem.

slogoin' vws said...

dude, i posted a comment on here, where did it go? did you get the one where sol was calling my beads "sprinkles?" did you get that one?

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