Thursday, May 24, 2012

Winners Announced

Sorry this is a tad bit later than when I said it would be posted. But without further ado...

I want to say a huge thank you to those that participated in this because it really did make my day to come back and read your rain songs. I put them on a note on my phone to make a new playlist on my ipod. I will think of you when I listen to it :)

And now the winner from the giveaway for the Rain Song... drum roll please...

Miss Natalie Rose from RoseSheGoes.

One of the best blogs on the block.

She gets this pretty gem

From MibbiDesign.

One of the cutest Etsy stores on the block.

My 100th member you can find here; Puzzle Me Complete.

Go check out her spot and say hello.

She gets to pick out something here.

Something that looks like this

And because I really just am a giver today I feel like giving something to this new reader/ friend EverythingIAm.

She gets one of these

From this other great local Washingtonian Etsy storeBcharmer.

OH HAPPY DAY! It's a giveaway day!

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