Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Summer

Hello There Beloved Reader-
So the summer is almost over. 
Boo hoo hoo!!
For us it ended several weeks ago(read post below)

I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you a few things I have learned this summer.
Who knows, maybe you will learn something too.
Lessons I've learned this Summer; 
1.  When your daughter asks you to be on a certain show and you say "NO!! not until your 18 ...
Unless by some strange, crazy, weird, random, freak,  chance they come to Reno, NV. "
 You better be prepared for the aftermath. 
Lesson- Be careful what you say UNLESS to

2. Remember when you bought that one Elvis record just because you thought you should at least have one of his records in your collection? Be prepared to have a FULL BLOWN Elvis fan on your hands.
My baby Isaiah who is now no longer a baby but hit double digits this summer is a full blown Elvis fan now because of one record he put on last Fall while waiting for the bus to come.

Lesson- Be careful what records you have lying around collecting dust

3. When you travel 700+ miles with your Fab4 kids and no Giant to help carry the weight of travel, know that it will feel like a long two weeks, but when you are all back together again you will wish you didn't rush the memories because you weren't all together. Sometimes its so hard for me to enjoy life in whatever way, shape or form it comes at me. 
Lesson- Enjoy life now don't wait for the perfect moments they may never come.

4. When in  this life you have trials and laughter, you will have extreme moments of sadness and ecstatic moments of joy, don't ever forget you are NOT ALONE. In all of these moments when you have a friend by your side who makes you laugh so hard you can't even see your eyes because your smile is SO big... hold on tight to that friend, and don't be afraid to lean on them.

Lesson- YOU are NOT Alone!!

5. Moving is never easy. Change is never easy. Life isn't easy. Some questions in this life will never be answered. I wished with all my heart that I could have lived in that lil cabin in the woods forever. I really did love every square inch... that's only 800 people. 
Sure, having only 1 bathroom for 6 people, then 7, then 8, then 12 was NOT easy but now when I look back on that time there is fond memory that will forever hold that place in my heart. 
But going back made me realize home truly is where your heart is. 

And my heart is no longer there. 

Lesson- Don't wish your life away

I think that's all I've got for now. 
I hope everyone enjoys this last weekend of summer. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wait Wha?

I found myself asking that question,
"Wait Wha?"

Followed by,
"School starts August 11th ?" 

And then followed by a rebellious,

"Oh Hell No!!" 

Put your seat belt on you are in for a wild ride rant, by yours truly.
Starting school in August is just wrong!!
It's wrong on so many levels, but the first of which I will say is the weather is too damn HOT for any student, or teacher for that matter to even focus let alone learn!
Can I get a witness?
Also, August does not go well with my Apple theme that I like to pull out once September rolls around. 
August is NOT apple season and so therefore school should not start in August.
I'm not sure the Washoe County school district really cares about holiday/monthly decor but dammit that should. 

And one more final thought I will leave you with before I stop this rant is that I feel like I have been robbed when school starts back up in August.
Robbed of summer memories.
Robbed of Island time.
Robbed of family time.
Ok, I believe I'm done with my rant you can take your seat belt off now, 
or not 
if you feel safer that way.

Does anyone else have thoughts on starting school in August?

What's your rant been about lately?
I've heard several rants about the whole Ice Bucket challenge.
I was challenged twice.
I chose to decline. 
But, that's a rant for another day.




Saturday, July 19, 2014

Epic Photo Bomb

Today is one of those days that I want to write about everything and nothing at all,  all at the same time.

That's not an easy topic folks.
So maybe, instead of trying to solve all the worlds problems, and tie it up pretty with a bow here on the bloggy poo, I think I will just share this... 

with a capital E




Brought to you by yours truly from my niece Savanah's, Super Hero Themed , 7th birthday party.
We were trying to capture the fact that everyone had on a super hero item of clothing.

Even Grandma and Grandpa Pellant were in full attire.
Aren't they just the raddest super hero's ever?
They are without a doubt my hero's!!
Man I love those two!

Well, there we all were gathered for the perfect photo opt and out of nowhere ...

Was it a bird?

Was it a plane?

No it's a Flying Zed Head!!!

Just in case you didn't catch it the first time here's another one. I tried to be upset, but I gotta say it was pretty damn hard to be ruffled by this silly kid! 

Here's what the above photo should've looked like. 
Such a great day celebrating my favorite 7 year old on the planet, Savanah !

Can you see why she's my favorite?

Oh but wait...
The fun photo's don't stop there from this day.
There was this one celebrity there his initials J.T.P

He's so cool

He's so hipster

He's Batman Jeremiah

What a Stud my bro is!!
I'm so glad he decided to grace us with his presence that day.
It's hard to catch a sighting of this Batman Jeremiah.
He's my favorite 22 year old.
Can you see why?

