Saturday, January 07, 2012

Things Are Changing Around Here

I don't know if you have noticed my faithful readers, but things are changing around here.
(Things are also changing around here @9567, but I won't be posting here @beautiful life about @9567 anymore because @9567 has it's own blog now.)

I am of course speaking of the design of my blog and the few little things that I have done to this place. This year in August will be the 6th year anniversary of beautiful life.
In honor of 6 years of me having this live journal I have been making some changes to spruce up the place. I hope you like the subtle changes, and don't worry I won't be getting all crazy like about it. Just a few changes that won't take away from the words on the page.

Here are some of the things that have changed.

I have labeled every blog so they are all connected and you my readers can now easily find the topic you might want to read about on the right over there. You might need an hour or two, but if it's a rainy afternoon and you don't have anything better going on(which for your sakes I hope you have something better) then give it a whirl. If you are faithful reader chances are your name is on the right and you have been labeled. So go... go right now find your label.
If you don't find your name over there and you have been a faithful reader, but not a faithful commenter, than shame on you... comment, comment now and I will give you a label all your own.
Of course maybe you don't want to be labeled. My Giant hates to be labeled... that's why I have so many labels for him :) Snicker, snort, giggle!

The other change I have made is that I have created pages. To be quite honest I am not exactly sure why "pages" are necessary on a blog when the whole blog is in fact a "page" but whatev! I have pages now. One is about this blog and what I talk about here. The other is the first blog explaining my new blog 9567. How many times did I say blog? How many times can one say blog without smiling. Blog, blog,blog! Try it. Did it make you smile.

And finally, I added permanent pictures. They are the cast of characters in my life. I may refer to them by other names like Meisha, Lo Lo, and Zed in the future so I put them there as a little reference to help you out:) I'm a giver!

I hope you like the changes. I hope you know how much I appreciate your comments, encouragement, and support. Thanks for keeping up with my life. Ya know, I consider this my year long Christmas letter. I hope you know, label or not you are important to me. And please by all means comment about the changes, do you like them?

Oh and I almost forgot come August we are going to have a little blog party to celebrate my 7th year of blogging,so consider this your official invitation. Blog Door Prizes will be given!


maedeans said...

Only way I know to communicate with you is to leave this comment. I searched until I found a blog post I did quite awhile ago because your icon picture reminded me of it. Here 'tis
I consider you a blog friend because you made a comment on my last blog.

Noel said...

Maedean always glad to make a "blogfriend" and I will go check out this post of yours right now.

shontell said...

Nice. I like change, when it's comfortable. Those dont align often, but I liked to think as myself as a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.

Noel said...

@shontell change is always somewhat uncomfortable for me at first, until i am used to it and those that really like to go and change things all the time go and change things again.. sigh. I am married to a changer,but he stays the same in the most important ways... almost 17 years of that same way :)

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