Friday, July 12, 2019

She Walks In Grace

I've been reading a lot of poetry lately, and it has inspired me to write again.
For so long I haven't had much to say, but reading others inspirations has given me some of my own.
I hesitate to admit that I wrote this poem in almost a plagiaristic way from the poem written by George Gordon, Lord Byron - "She walks in beauty"
I suppose if you read the poem(which you should) you will see I only stole the first few words, "She walks" because they inspired me to think about the way I want to be noticed for how I walk out this life. 
So here is to my everlasting love of words and to poetry. 
I hope you enjoy ….
She walks in Grace
She kneels in Solitude
She waits in Hope
She listens actively
She works with Encouragement
She sows in Peace
She loves with Passion
She fights for Justice
She grows in creativity 
She shapes with words
She plays while dancing
She parents humbly
She sings with joy
She plants in the future
She praises in reverence 
She partners eternally. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Music Changes Everything

(PC-Daniel Piker)

There is something so amazing to me about music and how it changes the atmosphere.
I'm sitting here listening to Billie Holiday, typing these words and feeling that all is right in the world, simply because she is serenading me while I blog about music in my life.   

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato
I woke up this morning thinking about how grateful I am for the power of music, and how it has built and shaped me.

I grew up in a very musical household.

My dad was a DJ for close to 30 years of his early career. My favorite stories are those recollections of when he met several famous people up in Lake Tahoe from interviewing them over the years. His record collection is beyond amazing because of the years in the music industry.

There was ALWAYS music on in the Pellant house, and often times he would have us kids come to work with him and do commercial spots or just chill there with him while he spun his discs round and round.
Because of his love for music and artists, I soon became a big jazz music fan.
My dad comes alive when jazz music is playing in the background. 
As a young girl I remember thinking how happy it made me to see him tapping his foot or bobbing his head to the tunes from Louie, Ella, or Billie.

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” ― Leopold Stokowski

My mom comes from a musically talented family that to this day just amazes me. I remember her parents, my grandparents, singing and playing the organ and accordion all the time. There was always a show happening in the LeSage home. 
My LeSage grandparents wrote songs together that thanks to my Uncle Gene we still have recorded and can now treasure for years to come.

My mom used to be in a band with her 3 brothers and would tell stories of singing in front of people even though she was incredibly shy.
My Uncle Gene can sing in a tone that you would swear Elvis is Still in the building, and my Uncle Jimmy... well he's without a doubt a musical genius.

You can sing just about any tune to my Uncle Jimmy and even if he has never heard a lick of the song before in his life, his fingers get to working on the piano, and they get going so effortlessly that you would think in a matter of minutes he not only has played the song before, but that maybe he should have written and composed it himself because he will add licks and sounds that make it sound even better than the original !
In all of my life I have never met a more talented musician than my Uncle Gene and Uncle Jimmy.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” ―Albert Einstein 

With all this talent and appreciation for music is it any wonder that young Noël found herself singing to her moms records of Karen Carpenter's songs for hours and hours just to sound like one of her mom's favorite singers?
Early on it was evident that I loved to sing.

Fun fact for ya- I took 7 years of voice lessons from Mr. Peebles in Carson City, and soon started to have solos and parts in musicals that still to this day I look back on in awe that I was able to do that. 
I can carry a tune without a doubt, but performing was not my jam.
Like my mom, I was terribly shy and often times when I would stand in front of an audience I would look out from the stage and think ... 
"What the HELL am I doing up here?"

Needless to say, that extreme shy quality was indeed a hinderance in further pursuing a life of music and performing.
Thankfully, in my early teen years I came to know the lover of my soul and singing to him ... well that's a different story. 

 “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” ― Frank Zappa

Fast forward to present day, where I received one of the most amazing gifts a momma can receive ... a song from my oldest about lil ole me. 