And since these photos have brought me so much joy I think I will end this blog with a quote about joy.
It's gonna be a real simple quote.
One I think you may have seen before.

"Don't you think daises are the friendliest flower."
Meg Ryan- You've Got Mail

Ok maybe two quotes ;)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Traveling Well

Hello There Beloved Reader

Please give me a minute while I dust off the cobwebs from this here bloggy poo. 
We hit the ground running as the school year wrapped up for my Fab 4. There was the usual end of the school year fanfare with graduations, concerts, award ceremonies, birthday parties etc...blah blah blah

And then it was time for the long awaited trip to the PNW.
This trip was like the trophy after a long tiring marathon that my Fab 4 earned this year as they transitioned from living in Redmond, Washington to Reno, Nevada.

We all couldn't wait to see sights like this...

The above photograph was taken at Cannon Beach where the classic 80's movie The Goonies was filmed.

So we of course had to take our own Goonies epic photograph.

Aren't my Goonies, I mean my Fab 4 so cute?

I read this quote shortly after we arrived home from our trip, it says;

"It is better to travel well, than to arrive."

It resonates with me because often times I can just be all about getting somewhere instead of just enjoying the ride.
As any parent I'm sure can attest, you really do just want to get there sometimes when you've been stuck in a car for umpteen hours with kids.
But, when we arrived here, my friend who lives in Astoria Oregon said to me, 
"Don't Rush!" 
Her comment stopped my vacation pace in it's fast paced tracks, and I thought to myself... yea Don't Rush man, Er... Yer on Vacation Dammit !!

Breathe deep this view.

That is one, of the many things I appreciate about driving old VW's, is that they cause you to slow down and enjoy the view.

And what a great view I have.

My view on this trip was not only filled with beautiful scenery that the PNW always provides, but it was overflowing with the people that make any and all places on this earth worth the trip.
Cousin Alison, Cousin Jeananne and the whole Pellant crew,Vita, Tia Andre, Promise, Samantha, Niki, Jentry and her girls, Uncle John, Amoure and Kalie, Tasha, Papa Russ, Gramma B, and Great Gramma... that means YOU!!

From my oldest to my youngest...

To my middles in between ...

There was nothing but breath taking views on this trip.

We had a wonderful time in Portland, Astoria, and Medford Oregon, and then of course our old hometown of Redmond Washington and Seattle. 
It was SO great to see family and friends and how life has changed over the course of this year in the PNW.
There were memories made that I will treasure and I know my Fab 4 will too, as we head back into the busy months of the school year.

And I can't say thank you enough to all who made this trip so special; Cousin Alison, Cousin Jeananne and the whole Pellant crew,Vita, Tia Andre, Promise, Samantha, Niki, Jentry and her girls, Uncle John, Amoure and Kalie, Tasha, Papa Russ, Gramma B, and Great Gramma.

We love you all so much. 
You made the PNW view that much grander. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Coming To A Close

Hello There Beloved Reader.
As we are wrapping up the school year over here I'm doing that thing that I do when I get all sentimental and stuff.

Are there anymore participants that would like to join me on this little journey down sentimental lane?
O.k. grab a box of kleenex and let's go!

When we began the school year this year my Fab 4 were the "new kids" as we had just moved back from Seattle WA, to Reno NV.
We started the year with one in H.S. two in Middle School and one in Elementary school.
That's three schools full of strangers.
And just so we are clear, 
 that's three drop offs and three pick ups

The first few days of school in August were quite emotional for them all because they headed into the unknown without each other, and without  a single, solitary friend.
Not one single person who knew them.
When we moved to WA almost 5 years ago they were all at the same elementary school. 
I believe with all my heart that was a gift from God.
Emma was in 6th grade, Chloe in 4th, Solomon in 2nd and Isaiah had just started Kindergarten.

I was SO grateful at that time that even though no one else knew them, they had each other.

To be known is a treasure that cannot be overrated.

Coming back here though they were all spread out, and seemingly alone.
I remember the first week, needles to say, there were lots of tears shed as they came home to describe a school environment that was quite different than the one they had known in Washington.
We managed to push through to the sunny side of the street, and they all are stronger for it, but as the momma bear, I'm not gonna lie,  it was hard to watch sometimes.

There were some mornings that I felt just like it did when they let go with their teeny tiny hand and headed off to the big bad world of kindergarten.
You know that moment when you hold your breath and once again trust that this life won't break them?
I relied heavily upon this scripture;

"Fear not for I am with you even to the end of the age."

Even to High School.
Even to Middle School.
Even to the 4th grade.

