Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Giant

Just in case you were wondering;

He is My Giant for everyday purposes.
Mr. Big when he does something really BIG like plan a date.
The Moses to Louie Locke.
Mosey to his mom Nashelle and Auntie E.
Dad to our Fab 4, or P Diddy to Em, but he doesn't like that one.

Uncle to nieces Kaylanne, Isabella, Savanah, and Sophia(no nephews yet)

Babe when I need something from him.
Brother to only one, Hillary. To many a man. (none by blood but a lot by choice)

Russell Moses Scofield when he's in trouble.
Meisha when he is pretending to be Russian.

Genius and Hero when he fixes things.
Noah if YOU forgot his name.
Noses if you blend our names together.

And... Birthday Boy on the 23rd.

Happy 39th Birthday My Giant.


Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

What a great tribute...and from me "My Son, my life's reason"....I am SO proud of this man.

N. Rose said...

happy birthday to one heck of a dude!

Jen Simms said...

:) Atleast no one calls him hoser. :) haha. Yep, I'm so grateful God brought Mosey into our world, a good brother in law, such a good man to my sis and their kids. Can't say enough good things...such a hard worker, that man. I pray he feels the reward of his labor and I pray this year is his very best and I pray his dang back heals once and for all, dang work horse!

Noel said...

Hoser... is such a funny named to be called. You hoser! I think he calls other people hoser's !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mo! Sav found his card and I will try to send it before we make a visit;)Lucky for me I have known Mo as brother for more than half my life! And he has certainly taken on the sibling role well(giving everybody grief)! He is quite the family man and I have always loved how he loves his fam. He takes such great care of my sissy and the fab 4! He comes from good peeps! We love you Mo!

bean said...

its me bean i dont know why this blog thing is so stupid!

Noel said...

it is stupid bean, damn stupid blog that doesn't log you in the right way every time!! thanks for the love, i will share it with the big guy when he gets home tonight! and we can't wait til your visit!!

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