Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Captured Moments #5

And so begins the holiday pics.

This top one is still a shocker to me every time I look at it, I think to myself... Self "I can't believe you let your boy do that?"
BUT Before you go thinking I have gone off the deep end by letting my 10 year old get all painted up like a zombie so he could participate in the Michael Jackson Thriller act that he had been taught at school, and practicing all week, and begging, begging to be allowed to be scary and gory for just one night at the Redmond Town Center... just think to yourself... It's Michael Jackson for crying out loud AND DON'T JUDGE!

Well I did let him go and you can see as I have now once again used you my reader as my therapist, that I still have a little guilt over that one.

Moving on, this year I could not stop taking pictures of the autumn taking place all around me. If you have ever read my blog before, and IF you are indeed my friend you know that this is the time of year that I love most. I know shocking, being that my name is NOEL and all, you would think that it would Winter and that I should be a true blue Christmas Elf, but alas the time of year that makes my heart sing is Fall. I must have a bout a ba-zillion photos of trees and leaves from this year alone.
This year Halloween was quite different than in years past. It marked the beginning of an end for the Scofield clan. We were all fragmented and went our own ways on Halloween night. For this sentimental heart it was a rough night. And the picture below marked another big day in my house. Sigh. That's all I have to say about that.

My kids are getting older as children often do. You feed them, they grow. This momma is trying to hold on for what lies ahead is what the picture below captures. My younger brother Jeremy is now on his own. In his own place. Paying his own rent. Making his own dinners. Working a job. Going to school.

WOW!! Seriously, when did that happen? He is an amazing human being. Success number 5 for my mom and dad.

I can only hope to do half the amazing job these two have done with 5, with my 4.

Solomon turned 10 this year. We now have 3 in double digits, SAY WHAT??
Yes, this 10 year old boy still much like his namesake is so wise beyond his years. He makes me think, "They'll learn much more, than I'll ever know. And I think to myself what a wonderful world" You know, I just can't help myself sometimes with the song quotes. It's in my DNA.

The captured moment above was a memory I will treasure forever. When I went home to NV in November for my dad's 70th B-day, my sister Gina's baby shower, my brother Greg's birthday and my mom's birthday, I got the pleasure of having a pedicure done with my 4 year old niece right by my side. She was so precious and wanted only what Auntie Noel wanted for "pol-nailish" and this moment was just so fantastic to me!

For Thanksgiving this year we had the absolute Joy of having Momma Nash here with little Izzy, Auntie Eileen, and Uncle Jeremy. We also had our wonderful friends the Days over. Needles to say with 17 of us in our little cabin it was a true Scofield, Jam em in, Get real cozy, and Enjoy the Ride kind of event!

I loved strolling the Market with the family and having us all together was really so special to me.

For Christmas we headed down to NV because that was THE FAB 4's Christmas wish. To be with family and friends in NV. More than gadgets. More than money. More than toys. They wanted people. Hmmm.... imagine that?
It was a wonderful memory that will hold us all over until we meet again.

We also had our first of what I hope to be many viewings of the movie Elf with some great friends, we brought in the Christmas season eating the Elf diet of Candy, Candy Corns, Candy Canes and Syrup. We came. We saw. We laughed. We quoted all while we went into diabetic shock(JK) and we remembered the Joy of Christmas Spirit, comes truly from LOVE.

Well friends this concludes my favorite captured moments for 2011. It's hard to capture a whole year on film and then narrow it down to your most favorite but I enjoyed doing it, and I hope you enjoy looking at it.
If you are reading this and you took the time to see our life lived out in pictures then know that you are loved and YOU ARE PATIENT :)

Until 2012 readers :) thanks for staying tuned!


Anonymous said...

looks like there was plenty of room at that table for a few gardners...

Noel said...

Tasha you know you are always welcome at Ma's house. Gina just had her baby,if you want to stop by for a new born fix... if you do though, I might just die from being a lil jelly!
How's the sweaters going?

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