What a gift!!
I was a weepy hot mess of course after listening to the words, and the sound of her voice singing of days gone by.
I look everyday for new songs created by my oldest daughter who lives in Seattle now. I search high and low on all her social media outlets, just longing for the sound of her voice. I wonder how in the world did this come to be, that she isn't afraid of the audience. 
She is so brave in her pursuit for authentic songs that tell her story.
My son Solomon has now taken on the hobby of making music on his computer and although he is very private and shy about his musical talent much like his momma, when he does share one of his creations I jump up and down on the inside with giddy school girl excitement.
My son Isaiah plays the saxophone and piano and has a gorgeous manly man voice that truly astounds me. 
And even Chloe who doesn't like to be recognized for her musical talent can truly carry a tune with all the rest of us and has such a beautiful voice as well.  

I can hardly believe that my DNA produced 4 kids who have this appreciation for music,and more talent musically than I have in my pinky finger. I hope and pray the musical gene continues to go on for generations to come. 

I suppose this blog is a bit indulgent, and there really isn't a moral to this story except to say, 
That music truly does change everything!

So don't deprive yourself any longer...  

"Girl(or boy)put your records on" 

Sing and dance and let the soul have a reprieve from it all.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Years Word 2019

At the beginning of every year I pray for a word that will bring me back to a theme if you will, for all of the new, fresh days ahead. 

This will be the 8th year of "New Year Words"  for me, and it's hard to believe that over these past years of words that center me all year, how truly prophetic they have become. 

In years past, the word usually has been something brewing in my heart for some time, and some years the word comes out of no where.
This year the words I kept thinking about started with RE-
And finally I came upon the word that encompasses them all 


When I looked up the definition of this word which is the first thing I do when I'm given my new years word, it had this phrase;

"To BREATHE new life into"

Last year my word was BREATHE and true to form this word served me oh so well.

There were so many moments in 2018 that like a mantra I would tell myself to just "breathe" when life tried to take my breathe away.
I'm sad to see this word go because like I've said before these words become like a friend to me over the course of 365 days.
Still, it is time to move forward and take what I can from the moments that my breathe and the Holy Spirit that is breathe, centered me last year.

I walk into 2019 knowing that there are some things in my life that I need to "Breathe new life into" I think about what needs to be rejuvenated in my heart so it doesn't begin to harden.

My grandmother used to say, 
"If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart."
Of course to truly repeat these words as she would say them so often, it must be said with an east coast accent with emphasis on HEART.

One of the main areas of my heart that I want some rejuvenation to appear is that of my walk with God.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as I look to him to rejuvenate my dreams, my hopes, my health, and so many other areas of my life he will be faithful.
For far too long I have walked in worry and anxiety
when peace and serenity are what he offers me.
I've walked in doubt and fear when
faith and hope are what he freely gives.

I've walked this path of faith and salvation for many years now, but there are times in this faith walk when my step has been either a tad bit behind or ahead of him. 
My hearts cry today is that I will once again hold his hand in faith and trust what he has for me. 
That the areas of my heart and my life will be once again rejuvenated by his presence and love. 
I desperately want a steadfast spirit in the days ahead.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from Your presence And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit."
   Psalm 51:10-12

Today, I'm sitting here on this Sunny Sunday morning here in Reno Nevada and my heart is filled with so much joy.
Because although, I'm not always in step with him in an instant that all can change. 
There is joy once again.
Joy that doesn't pass away with the cruel, harsh winds of life.
Joy that is the underlying current of my heart.
Joy that isn't affected by how much is in my bank account or my closet.
Joy that doesn't leave me even though two of my four are no longer under my roof. 
Joy from knowing my source of rejuvenation will never leave me or forsake me.
Joy in my salvation.

I want my heart to stay full of love and all the fruits that come by way of hanging out with the lover of my soul.
"Surprise us with love at daybreak; 
then we'll skip and dance all the day long... 
Let you servants see what you're best at-
the ways you rule and bless your children.
And let the loveliness of our Lord, our God, rest on us, 
confirming the work that we do. 
Oh, YES.
Affirm the work that we do!"
Psalm 90:14-17

So cheers to this new year and this new word.
 Let there be rejuvenation of all the areas in life that would otherwise lie dormant and become stale.
Here's to new beginnings and getting in step with my creator once again.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

To Letting Go

Well, beloved reader it's official we are a two kid household. 

With one daughter still in Seattle, and one now in New York, I came home and told my boys that we could be the 4 corner family if when they graduate High School, one goes to LA and the other to Florida. 

