Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My thoughts for today

My oldest sister Jenny left for Budapest on Monday and naturally I have been thinking about her a lot. I have been wondering what she has been experiencing on the first few days of her arrival. Today she emailed everyone in the family to say that she arrived safely but that she was having some issues with her internet access and a few other glitches. Before she left we were trying to think of all the things that she might miss the most about the U.S. She is definitely a planner and she tried to think of every possible thing that she might want but wouldn't be able to get while over there. She plans on being there for a year or more so you can imagine all the things that we were talking about.
Anyway, even with all that planning and thinking, here she is her first days and she is already experiencing some "technical difficulties" of a sort. This got me thinking down the path of what an adjustment it must have been for Jesus to come here to planet earth. He left His heavenly home where there was no hurt ,pain or sorrow, no hunger, time differences, etc... to arrive here as not a fully functioning adult but a baby completely dependent on His creation to care and comfort Him. This still trips me out. I don't know that once I get to heaven I would ever leave for anything but then I begin to think of people and I think would I leave all the comforts for people that I love?? The answer for this selfish , imperfect human being is YES, a resounding YES. This gives me some insight into the heart of my beautiful Savior who chose to leave heaven's home and make the journey here to experience every pain, every sorrow, more hurt then imaginable, and all the other discomforts of this human plight because of love.
He still amazes me. He still woos me with His love. I am thankful today for that love . I am grateful today for the breath that is within me and the opportunity to love Him back. To thank Him with my life.
My sister is learning what it is like to live in a foreign country , Jesus did the same but so much more. He did it all for love. He left heaven for not only the people that would love Him back but also for those who would never love Him, for those who spit on him, beat him, and even those who killed Him. He is so beyond my grasp of understanding. What little I do understand I love so much and for the rest I will spend my life trying to understand.


georgia said...

What will your sister be doing in Budapest for a year?

TPluckyT said...

Great point on Jesus giving up all his comfort . . . good analogy.

Jeni said...

I love your point about Jesus coming as a BABY, completely dependent on humans to take care of him. That displays a lot of trust toward humanity--more than most of us are normally willing to give. Perhaps I should be more trusting, less skeptical of others...

noel said...

georgia- she helping to do a church plant with her part being the youth/college age. her immediate task over there is to live and work so she had a job before she got there teaching english to high school students. strategic placement by God i believe.
tim- yeah, when i think about what he gave up and for how long it still trips me out that He really did all of that.
jeni- amazing trust in humanity. i can hardly wrap my brain around the aspect of mary and His relationship. these are the things that if i spend anytime at all really focusing on it blows me away everytime.
my sister says that everything from food to how you do laundry is different. i wonder how long it took Jesus to get used to the differences we have as human being vs. heavenly beings??

Matty C. said...

This line is awesome Noel.

"What little I do understand I love so much and for the rest I will spend my life trying to understand."

That line instantly made me think that I wanted to be sold out for Jesus. No matter what the cost. Great post.

Jen Pell said...

I hardly feel qualified to compare to Jesus leaving heaven to come to earth, but I get your analogy. Love you sis...Hope youre having fun camping.

Dilly Dally said...

Dallas is blogging again!

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