Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bird Found, Free to good home

Today, while sitting outside Starbucks a parakeet landed on my roof rack. I knew this was not a native Nevada bird and before I could think twice about what to do the bird flew right next to the table where Sarah and I were sitting.
With the help of Sarah, and a nice lady who threw her sweater over it we caught the bird and stuck it in my car, BUT.....as much as I know my husband who loves birds would love to keep this bird, alas, we have a cat, named HUNTER no less and it just doesn't seem like a bright idea.
SO, if any of you blogreaders are looking for and free pet here she is.
Looks almost identical to the picture on the left.
Let me know if you are interested. My gentle Giant has already set her up in a nice comfy cozy hotel of a cage and so that will be included along with a bag of food, mirror, toys,etc. etc. He went a lil nuts caring for this lil critter so pretty much she is literally "good to go"


JayBird said...

i'll check w/min & get back to ya.

JayBird said...

it's a "no-go" for us. have ya found a home for it, yet?

noel said...

nope, not yet, but it almost went home to birdie heaven today so it has now been moved up to the church. deemed the miracle bird and still looking for a permanent home.

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