Our youngest son Isaiah's response to that was, "Oh God... I hope not!!" 
His sentimental baby heart still wishes we all lived together as one big happy family on a piece of property with all his Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. 

He's a young man-child after my own heart.

As much as I wish, like Isaiah that we could always all stay together, I knew the day would come when our monoscofab4  would all go their own separate ways.

We are half way thru that door right now, with one foot in the door of having let go, and one in the world of high school teenage boys. 
I find myself peeking in on my boys a tad bit more(with loud knocks on the door of course, cause ya know there are just some things you can't un-see) and hugging them a little longer.
 I have to say, that despite the emotional tug on my momma heart strings from time to time, and the obnoxious amount of text messages that I leave for my girls to Face Time me, overall I have me some of that biblical peace that "surpasses my own understanding" going on right now.
It is strange to me that I am able to be at peace with these major changes in our little family unit?
For many years when they were little just the thought of this time would take my breath away, and not in a good way. 
Now, here I sit and type these words about letting go, and it feels exciting, peaceful, and as it should be in a very good way.

It comes back to this... 
There have been moments all throughout my faith based life where I have had to let go of what I think is the best possible outcome, and trust my creator for what will be. 

I suppose, that is in fact what faith is. 

"Now faith is the assurance of what we hope and the conviction of things not seen." 

I'm sitting here processing, and writing today listening to my friend Chris Heifners song, To Letting Go on Spotify and I'm in awe of what I'm feeling.

My mom always said, THE hardest part of parenting is the "Letting Go" stage, and although it is no walk in the park, it is strangely like the beginning stages of their lives.  It reminds me of when I would be standing over them sleeping peacefully in their bassinet watching to make sure they were breathing, and a still small voice would say, let go and trust me. 
I made that choice early on that I wouldn't be the helicopter parent that never trusts their child to do ANYTHING on their own. 
 I chose to trust that the creator of the universe, the one that gave these precious lives to us is once again the ONLY one who will sustain their life.  
It was a choice in my heart to trust our creator that He will always go with them wherever they go, and to the places that I couldn't. 

A choice to pray, instead of worry.

Like on the first day of school when they all got out of the car, I would pray God go with them, help them to be a light that shines, and protect them from what I cannot. 
I hold every so tightly to prophetic words spoken over them that they would be fearless because of this faith and trust.
I trust the process, trust the hand, trust that their roots go deep, and that those little baby trees that are now growing so strong and vibrant won't get knocked over by the winds of change and this crazy life. 
I trust that they are each other's best friends and will come back to each other time and time again when they need to drink from the abundant well of family love and support.

"To trust .... is to know you.... it is like standing on the edge and tasting love and life, such a sacrifice from this world and all it's ways." chris heifer-letting go

I didn't think it would happen as fast as all the mommas who went before me said it was gonna go, but if I've learned anything at all these almost 21 years of parenting it's to listen to those mommas that have gone before me.

They now all tell me, "don't worry they will be back!"
I believe those wise momma's, and now I would like to add to what they've said on my own momma merit, and say
  to young parents reading this, it goes even FASTER than they say!!

That's not to say that I don't feel your pain young parents.
I remember so well, when you are in the throws of temper tantrums, dirty diapers, sleepless nights and zombie like days where only 10 cups of coffee give you somewhat of a pulse!

Those days are so long that they sometimes run into the next 24 hrs. and feel like they go on for an eternity, BUT trust me when I say... it goes FASTER.

The days are long, the years are short, and the decades even shorter. 

I'm confident with an assurance that I know is divine that both my girls are exactly where they need to be in life right now, and I'm beyond grateful for their lives, and for their Face Time phone calls home. They are both truly, my "built in besties" and some of the most inspiring young women on planet earth. Truly... they astound me. 

I'm confident that the next 3 years with my teenage boys will go even faster than the years did with their sisters, because that's just how this train gets going. 
It gains momentum with each passing station in life. These young men that still live under my roof and that I can still cherish the sounds of laughter with their buddies in the other room, are truly some stellar fellars , that I feel honored to know. I'm looking forward to these years where I'm outnumbered as the only female in the house.

I'm also confident that when Moses and I are back to where we started with just the two of us(we can make it if we try... sing it you know you want to) we will hold each others hands, hop in that VW bus and visit those 4 corners if that's where the road leads us. 

