Monday, January 02, 2012



That is the word I am looking for in this season of my life right now.
There are so many things that I want to accomplish in my life, and the older I get I am realizing that so many of these things I never will.
That's okay.
I just want to accomplish the most important ones.

I want to be like what I read about in this; Luke 9:51- Jesus basically on his death walk into Jerusalem in this passage didn't let it phase him that no one wanted him when he came into town, even though his peeps were ready to bring down fire on the people for rejecting him, he says, basically.... that is not what I am here for.

I want to narrow down this list of goals and remember why I am here above all else.
I want to cut out things in my life that will keep me from these things.
I want to be determined beyond recognition.


I wrote the above lil blurb over 6 months ago.
I am pretty sure it had something to do with me losing weight before my sisters wedding.
I am pretty sure I didn't lose that weight.
And I am pretty sure that as I found this old post in my edit section the reason it stood out to me as something I should revisit is because, the word;
is what I am looking, longing for again.
It is that time of year when I am feeling like my jeans are a lil snug.
I am looking at my bank account and re-thinking those financial courses I should have invested in, or maybe wait, I did invest in them but, I conveniently put the wisdom aside around December 1st. Either way, I am now looking at the year ahead and thinking of ways to make my life better as that new year rolls around.
And so the word;
is the word that is appealing.

I think the reason that I didn't post this before is because I went off wandering and wondering what exactly I wanted to be determined about at that particular time.
I know I could find what it was I was looking for in my journals if I really wanted to, but I am sure it probably went something like this;

Eat Better.
Read My Bible More.
Deep Clean and Organize my house.
Ya da Ya da Ya da!!

Now as I sit here 6 months later I am looking at that word and thinking, I do want to have determination to do those everyday disciplined life things, but I also want to accomplish some life goals, and passions that I have had from a very young age.

One of those dreams was to write.
One of those passions was to sing.
One of those wants was to photograph life.
One of those desires was to become a wife, a mother, and a teacher.

I can honestly say, that as I look at that list the only one that I can check off is the one that is, was, and will always be the most important.
The other three are just icing on the cake of this beautiful life, and I plan to be determined about all of them in this upcoming year, and take care of the everyday life determinations... one cookie at a time... wait I mean one glass of water at a time.

Happy New Determined Year Readers!


maedeans said...

I admire your determination, and I hope it becomes stronger. The very fact that you can do this much blogging demonstrates you have lots of spunk and lots of other attributes or is good characteristics a better description. You be the judge.

Noel said...

Thanks again Maedean- Blogging started out as a fun therapeutic hobby for me and now I have begun to see it as a good practice forum or jumping off point for what my lie ahead. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated :)

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