Friday, January 06, 2012

And Now For an Oldie but a Goodie... LOVE/HATE

I love lotion.
I hate dry anything. Hands, Legs, and especially face.
I love blogging.
I hate when people read them and don't leave comments(Yeah, I am talking to you)
I love hats.
I hate hat hair.
I love bubbly water.
I hate how it makes me burp.
I love having painted nails.
I hate when the paint on my nails starts to chip off.(because My Giant doesn't like that chipped nail look, I do.)
I love bubblegum, grape flavored especially.
I hate when the flavor goes away.
I love having a clean house.
I hate when I turn into the wicked witch of the west just because people start to live again.
I love the new show New Girl
I hate when a NEW show already has re-runs(WTF?.. the F stands for fudge people)
I love a really good glass of red wine.
I hate when I run out.
I love a good cup of coffee with the perfect amount of foam on top.
I hate when I burn my tongue on said cup of coffee, because I am too Damn impatient!

I love to hear your love/hates.
I hate when you don't share.


Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

I love when I get to spend time with you
I hate it when I have to leave
I love fantasizing about building a little cottage on your hill so we can be neighbors
I hate the reality that it will take so long and be so much work

Noel said...

Me too, I love/hate all of those very same things and I would add I love that we have free builders, I hate that the supplies will cost money :)

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