Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Emakins, Emmers, EMlou, Emdilem,Emmfaifs...

She made us parents for the first time 14 years ago.

She made my mom a grandmother for the first time 14 years ago.

This picture makes me weepy every time I see it.

She made this little boy an uncle who was so happy to have someone else to play with 14 years ago.

She made our first Christmas with children magical 14 years ago.

She has worn many hats in her lifetime of 14 years, but none does she take more seriously than being the first. And I will be forever grateful to her for being seriously the best first born a parent could ever hope to have.

I would often say of Emma that she was the child that made us think, "Pshh this parenting is a piece of cake! " because she is THAT GOOD!

It's been 14 years of firsts.
First baby to walk.
First baby to talk.
First toddler to yell, "No" at us.
First child to go to school.

First time to go to the hospital for stitches.
First child to teach how to ride a bike.
First child to be a big sister.

First to graduate Elementary school.
First to go to Jr. High.
And now the first to enter High School.

Emma THANK YOU for making me a mom.
For being who you are.
For making this parenting role seem so easy.
For reminding me of God's goodness.
For being amazing at everything you put your hand to.
For being an incredible older sibling and example to your younger sister and brothers.

Happy Happy Birthday My baby girl.

I love you.

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shontell said...

A big fat birthday to you sister!!

Jutta said...

Lovely! my little girl will be 10 on thursday, cant believe how quick it went...thanks for visiting my blog, got me to visit you. i like it here :-).
am following you back

Erin said...

So sweet! Every Momma who reads this will have to tear up. Happy Birthday to your girl. Enjoy the day and your time with her. Time flys by so quickly!

No(dot dot)el said...

Shontelly- thanks for the bday wishes Queenie. She had a great day and she chose Thai food , Yay us, for her bday dinner.

No(dot dot)el said...

Jutta- Ahh... happy birthday to your double digits daughter. It really does go by so quick. Thanks for the follow back.

No(dot dot)el said...

Erin I think the longer I"m a momma the easier it is for me to tear up. We did enjoy our day immensely. Thank you for your kind wishes :)

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Happy birthday to your Emma!!!! They are special girls. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

A$-Thank you for the bday wishes. They really are.

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