Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is It Baseball Season Yet?

Those of you who know me and have been reading my blog for a while, know that I am a huge baseball fan. I think this enthusiasm for b-ball started way back when, I am sure I was just a little sprite, when I was a wee bit of a thing, when I was younger. I would notice as a young girl that my Dad, would get very, very excited around a certain time of year. Having no real idea why that was I began to take a closer look at why he was hooting and hollering at the television screen. And then one summer in LA we went to I believe it was the Dodger stadium for a real pro-ball game and I was hooked!

I had so much fun with my cousins and my family and it was warm and sunny, and there was popcorn, and I am sure peanuts, and all was just so right with the world. And so my love for this game began.
Now, what you must understand is that I am a girly girl beyond measure. I wear more jewelry with each passing year that, if you were to weigh me over half my weight would be from sterling silver and not meat and bones. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Don't mock me!

I also love makeup really a lot. In fact one of these days I am going to do a makeup blog. The only reason why I haven't yet is because then you would really know how much time I have on my hands, and I don't want to scare you all off. So I love jewelry, makeup, perfume, shoes... don't even get me started on shoes, basically accessories.. and well, you get the idea. Girly Girl.
At this point you must be wondering how or why does baseball fit into all of this.
Well I am going to tell you, because that's what you are here for. Or wait, is it what I am HERE for?

Noel's Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Baseball

5. The game itself well, It is easy to understand. I love Easy and what's easier than, A,B,C, easy as 1..2..3 (sing along) BASEBALL?

4. I like the number 3, 3 bases, 3 strikes, it just makes sense.

3. I like how the teams play each other more than once. It's a series kind of thing. Those of you who enjoy a sport that doesn't involve a series of events, well... I just feel sorry for you.
2. I like, no I LOVE wearing baseball hats. They work perfectly for my hairstyle which is usually non-existent.

And the number 1 reason... Drum Roll Please....

1. I like (and this is where it gets crazy because I never even played the sport) the smell of baseball gloves. GO ahead, find a glove, smell it, report back here!

Sidenote-And of course, I love the Boston Red Sox baseball team... greatest ball club EVER, END OF STORY, NO DISPUTE, NO COMPARISON, DON'T EVEN TRY TO DEFEND YOUR OTHER MEASLY TEAMS BECAUSE I WON'T HEAR OF IT!! I love Fenway Park. The history that is there, well it's almost tangible.

Well now here is where this part of my story for the love of the game gets tricky.
For so long I have loved The #1 Baseball Club Known to Man, aka BO-Sox and that was that.
Here is where my dilemma comes in.

I now live in Seattle.
We have a Pro Ball Club.
You might of heard of them... Probably NOT!!
The Mariners.
They are unequivocally THE WORST Baseball Team in the US of A!
Sorry but it's true.

They are the underdog of baseball teams.
They have more fans for the opposing teams, ALWAYS, that it's just so very sad.
It makes one want to root for them.
It makes one remember the little guy when they were little, and hope that one day they grow up to be a big strapping man that the BO SOX are someday.

Are you catching what I am laying down here people.
I remember being a fan of the Bo Sox before they won.
I remember the 80 year long stretch.
I remember when the dream team was formed in the inner womb of baseball and so began the story that changed baseball forever.

The underdog became THE DOG!

Well, don't hurt me Bo Sox Nation but I want that for the Mariners.
I really do.
Only of course when they are not playing against you Bo Sox.
Pshh.... Don't you ever doubt my love and devotion to you Boston, BUT... I have to break it to ya,

I do live in Seattle now.

And now for a real Top Ten From Big Man Dave...Hope you enjoy this Dad! This is high tech for my little blog here:


Anonymous said...

Play Offs for
football coming up Patriots, Mass then Balitmore is in there. Dad knows all this stuff. Baseball should be starting soon. My word veri this time is exatibbe. I probably got it wrong. Is this a real word? I have to find my dictionary.

Noel said...

LOL, that's a funny word verf. Well, you didn't get it wrong because otherwise you wouldn't have been able to post about this. Patriots...yeah I had heard they are doing good, but all I care about is baseball. Spring training and what not.

My fleeting life said...

oh ya oh ya oh ya oh ya That's what I'm talkin bout. Go Red Socks Oh one of my favorite daughters. Can you sent that to my E-mail and Facebook. that's good stuff.

Noel said...

Ma yes, I will try to share this on your facebook. You are so great! Giggle,LOL,I Just LOVE YOU!!

my fleeting life said...

Hey time on your hands with so much to do is life. The thing is how long will we have to wait for this makeup blog? When will we see how talented your giant is? Like his art work Ya!His art work on skin.Ya! So much talent! Oh! I love all the hats.

My Fleeting life said...

So it has been 70yrs since Seattle snow like this. Unbelivable. I showed the kindergardeners the pictures of Seattle and my Awesome Grandkids.They loved it. They loved Chloe in the snow and Isaiah smilely face on the car window. This is history you know. They love Sol's coffee ice cream idea. They want to try it. Then they got hungry when they saw Emma's cookies. They all said yum! Then we had snack. It was a great morning back. Great Lesson, thanks guys.

My fleeting Life said...

Where are you? I niss your post for today.

my fleeting life said...

I nean I miss you.

Noel said...

Well, Hello there Ma. A makeup blog will be coming soon. But it won't be my makeup. Chloe was having some fun wit make up today, pictures to come soon.
I can't believe you showed the kids at your school. How cute. I love you. Yep, we got more today. Another snow day tomorrow. I think it will probably be better by Friday. I am going on day 5 of cabin fever. It is cool though how the sledders all come up our street. That's been our only entertainment.

Erica said...

I enjoy baseball too although not attached to any specific team. My account is acting goofy, something about not having a blog post in along time, eblogger kicked me off. Sacramento is great. We enjoy the climate and are getting to know some nice people. Kids are getting so big! Morgan loves kindergarten! I'm enjoying your blog, Noel, great thoughts

Noel said...

Thank Erica for taking the time to read them, and for saying that. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying Sacramento. I can't believe Morgan is in Kindergarten. That is crazy! How time flies!!

shontell said...

oh, I LOVE me some baseball. I don't have a team I am married to, but I am willing to pick your team's rival. Just to shake it up little. Also, remember when I live in a state where the only sport is football? The only sport that I could give a set of rat's nuts about. Baseball? love it. Basketball? LOVE it. Hockey? Seriously!! Love it. Football. ..l..

Noel said...

@Shontelly- yes you are getting very near the country of Football. That is a place that eats, sleeps, breathes, F-ball. I could not survive in a place like that. I would try to of course, but eventually people would find me out and then my house would be decorated with eggs and TP :) Hang in there friend.

bean's blog said...

awe love pic of dad and zay, email it to me please lady with time on her hands;) zay looks like the kid in dennis the menace the one who doesnt talk. i like the smell of leather too! and i think basketball caps would look good on your pretty little head as well, (i.e. a lakers cap)!

Noel said...

LOL Bean- very funny pshh basketball caps, what is this crazy talk? Baseket ball players don't wear caps silly girl!
Yes I will email pic to you, and what else did you say oh yea you like leather smell... maybe it's a pellant thing, go ask dad.

Heidi said...

My hubs and my Dad are HUGE Boston fans while my brother cheers for the Mariners. They actually took a roadtrip to Seattle a couple of years ago to watch a series between the two teams. I'm pretty sure Boston won the series :)

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