Saturday, November 11, 2006

Holidays and a Tribute to Jen

As the bigger holidays are approaching this year I am more aware than ever that my sister is half-way across the globe and it makes me miss her something fierce.
I have been fortunate all these years to have all 4 of my siblings close enough to share all the big holidays together, and this is the first year that we won't be all together. I know that might seem like something silly to be bummed about, but I adore my big sister Jenny and she lights up the room like no other. So this is a tribute to her and to her namesake who will also be missed this holiday season.


shontell said...

::sniff:: i miss her too friend. I feel your pain; we thought we were going to get to go to vegas this year for the first time since we moved, but no go. To top it off, my entire family (not us) is going to DIsneyland this year for Christmas. ::sigh::

noel said...

ahh, i am sorry. that's rough. thanks for sharing in my pain.

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