Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quote from Solomon and maybe a new Scofield family tradition

Me- So Sol , since Christmas is supposed to be the time that we remember when Jesus came to earth as a baby that would mean it is Jesus birthday on Christmas . We should get Him a birthday present. What would you give Him?
Sol- Mom, Jesus doesn't have a birthday. He is too old.(Me thinks he is a bible scholar and knows that Jesus has been here since the begining)
Me- Yes, well this is the time of year we remember that He came here on earth for real as a baby and so it would be His birthday. What should we give Jesus for His birthday?
Me- Do you need to think about it?
Sol- Yeah, give me a minute
Me-(10 minutes later I had forgotten that he was still taking time to think about it)
Sol- I got it mom, I got it!!
Me- What?
Sol- We should buy Him a balloon and draw on the balloon that we love Him and then let it go up to the sky.
Me- (Trying not to cry cause that was just so cute) Great idea Sol. I think He would like that.


Jen Pell said...

awe, thats great. itás a special token of rememberance. Love those Scofield children.

Anonymous said...

Awwww... Why is it that your kids and Shontell's kids have the cutest ideas EVER?

noel said...

because jeni our children are genuis a direct gene passed on from thier parents.

Anonymous said...

Did they inherit your humility, too? He he he!

slogoin' vws said...

and so...did you give the gift?

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