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The Vow (Movie Review) and some other stuff about Love and Marriage and What Not

"Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage... GO together like a horse and carriage" (go on sing it you know you want to)

Last night my Giant and I sat down to watch the movie The Vow. Have you seen it? Well, actually we watched the manly movie Chronicle first, and then it was my turn to pick. Knowing full well that The Vow was going to be a chick flick I took the risk of it being ruined by watching it with Men instead of My Chicks (2 Barge Men no less). Hey, I'm a risk taker(no I'm really not) and I took my chances and I believe I won.

Sidenote- I do believe that I have been with My Giant for so long that even Chick flicks are somewhat tainted for me. By that I mean, I hear his voice inside my head making fun of every cheesy comment made through out the movie. Whereas before this tainting occurred, I didn't even realize the comment was cheesy. I guess that's what happens after being with a Giant for 18 years. It's okay. I'm not bitter. I can quickly realize it's happening and get that cynical, manly, Giant voice out. And to be quite honest...I sometimes agree with that Giant voice when movies are no longer just cheesy, but they borderline full blown sharp chedda!(say that with an east coast accent)

Another sidenote- My Giant was NOT cynical at all throughout this movie. Yay Giant! Yay The Moses! Yay Me! In fact he actually seemed to be enjoying it. Shhh... I hope he won't get his man card revoked for that. Course, I'm not really concerned of a revoking of the man card with him, because frankly I think My Giant is the one who is in control of the said, Man Cards! Especially now that he manages a barge. (Make some manly noises here Hur,Hmph, Err, Argh)

**Spoiler Alert- If you haven't seen the movie The Vow, and you are one of those that can't have any detail given about a movie that you want to see but haven't yet, then now would be a good time to move on to another blog. Come back somewhere toward the end of this post. Go on now... I don't want you saying I didn't warn you.

Ok moving on, so the movie first is based on a true love story. I love that. And if you haven't seen it(wait what are you still doing here? I thought I told you to move along, ok well read at your own risk). It is about a married couple who get into an accident and the woman forgets who her husband is. She remembers early life, but not the 4 years of life that she had spent with her husband. He basically has to figure out a way to make her fall back in love with him.

The premise for this real life love story / turned movie is so great because I feel that if you have been married for any length of time you start to realize that at any given juncture you are choosing to love a different person, for different reasons. Does that make sense?

It's like this, you see, I would consider myself to be a "Saddy Saddy Old Married Lady" at this juncture in my life. Being that I have 17 years under my married belt, not quite the heavy weight champions as my mom and dad who have 42 years, but hey... 17 is pretty good. So I can honestly say that it takes some finesse. Some gumby(remember him? that stretchy green guy?) like qualities to stay married this long.

You have to be willing to be married to a different person around the corner, or any given year in life. Because people change. It's good to change. It's healthy to change. It's just that sometimes those changes can even take the person who is changing by surprise and so that requires gumby stretchy qualities. Or what some might call a lot of grace, patience, and basically a lotta LOVE.

Are you tracking what I'm laying down?

Marriage, a good marriage takes falling in love not just one time, or two times, it takes several times. Love really is a verb, not a noun. Really. It is. No Lie.

There was a part in the movie that really struck a chord in me and it made me cry because I have been judgemental of spouses that choose to stay despite infidelity. The mom says, in regards to the main character Paige's dad cheating on her with Paige's friend,(... ewww...), " I chose to stay for all the things he did right, and not the ONE thing he did wrong. I chose to forgive him." Them, there are some powerful words. Don't get me wrong I'm not advocating infidelity, but for those that have the courage to forgive... I think you are a better woman or man than I.

You have to choose love, it doesn't just happen like the movies. Unless, your life IS the movie hee hee hee.

Which brings me back to this movie. There were choices made in this movie, to love or not to love. It's a great love story, and it brought about some good thoughts that I just felt like sharing with you all.

IF you are just now rejoining us, you are safe from this point out. In a nutshell(Help I'm in a Nutshell) I basically said... Love is a verb. Ummm and marriage is hard work... and ya da ya da ya da!

Go see the movie and then report back here.

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Love on a Budget said...

Saw the movie when it came out and liked it. Love is most definitely an action [which is a verb] :] You most definitely have to choose it daily.
Visiting from follow me Wednesday.

Mary said...

You are hilarious (Mike Meyers references and all) which brings me to my point. I think a huge part of keeping a marriage together and not letting those tough times get to you is HUMOR! Props to you and your 17 years! We are going on 11 and I still haven't figured it out.
P.S. I'm visiting from Welcome Wednesdays, nice to meet you!

No(dot dot)el said...

Ha ha lol thanks for pointing out my grammar mistake. I am off to fix that now. Sheesh that was confusing . I should just claim that I meant to do that to see if anyone was paying attention ;)

No(dot dot)el said...

Well thanks lovely lady. I haven't got it figured out either but I'm having fun trying ;)

shontell said...

Hey. you know what's lame? When I visit your blog to chat it up and catch up over coffee and you write about a movie I haven't seen, but really want to. Here is all that matters to me really- does or does not Channing Tatum take his shirt off? Just tell me. Just say it. Like a band-aid. Come'on. Lay it on me. Lay his shirtless news on me. Lemme have it.

N. Rose said...

I had to stop reading this because I AM THAT PERSON.

No(dot dot)el said...

Natalie- go see it already and then like I said report back.

No(dot dot)el said...

Oh AND Shontelley- not just his shirt. You get to see naked boy butt too.

shontell said...

Dear Channing, I feel like we could have an enjoyable afternoon. Leave the shirt. Take the cannoli.

No(dot dot)el said...

@shontell btw I LOVE the Godfather reference ;)

Brittany T. said...

awh what a lovely write up noel!! I totally believe what you said that "Marriage, a good marriage takes falling in love not just one time, or two times, it takes several times. Love really is a verb, not a noun. Really. It is. No Lie."

as we mature and get older, we do change a bit, some things about ourselves it totally makes sense..thank you for sharing this w/me :)

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