Here's to letting go and moving forward!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Questions, Comments, and Prayers (that keep me up at night)

These are the questions and some of my internal commentary that wakes me up at 2am after I have worked my body to the point of utter exhaustion and there is no other reason to be awake at 2am other than my brain just won't shut off. 

-Does a full moon really keep one awake?
 There is one out tonight, and sometimes I have to wonder is this a legitimate thing?
Am I a werewolf and maybe is this how the legends of werewolves started?
I'm certainly hairy enough to be a werewolf now that I've let my Fall/Winter legs go.
God bless Moses for loving me and my Hairy Werewolf legs! 
Why is my husband never bothered by my unshaven or shaven body parts?
Why am I thinking about hairy body parts?

Is it really wrong to eat pizza at 2am... well now it's 4am is this an ok time to eat?
Shouldn't one eat whenever they feel hunger?
Why is my body hungry at 2am?
Oh, yea that's right because I only ate 1 piece of pizza at our somewhat normal dinner time tonight that was around 8p, and before that I only ate half of a baked potato that the students of McQueen baked and my "other" dad Vinnie shared with me.
Man, how I love Vinnie Oakes.
Is he sleeping right now I wonder?
I know my own dad isn't sleeping right now. 
I would call him only I don't want to wake the rest of house, and ....also he never answers his phone anyways.
I love how my dad calls me all hours of the day and sometimes several times a day and leaves THE funniest voicemail messages that I save.
Should I be saving all these messages?
Is that why my phone is acting so Janky?
Nah, it's probably the pictures that I still haven't downloaded onto my computer here at home from LAST Christmas. 
I love my dad. 
I love all good dads.
I'm gonna miss the dads in my life when I no longer get their messages or their emails (Vinnie's emails)
that I save. 
Is my Uncle Bob going to be ok?
God please let him be ok. 
God please let him be more that ok. 
God please give us all more time with Uncle Bob. 
I love my Uncle Bob. 
I love all my Uncles. 
I'm so grateful for the good men in my life. 

Will I be able to ride this next wave of life?
I love waves.
I love to look at waves and have never ONCE tried to actually physically ride a wave.
Is this because I'm not brave, or because I know my body and it's limits all too well?
I'm seriously one of THE most uncoordinated humans on planet earth. 
I can't believe I've never rode a wave.
Maybe it's because I'm a native Nevadan desert girl and the only waves around here that  I could catch are in Lake Tahoe?
Nah, cause I've also never skied. 
Is that how you spell Ski'd ?
No... skied spells the sky but... wait how come my friend spell check isn't helping me out here?
Maybe my friend Spell Checky is sleeping right now?
Good for you S. Checky! 
Oh I see a red dotted line up there under Checky .... hmmm so YOU ARE AWAKE too Checky? 
Well, now I'm talking to the computer ... evidence that one should be sleeping right now.
I might delete this blog in the morning, but who really reads blogs anymore anyways?

I miss my friend Allie.
I will try to call her tomorrow cause I still can.
I miss my friend Christeeny... something fierce. 
I can't call her tomorrow and tell her how fun it was to spend the weekend with so many elderly crafter people that truly amaze me.
I wonder what you're up to right now Christene. 
I feel you with me.
I know you're still with me. 
I hope you are hanging with the best of the best in Heaven and that unlike the Netflix show The Good Place you get to cuss up there.
"Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls!" is pretty damn fun to say though. 
I embroidered that quote from that show and I know it's one that would make you laugh.
It made ALOT of people laugh this weekend, and that made me smile. 
That is a successful embroidered creation in my book. 
There are so many quotes I want to still embroider in this life, but that is one that has already truly become a favorite.
Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls it's Late... or actually now it's early!

