Friday, July 07, 2006

My Dream Car

My dream car is for sale. Only a mere $14,000 and not too far away.

Someday. Until then I get to keep dreaming.


georgia said...

What year is it?

Jeni said...

I think your dream car is a little more achievable than mine! ;)

Check it out:

noel said...

this one is a 1965, but i would take any 69 and under.

yep, mine is bit on the cheaper, slower side.

shontell said...

i think your dream car is a beauty..but a bit on the small side. ::sigh:: someday we wil ljust be women again, friend. until then we can just keep posting pics of our favorite things lol

noel said...

tis true shontell, i am sure a dream car for right now would be more like a limo or something but ya know, that's why its a dream car.

slogoin' vws said...

she's beautiful! at least it's a realistic dream!

why not just shave the top off the squareback and give it a paintjob!

where were you when we sold our red convertible???

noel said...

i was around i just didn't have the money.

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