Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some "Giant" Sized Conversation

This is a picture of My Giant and our niece Savanah at the Tulip Festival this past April. Can you see why I call him My Giant. He's 6'4 and well, a Giant. Do you see how he just carry's that almost 5 year old girl around with one arm? So hot! Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, And he has also learned a thing or two on this road called life.

My Giant is a really wise person. I would have said, wise guy, but I didn't want you to think this was a set up for sarcasm. No this is not sarcasm, but this is what I like to call a lil blaggin before my bloggin. You see, last night My Giant and I had a long conversation about deep, spiritual truths. It's what we do.

We didn't solve all the worlds problems or anything like that but we sure did try. At one point I found myself looking at him with deep respect,and thanking God once again, almost 18 years later for bringing this man my way, and for the wisdom that He has given to him.

Ok, I'm done blaggin(for now) about My Giant.

What did we talk about you ask?

Our conversation was about life in general for the most part, but there was one juicy morsel that I am still pondering, chewing, Selah-ing about.

And that is in reference to the curses that were put on Adam and Eve, found in Genesis 3. If you haven't checked that chapter in Genesis out you should. It has some really interesting, juicy, stuff in regards to creation, sin, relationships, and life in general.

I'm not sure I can even put into words the revelations that were going around in his noggin about this, which means I probably shouldn't try to. I might at some point try, but for now I will let you check it out to see what I'm talking about. Lots of questions come from that portion of scripture.

All I will say is that once again I realized that I am married to good greatness!
Seriously, this man is a deep, deep thinker. A well of information. A Giant in my mind and in my heart.

And I will stop blaggin now and leave you with this question;

If you were to describe God's character traits and you could only use 3 words. What 3 words would those be?


Now it's your turn.

Part of our conversation was pertaining to the character of God in relation to the above scripture. He said that God is creative and it's interesting that the curses put on Adam and Eve both had to do with creative/creation type things. Mans work is his creation and a Woman's ability to be a part of the creation process of a child are both the things that sin caused to change, or be cursed??
This was the "GIANT" sized thought that had me going Hmmm.... Still Selahing....(To Selah means to pause and think about) and now I leave you with that Giant sized thought and some questions.

I love God.
I could spend my whole life learning about the character of God.
I love scripture.
I will spend my whole life studying this book.
I love questions.
I have spent a good portion of my life asking questions.
I love My Giant.
I hope I have many more years, and "Giant" sized conversations with this man.
I love being thankful.
I plan to pursue being thankful even though I don't have all the answers.

5 comments: said...

stopping by from the Fontenot Four:)

Debi said...

Love it!! and that is interesting that the curses have to do with creation/creating.

my three words would be

Love, patience, justice....well maybe. three words is just not enough!! haha. miss you guys.

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

This is a neat question!

My three words are:

1. Patient
2. Creative
3. Omnipotent

Danise Jurado said...

my three words...
grace, mighty, love

shontell said...

My three? Capable, Lion, and Lamb. He is way more capable than any other being especially me. He is mighty and powerful as a lion while being comforting and gentle as a lamb.

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