Monday, October 19, 2009

7 Days

To Do List:

Finish packing closet
Finish packing shoes
Pack underneath sinks in the house
Move as many boxes out to the garage as possible
Call Lockes about table


Drop off at Savers
Put some stuff on CraigsList
Paper due tomorrow
Get ahead on quizzes for the move
Store run for plastic tubs


Make Appointment for Bella to get stitches out and cone head off :)
Take Bella to said appointment
Get medical records from Dr. Zucker's office, find out if he knows a pediatrician as amazing as he is in WA
Get thank you cards/gifts for kids teachers
Transfer wireless internet to WA so it's there for online classes when I arrive


Finish packing kitchen
Use and eat as much food as possible
Shut off Electricity, Garbage, Water, Internet, and box up cable stuff
Reserve U Haul Truck
Call Gores


Pack up pantry
Pack up Fridge
Pack up Lamps we are still using
Pack up Toiletries and Towels still using
Pack up Jackets, Sweaters, Hats, Scarfs- still using

Travel bags for 6 people
Clean and make ready the Fordster
Figure out what my kids are going to dress up like for Halloween and get costumes
Maintain a sense of normalcy and composure so as not to frighten the children with my holiday costume this year;
Frantic Mom moving 700 miles away from the only home she has ever known

Whoops, I forgot to BREATHE in there somewhere I just know it!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


* So I am pretty sure when your dog attacks another persons dog causing $500 worth of damages the proper response would be to apologize profusely and offer to pay for any damages.
Apparently my dog attackers owners didn't get that memo. They just cussed me out for the second time just because I asked if they removed the dog yet. If my children were not there within ear shot... I would have had some choice words for them as well.

* Also don't you think if a dog has only been living in a neighborhood for a month and there have already been two attacks that should be enough for Animal Control to step in and stop this vicious animal. Again, apparently Animal Control didn't get that memo either.

* One more final thought on the matter. Do you think the solution to this monster of a dog is to place it in a home with little children running all over and then just hope and pray for the best? Well.... that would be what these women think is the solution to this scenario.
What is the saying; "The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top on that one" yep, that would be appropriate in regards to these idiots who are placing there whole family in danger for the sake of a four legged monster of a dog!!

The icing on the cake to this scenario is that I get to see these lovely women/dog owners every school day until I move because our children go to the same school.
Needless to say, this is now one reason I am happy I am moving!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Reality 3 weeks from D-day!!

The hugs are a little bit longer now.
The times are a little more special.
My living room looks a little barren.
My heart is exploding with emotions.
The strange sensation to apologize has taken a hold of me.
The thought that I have made the wrong decision has reared it's ugly head.
My hopes are that I didn't.
My days are becoming very dream like.
The mountains that surround this area suddenly look so beautiful.
The time is getting short.
My eyes have taken to tearing up all day long for random reasons.
My soul still knows peace that surpasses all understanding.
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