Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta Friday

Hello there. How was your week? No really, how was your week? I genuinely want to know.
Oh. Do you want to know about my week? How nice of your to ask. Well, my week was great. Really great! I got to meet up with an old friend on Friday.

That's us in the picture up there in downtown Seattle. I'm the one in yellow. She's the one who looks so happy that she's glowing. She's in a really great spot in life right now. You can read about some of that hereLinneas-quill. I couldn't be more happy for her if I tried! That lady is a gem.

After my visit with Jeni, I was then whisked away to Hawaii for a surprise Anniversary trip.

No. No I wasn't, but I had you going there for a minute didn't I?

We did however have a big birthday Luau for my May babies. Who are now 14 and 12. Well, technically Emakins isn't 14 until Monday but ya know we celebrated early.
This is only the second time that they have shared a birthday party. The last shared birthday party was when they were turning 7 and 5.

Her birthday is the 28th so this is what I said to her all week, "Emakins, Emma Lou, Emmafaifs, no more birthdays for you! I mean it! Listen to your mom. No more."
It doesn't quite have the same reaction that it did 10 years ago. She's on to all my tricks this one. Can't get anything past that very bright intelligent young lady right there.

The Luau's big hit was the bamboo structure that Moses and Dan built in our garden area. I took more pics on my regular camera, but I can't seem to download them... arghh so frustrating. It was truly beautiful, for one night only. The rains came the next day and made it all droopy. But for that one magical night, my girls felt celebrated. And I got weepy thinking that it was only yesterday that they were 5 and 7 sharing their day together. Back then it was so different. They actually stayed together and played in the same groups. This night it was very apparent who the almost High Schoolers were. It was also very apparent that birthday parties for big tweens and teens... SO NOT THE SAME as for the lils! You are rendered useless at big kid parties, other than to be a warm body that smiles and waves at the parents that come and go.

BUT all is not lost. The little boy right down there, he's 7. He's my baby and he still falls for my tricks. YES! I have one left who likes to take evening walks. One left who likes to look at slugs and snails, and puppy dog tails.

It is snail/slug season here.
Snail/Slug season = Wet. I like wet, just not wet and slime. Snails= Wet+Slime=Eww. But strangely enough, I am fascinated by these wet slime buckets, and I can't seem to get a close enough pic of one.

We caught this one taxi cabbing a lady bug. Made me think of the song "Come on and take a free ride" I wonder if this Mr. Slug was thinking these lyrics;

"All over the country, I'm seeing the same
Nobody's winning, at this kind of game
We gotta do better, it's time to begin
You know all the answers
Must come from within
So, come on and take a free ride (free ride)
Come on and take it by my side
Come on and take a free ride"

I'm thinking slugs might have those kind of thoughts, Ya never know. I mean really, who knows?

I wonder what my dog Riot, aka Briot, aka Bryan, aka Darkness is thinking about when he sleeps...Standing Up? I mean it's kinda creepy. He comes over to wherever I am sits down and falls asleep. It's also very cute. He's so cute. Standing there. Sleeping.

One of the most exciting events of the week besides seeing Jeni, the Luau, the Major Life crisis I'm having with my girls getting so big, the snails, slugs, and my dog who likes to sit up and sleep, was our Red Rhododendron Blooms. Say that five times fast Rho do den dron... Rho do... Ah heck I can't even do it twice.

Anyway they are absolutely stunning. I am ever in awe of this flower. It looks to be so tropical doesn't it? Like it belongs in Hawaii. Makes one wonder how it got all the way up here? These are thoughts that keep me up late at night.

No, No they really don't. Did I get you again?

And finally, the creme del creme. The icing on the cake. The moment captured in time. My pups looking OH so cute, Naughty because they are not EVEN supposed to be on the couch, but still so cute. I will be writing them a letter come June 1st. Don't you worry, I have some goods on them this month. Something involving a parmesan cheese can. Grab a button, and Join up here June 1st for my "Letter To My Pets" link up.

Hope every last one of you had a wonderful week. I really do. But if you didn't have a great week, next week is bright and shiney, fresh with no mistakes in it :) And YAY it's the weekend!

Thanks for joining me for this episode of Insta Friday.
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N. Rose said...

was the part about Isaiah supposed to make me cry? le sigh.

shontell said...

Love that insta review. I said stop bragging about your foliage. It's just rude.

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