Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nanny McFee

This is a new kids movie out on dvd. We recently rented it for our kids and watched it first because someone said that it was about a witch. I thought "bummer," and I wasn't going to rent it and then Moses picked it up without knowing what I had heard so we watched it first and to my surprise it is no more about a witch than Mary Poppins was about a witch. To those of you who think Mary Poppins was about a witch then .....well, disregard this blog.

Anyhew, one of the things that I liked about this movie is that she comes in to teach the kids 5 lessons and as each lesson is taught she loses a blemish. First a mole, then another and finally by the end of the movie she is skinny, beautiful, no moles and perfect teeth.
Ohhhhhhhhh, that this could be real life!!!


Karen S. said...

Hmmmm.... so if I understand you correctly, then apparantly, I have been spoiling the crap outta my kids and teaching them no lessons at all. I say this because the process seems to be running in reverse for me. I seem to be ACQUIRING new blemishes AND moles (a lovely middle-aged item technically known as "skin tags"), my teeth suck and I'm getting fatter by the minute. No wonder the diet isn't working! I gotta start being tougher on my kids! Thanks for the tip, No. You're the best. ;)

noel said...

ha ha ahha haaa haa, so glad you get my sense of humor karen cause the same could be said of me, and no you're the best!!

slogoin' vws said...

How hilarious are you women!!! You crack me up! 'Tis life!

thorn said...

i wish i could paint my nails and sign songs at unr.

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