Monday, January 09, 2012

Dear Barley

Dear Barley,

When you sit in "your" chair you do realize that at one point it was "my chair"?

It now smells of you no matter how much frebreeze I spray on my, I mean your beautiful chair.
No one wants to sit in this chair anymore because it smells like Barley, and although we love you Barley we do not love your smell.

I realize you only sit in that chair and stare out the window to make me feel guilty for not taking you out and playing ball with you.
Don't you think I know what you are doing when you do this?

But remember when I just took you out a minute ago? You probably don't remember because a squirrel just ran by and now that's all you can think of.
Well, sigh... ok let's get you off that chair so I can spray it down once again, and you can put a smile back on your cute puppy face.

Yours Truly,
Your Owner


Debi said...

I love it! Dogs always think everything in the house is theirs and for their comfort!! I cant wait to meet Barley someday...

Noel said...

They really do. Barley does this really funny thing when we ask him to get off the couch he leaves his behind up there as though he's off when his front two paws are down. It's SO funny! We can't wait for that meet and greet either Debi. AND ps thanks for the camera that you gave my daughter and than might borrow from time to time (all the time lately)for those photos wouldn't be nearly as nice without it:)

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