This is a terrible pic, but it's the only one I have on my phone ... this is what happens when you take a late night photo and text it to your friends... you cut off the "G" in Forking!
Ah well ... who cares I'm gonna add it to this rant cause it makes me happy to see it again. 
I should probably try to get a few more hours of shut eye before I get up and take the boys to school, but before I do I just want to say that although my head is fuzzy from sleep deprivation, my heart is full. 
And, once again my favorite fall movie You've Got Mail needs to be quoted here, 

"I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. 
So goodnight, dear void"

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Time Keeps on Slippin Slippin ... (sing it with me)

I'm learning slowly, but surely to embrace the roller coaster of life. 
Every time I think I'm ok with the roller coaster of it all something comes along to jolt me back up the massive hill of life that inevitably turns into the massive drop on a roller coaster that makes me lose my stomach mid air.
I tell myself to just hang on and "breathe" deep and this helps sometimes when I'm headed up the hill and I know what's on the other side. 
Often times though there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that can prepare you for that drop.
So, somewhere along the way I changed my perspective about it all and decided to embrace the up hill climb as well as the inevitable, stomach loosing drop off. 

I used to fight change like it was a nasty wasp that was after my tasty meat on a beautiful picnic day.
Arms flailing and a high pitched voice screaming at the damn thing to go away... such a sight to behold those who are afraid of a little bumble bee.
And, WHY pray-tell do they want my meat ?

However, somewhere along the way my fear of change, my fight song toward this pesky little thing that just keeps coming at ya,  changed.
I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that the older you get, you realize it's just not worth the energy anymore to fight the inevitable. 

This here bloggy poo used to be the place where I could come and process all the changes and get the  relentless worry out of my head and onto the screen.
When I logged on today it shocked me to realize that
I haven't been here, in this place to write and share for 5 months.
5 months people... that's almost a fully baked little human time!!

It seems so strange to me how fast time can fly by, and the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and suddenly a whole year has gone by.


The Steve Miller band was right... TIME truly does keep on slippin slippin into the future. 
And where we spend our time and energy is that much more valuable when we get older, because let's face it... we know the clock is ticking.

I guess in retrospect 5 months between a blog post isn't SO long, but I remember the day that I was on here writing all the time. 
The silence this time though,  I think is because my process to unpack things in this life may have changed some.

It used to be that my time with the outside world was limited, being that I was a stay at home mom with 4 babes, 6 years and under when I started this blog. 
Now, I spend more hours away from home, and when I do finally get home to my nest it is a FREAKING MESS!!

So there's the full time job outside this place, and then the very full time job here in this place when I do get home. 
Outside of that, the screen time I give to my eyes is more than I care to admit with my tiny little computer called an I Phone. 
Changes in processing life and just sheer exhaustion combined with how fast time is flying by, is truly what has kept me away from you beloved reader. 
The older I get the faster the time is flying by. 

Am I alone in this warped speed of roller coaster life?

I'm also trying very hard to "keep it simple" and stay in the present moment. 
This came about after a very wise older grandma told me that how you slow time down is by staying in the present moment. 
She looked me square in the eye and said with such piercing conviction, that if I wanted time to slow down I had the power to do so, by staying in the moment. She may as well have said to me, 

She was serious.
She was convincing.
And I listened. 

In an attempt to stay in the moment I limited my screen time and therefore this here blog collected some dust. 

Never fear though, I haven't fully given up on the bloggy poo processing, but I have rethought about what I really want it to be for me now.

What has never changed though is my love to write and place words together. 

It brings me great joy to write. 
I have been writing in my old school paper journal in an attempt to simplify, but I do so love to hear the sound of 'clickety clak clickety clak 'while I type away and the thoughts in my head appear here on this screen. 
I will never stop processing out loud either because I find value in community, and I know that the blog world, be it ever so strange is in fact a community.
The impact of how other's online journals in the form of a blog have tremendously helped me in my journey is what keeps drawing me back here. 

There is so very much that I can and you can be spending your time on yet, you come over here to check on lil-ole' me and it blesses me beyond measure to know that you are here. 
I know you are processing right along side me, and I know that like me you should be doing a long list of other things, but the value for online community runs deep within your soul as well. 

In an attempt to update those of you who still check in over here I will give you the bullet points of changes that have occurred over these past 5 months that I haven't been processing out loud.

