Monday, May 07, 2012


While I was sweeping the floor for the ba-zillionath time today I thought of some LOVE/HATES that I would like to share with you all now. If you have a few minutes of reading time you can find more Love/Hate posts here;LOVE/HATE.
This LOVE/HATE post is dedicated to ; Barley, Bella, and Briot. My beloved 4 leggeds.

LOVE my dogs.
HATE sweeping up their fur coats everyday.
LOVE this little dog named Bella.
HATE that she has to stay leashed up outside because she runs away, while the other dogs get to run around and play.
LOVE living in the trees.
HATE all the mud,dirt, branches, gunk, that gets tracked in on a regular basis.
LOVE that I have a creek right outside my door where my dogs can go take a dip, or drink from when they are thirsty from playing fetch.
HATE that wet paws track through my house everyday. Well, on a good day I might think those wet paw prints are cute, but not after I just mopped the floor.

What are some of your love/hates? I'm interested to know, really I am.


Aleks said...

I love living on my own, I hate cleaning my house. I love saving money on gas by taking the bus everywhere, I hate not being able to drive to the DQ for late night ice cream. I love my Fiance, but i HATE living in indiana. I LOVE spicy mexican food, but i hate the acid reflux.

No(dot dot)el said...

Aleks- taking the bus is the bomb-diggity... acid reflux not so much :)

Danise Jurado said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym!!!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

OH Danise- That is a good one. ME too!! It's more like exercise of any kind though, I always feel so great when I am in the zone and have been consistent with it, but arghh... getting there sometimes can be so hard!

shontell said...

I love that my large hair gets me remembered in the crowd. I hate that when I wear it down it touches me. More like attacking me. More like stalking me and strangling me.

N. Rose said...

I love having two babies. I hate that they hate sleep. I love living in reno, I hate when it is windy and cold (when it isn't christmas time anymore!) I love being home with my kids, I hate not having my own income to play with (at ROSS!) I love having a sis named Noel, I hate living so bloody far away from her! :)

No(dot dot)el said...

@ shontell I love you hair for that reason too. you and your hair are fun to walk around with ;)
@N.Rose i love those two babies of yours as well, I hate that they might be moving even further away from ME!

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