Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tip Me Tuesdays

I really love finding out everyday life tips that work.
I mean there are plenty of DIY's out there that we might not ever have time for, but who of you out there can't use more every day practical tips? I know I sure can.

One tip that I would like to share with you all on this episode of Tip Me Tuesday is a tip I learned a long time ago. I thought that most people knew this tip, but when talking to a friend the other day I realized that in fact not everyone does know this tip.

This said friend opened my freezer to find a candle holder in there and she said, "Um.. Noel what is a candle holder doing in your freezer did one of your kids put it there?" To which I replied "Duh !" No I didn't, I actually hate that phrase, and just for a bonus tip, if you are a child caught using that phrase in this house, it might mean you have an extra chore or two to do, because ... "DUH!!" coming out of the mouth of lils has got to be the worst.

Where was I? OH yeah, I said to this beautiful friend that doesn't burn her candles often(but should burn her candles because that's what they are there for folks);
"The candle holder is in there because when the wax freezes up it just pops right off, and out of the candle holder and it's easy peezy lemon squeezy from that point on to clean the candle holder."

To which she looked at me like, I wanna see this with my own eyes and so I showed her my lil trick and now I'm telling you.
Great lil project to show your kids too.

SO there you have it folks. Your Tip ME Tuesday.
And really friends, readers, fellow candle owners if you have candles that you own that you don't burn it's just wrong. Life is too short. Burn your candles.
Count them I think there was at least 3 or 4 tips in this post?
Inquiring minds want to know, do YOU have any further everyday good life tips that you would like me to know?
I would love to use your tip and give YOU the credit here for it.


shontell said...

As I am sitting on my couch in a most unnatural position due to back and neck pain, I am reminded of a health tip a friend once shared. I often get satan filled knots on my back, and of course no one strong enough is around to help a sister out. I lay on a tennis ball and roll around right where that know has made his home. It isn't as relaxing as getting a massage, but while I wait for the massage life to find me, this tennis ball sure takes the edge off. Thanks for the candle tip friend! Also, duh is not allowed in this house. Ev. ER. It makes mamma violent.

Jessica said...

I tried posting from my phone earlier, but it apparently did not go through.

In keeping with the freezer theme, my tip is to freeze food! I've wasted so much food over the years! Now, if I'm making rice, I'll double it so I have some to freeze for quick rice in the future.

Here's the real tip: when freezing food, portion it out into ziploc baggies, label and lay FLAT to freeze. Once frozen, stack them in a dollar store plastic bin. It keeps your freezer organized, and makes it easy to find your items when needed. If I forget to start rice on time, I can just defrost a bag of it really quick!

No(dot dot)el said...

Girlies- I love both of those , thank YOU!

Shontelly- Tennis ball massage sounds so good right about now.

Jess- I currently have two freezer homemade chicken pot pies that I made from left over chicken soup. I'm kinda nervous that we may have left them for too long. But that is such a good tip. I check the clearance meat section at the grocery store and then freeze the meat. I also freeze discounted bread.

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