Moses went back to construction and I am back at teaching the little people of the world.
We both returned to jobs and trades that for most of our lives we have come to know and love and hopefully make a difference there. 
Moses still dreams of building his own kingdom someday instead of everyone else's, and I still dream of writing children's books. 
These dreams will become a reality I have no doubt of that... but in the meantime it's been really fun to watch our Fab 4's dreams come true. 
Our oldest daughter Emma is still living up in Seattle in that tiny little cabin in the woods that we called home for 4 years. From the moment we moved back to Reno she couldn't wait to get back up to the PNW where she feels her heart is home. She's adult-ing hardcore and I couldn't be more proud of her. 
Our second oldest daughter graduated high school in June and applied to her dream school that just happens to be in New York. 
She got in ... and if all goes as planned she will soar out of here and to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

So come January, we will have one daughter in Seattle and one in New York.

Whose idea was it to raise independent children who grow up and turn into  happy and healthy humans ready to take on the world with out dear ole' mom and dad by their side?

Our oldest son Solomon just started his first upper classman year of High School and is really enjoying learning to speak German for the second year. 
Our youngest child Isaiah graduated Jr. High and is now a Freshman in High School.
My sister Jenny and her hubs James have adopted my new lil Nevaeh Bear niece and our big clan is all the more joyful.
My brother Greg and wife Tanya will add another wee one in December to this over the top with JOY big clan. 
One of my besties turned 40 and got preggers with her fourth baby on the way in September.

And it's been over a year since one of my beloved sisters Christine has not walked this planet. 
I miss her hugs most of all. 

There it is beloved reader... my 5 months in a nutshell (help I'm in a nutshell and I can't get out!)

Life is a wild ride. 
I'm working hard to keep it simple, breathe deep, and process out loud in the hopes that it will help myself and others. 
Peace out... I'm off now to "Fly like an Eagle and let my Spirit carry me" or something like that.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Anchor Deep

I've been quiet on here, as I let the steam room of my soul build up again to share with you beloved reader.

I started reading Max Lucado's Six Hours One Friday on Palm Sunday.

This book is one of my all time favorites that I often pick up again the week before Easter Sunday.
It's the perfect book for my soul as I remember that some 2000 years ago, "three spikes and a wooden beam gave hope to humanity."

This time, while reading I was struck by the simplicity of the beginning of this book where a young Max describes a storm in Florida that he and some friends tried desperately to save his boat from a hurricane headed their way.  Their attempts would have been futile had it not been for the advice from an older sailor who told them not to tie the boat to land, or trees, or themselves(LOL)! He warned that these things would surely blow away, but instead to "ANCHOR DEEP" for this would be their only hope to save the tiny boat.

It made me remember with profound gratitude the Anchor I have had for some 30 years now. 

With gratitude and pen and paper....

I wrote this in my journal;

Remembering 30 years ago when for the first time YOU became real to me. 
You took on flesh and bone as the shape of A SAVIOR became MY SAVIOR. 
I was SO young I didn't even know then what exactly I was being saved from, but I know now. 
The heartache and despair that would've otherwise been my life is now my song of praise.

As I myself in seasons of doubt have turned to vices and idols that brought temporary comfort,
I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt YOU and YOU alone, are where I anchor deep.
And even as I have seen others be taken out by the weeds of this world, still I look to YOU for the hope of a new day.

This story also reminded me of one of my grandmothers favorite children's songs;

Row row row your boat
gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily 
Life is BUT a dream

There isn't a storm of catastrophe headed my way, but rather of change.
Good and healthy changes are headed my way.
Still, big changes for this sentimental heart, whether good or bad are hard for me.
As I prepare to head into a very busy season of getting our second daughter Chloe graduated, I'm grateful for the reminder to Anchor Deep in the source of my hope and peace. 

Chloe will turn 18, on May 16th, and her older sister Emma will turn 20 on May 28th. 
Chloe flies out this week to visit her sister Emma who now lives back in Seattle, and so our family of 6 will only be 4 on Easter Sunday. 
For the first time in all these years we won't be together on this day that is very much about faith and family. 
I'm reminded once again, that as our family grows; healthy, strong, and independent of us, that despite the fact that our landscape will change our Anchor will hold us tightly together for all eternity. 

Oh beloved reader, how grateful I am for reminders of hope and encouragement as the seasons of life change. 
My sentimental heart needed these reminders this week, and maybe if your reading this yours might need the reminder too.

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