Thursday, October 26, 2006

A beautiful Fall day

Today has got to be one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen in Nevada. The explosions of color that are happening on every tree around here is amazing. I drive by these trees so much slower just to take it all in. By next week, the trees will mostly all be barren and empty and the weather will get very, very chilly. Right now though , once again I am amazed by The Creator, and how year after beautiful year He produces such awesome beauty for His kids to enjoy. You couldn't paint these colors even if you tried.
I made a carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting, lit candles that smell like fall, and hung out with some beautiful brand new moms while our babies fell asleep in our laps (probably from our non-stop chatter) the leaves fell off the trees right outside my window and I thought, what a gorgoues fall morning. I couldn't ask for better ingredients in life. Good company, Good food, Good scenery, and a very Good God who knows my name and made explosions in the sky just for me.


JayBird said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I especially like the red leaves.

frad-ster said...

i love the mix of fall colors...the red, the orange, the yellow, and the little bit of lingering green. and all of them have multiple's just amazing!

shontell said...

with my birthday money, I bought fall colored cloth napkins, napkin rings and a great fall orange table cloth to substitue for the red one when it is dirty. Then tonight I served a yummy salad and completely (except for the noodles-sorry Nana, I have too much laundry to roll out noodles and wait for them to dry) homemade chicken noodle soup. Oh my it was delicious! It gave me crazy flashbacks to my childhood when I was the designated pull-the-chicken-off-the-bone-girl. My fingers were burnt for years! lol. I do love the fall.

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