My two "middles" as I call them, tugged at my heart strings more than any other. 
They were the ones that wanted to stay in Washington.
They were the ones who LOVED where we lived.
They are the ones who are a tad bit more on the introverted side.
They are the ones who shed the most tears that first week.
I can honestly say they are my heroes. 
I can' t even imagine starting middle school as the newbies.

When I read the quote below the other day it made me think of them.

“Courage doesn't always roar.
 Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.” 
Mary Anne Radmacher

For that is exactly what they did. 
They kept getting up day after day and making their way through halls where no one called out there name or greeted them at the door.
I'm beyond proud of them as you can clearly hear in my writing, but more than pride I feel grateful.
They are their own people.
I can't take credit for the behavior that they exhibit or who God created them to be.
So, more than pride I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Gratitude for 
who they have been,
who they will become 
who they are.

Also I'm a tad bit excited and grateful that 
Let the fun summer memories begin.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On Looking Back and Choices I Made

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my greatest contribution to this planet is most assuredly my Fab 4 children.
It was not for me to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company, or to go to Law School,  or to be a Missionary, but rather it was, to be a full time mom to 4 children.
I know some moms are able to do both,  (career and raising a family) I know some single mommas are forced to do both, but for this momma of 4,  both was simply not my choice. 
I'm really grateful that I got the choice. 
I have come to realize so much of life, really all of life is made up of choices we make.
When I was a young person getting ready to go off to college I derailed from the University I had chosen, and where I had been accepted and had scholarships. I made this choice for the sake of saving a buck and decided to go instead to the community college where I lived. 
I don't regret that choice because had I left I wouldn't have ended up with My Giant and then therefore we wouldn't have our 4 children.
Would I recommend to all the up and coming graduates to walk in my foot steps?
There is one moment in time where you get to have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. 
 IF you have been given the opportunity to do something grand, expensive, and far away ...
The time for this in your life might not ever come again, so GO FOR IT!!
If however you choose to take the safe and practical route like I did, know that there is glory in that too.
In this life we make choices, when we aren't honest about those choices we get into a state of being I like to call denial, and although denial is comfy some times, it's not healthy.
So,  may I suggest to just be honest about your choices when looking back.
I remember along the way making a conscience decision to choose my Fab 4 over career and other passions. It wasn't always easy, and still isn't financially, but I'm never going to regret this life choice.
And then something like this quote comes along and confirms your life choice. 
"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do but ...
Andy Stanley
It's hard for me to even begin to imagine "The Kingdom of God" being changed or affected by my life choices, but somehow this quote resonates with me.
This quote gives my life purpose beyond what any paycheck or title could ever do. 
And it makes me think about my Fab 4 and how they have changed me as a person.
They have given me a gift beyond any other earthly token.
The gift of motherhood.
Although it's a messy, sometimes thankless, and certainly penniless job, it's my favorite.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

MoNoSco turns 19 years old

Today I get to celebrate a second birthday.
Well, technically the world calls this day my anniversary, but to me it feels like a second birthday.
It's MoNoSco's birthday today
I am 19 years old with this guy.
We got married June 3, 1995.

I remember when I was a 19 year old girl who got engaged to a 21 year old young man.
I told a young, 21 year old Moses,
"Won't it be SO cool when we have been together longer than we were alive apart from each other?"
And now this year marks that date for me. 
We have been together 20 years.
Married for 19 years.
Known of each other for 22 years.
That's A lotta years.
If you are interested in those years, the beginning years of our LOVE STORY you can read about them here; MoNoSco Love Story
Together our names make up Mo No Sco.
Moses+Noël+Scofield= MoNoSco

That's what he's etching on the wall at the old Genoa Bar.
It's a pretty great name if you ask me. 

It seems only right that our name should be etched in stone at the place we got married 19 years ago.
We didn't get married at that bar, but we were in Genoa NV 19 years ago at this time.

19 years ago on this day I was only 20 years old. 
Now, I sit here as an almost 40 year old woman and I can remember that day like it was yesterday.
I wasn't nervous.
I didn't have cold feet.
I was 100% sure that my commitment, promise, and covenant to Moses was one life choice I would NEVER regret. 
And I can honestly say, that after all these years I am beyond thankful for this beautiful thing called marriage.

We have had SO much fun together traveling along life's highways and byways, and low-ways.
There is still no one else I'd rather spend my day with and as I sit here and think about us and all the years that have gone by it fills my heart to overflowing that I have been lucky in LOVE.
I have been so very fortunate to grow up beside this man named Moses. 
Being married to him has taught me more than I could ever possibly imagine it would have.
And I have yet, to find a way to fully express how much I love him.
Good thing I have the rest of my life to figure out a way to do just that, 
but for now,

I think I still like the way Billy Holiday sang it on our wedding day 

Oh Happy Happy Day MoNoSco!!
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