Monday, May 28, 2012

My Secret Love Affair

I have a secret love affair with Value Village.

To protect the innocent, and because I am just such a silly girl, we will call him VV from here on out.

VV and I have been dating since I moved here almost 3 years ago.

VV beckons to me through out the week.

He says...

"Come see what my half price color is today."

I seriously get giddy, like pee my pants giddy, (Ok maybe not that giddy) when I find the half price color, AND it's actually something I want. It's an addiction people. I might need an intervention, but moving on...

He calls out...

"Come use that $3.00 off coupon that you got for dropping off clothes because you were trying to simplify."

Does anyone else out there have a thrift store that beckons to them through out the week? No, I'm the only one. Huh... you all are missing out. VV is a might fine lover boy!

He sings to me...

"Come use up that 30% off stamp card that you filled only because you spent 5 dollars for every stamp."

Can't you hear the song? Hey VV can SANG let me tell ya!

He makes promises...

"You never know the treasures that might be here waiting for you, I promise not to disappoint you."

Sigh... VV you are so hard to say NO to.

Especially when it's a Memorial Day sale and everything is half off.

So are you wondering what I bought yesterday at the Memorial day sale?
Well, I will tell you.

I scored some new records.

Normally the records are a buck. A BUCK people. But yesterday everything was half off so, yep I got Huey Lewis and The News for a mere .50cents. Can you say, good times?!!

And then I wandered over to where I picked up some buttons, yarn, and crochet needles all for like $2.oo. I love filling up my sewing basket with new buttons and odds and ends all for under a dollar. And yes I did get my sewing basket that is so bad ass from VV.

I feel that sewing basket is so bad ass it deserves a blog post all it's own. Don't you agree?
Can you believe how much VV loves me to give me such a bad ass gift?
Sometimes, I just like saying bad ass. Don't be offended. I still love Jesus.

Well, and while I wasn't looking for any hair accessories, (Christeeny if you are reading this look away) I happened to find this lil guy that I'm wearing sporting the no make up look and eating a Birthday goody.

Ah... VV I love you. Thanks for always being there for me.

So I guess my Tip for this Tuesday is if you are looking for anything really, check the your local Thrift Store first. You might be surprised at what you find, and you will be supporting the "Go Green or Have NO Home" movement, by Re-using !

*if you are planning on doing a google search for a "Go Green Or Have No Home" movement after reading this blog, you will be coming right back here. That pure genius comes from yours truly :)

Happy Tuesday!

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Jillian Nicole said...

Hi I love your finds. I think a little found treasure can make anyone day. Most days I find myself in toy stores looking for the next sale to buy something for the kids or a present for their friends.
Maybe it's time I treat myself. Thanks for the push.

No(dot dot)el said...

Jillian,It's really true. I know what you mean about always being at the toy store though. Some months are worse than others for that it seems everyone has a bday in the same month.
Yes, well and IF I did push you to go thrift store shopping then I hope you have a great time finding your very own treasures :)

Jeni said...

Okay, let's be honest - I love thrift store/garage sale shopping. I am now completely jealous of you because VV sounds FABULOUS... I need to find our how we can get one of those here. Then again, it may be for the best that we don't have one...

No(dot dot)el said...

Jeni it's called Savers don't cha know! Totally the same thing as VV. I miss Savers there because I could go with my other Savers junkees and get my fixes with friends :) Miss you friend.

Brenda said...

Love that sewing basket! I often find some great deals at my local second hand store,and since I have been bitten by the furniture refinishing bug I am always bringing home some new project. Thanks for dropping by WV Stitcher, I hopped on by to follow you right back.Have a fantastic week!

About JollyJilly said...

Hi that sounds like a great store lol I bet you find some great stuff. That cookie looks yummy! Returning the follow from jollyjillys

No(dot dot)el said...

Brenda second hand stores are my favorite. What's that saying,"One mans trash is another man's treasure" People have good trash around these parts! Oh I can't even imagine the stuff you must find looking through the eyes of refinishing furniture.

No(dot dot)el said...

Hello There Jilly thanks for the follow back and IT was yummers!!

Jeni said...

I don't know - somehow VV sounds way more awesome than Savers. I never do well at Savers - I actually prefer the Goodwill store or the smaller thrift stores. Even better, it's now garage sale season!

No(dot dot)el said...

Oh yes I love Garage Sale season. So fun!

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