Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Childhood Snacks

One of the things I have noticed since being a parent to 4 young people that all go to school now, and come home ravenously hungry, is that the afternoon school snack is of utmost importance around here. If my cupboards aren't filled with what my children love to eat when they get home then the rest of the evening can go down hill on the drop of a dime, and we may never return to a state of normal.(So dramatic, I swear I am going to work on that)
Anyhew, I work hard to study them, and find out what their favorite snacks are because I remember a time not so long ago, that the afternoon school snack was the highlight of my day as well.

It is now time for a Noel's Top 5

Ya know how David Letterman has a Top 10 list every night, well I am starting right here, right now, with you as one of the first to play along a Top 5 post.

These posts won't be nearly as witty, or brilliant as Big Man Dave's, but I will try to have some fun with them, and I hope you will too.

Feel free to join along in the comment section.

Okay so here goes...

Top Favorite Childhood Snacks:

5. Cheese with Apples- Now this one is a snack that goes way back (to my childhood of course... giggle, giggle just seeing if you are paying attention) and I have my mom to thank for it. I actually know someone who puts cheddar cheese on their apple pie. Don't turn your nose up, it's actually very good. And it is a somewhat healthy snack that I am proud to report is now a favorite with my Fab 4.

4. OLIVES- Have I told you the story of how we(me and my 4 siblings) would get a can of olives in our stocking every year for Christmas. NO Joke. I LOVE them. I love them alone. I love them here, I love them there. I love them everywhere.(Also I love Dr. Suess) One thing that we can not be out of in this house is TP and Olives. They are that important in my life. Now, Cottage Cheese with olives, or tomatoes, or both, that's another favorite but I added those other things later in life. I think it was around the time when I grew out of putting the olives on my fingers.

3. White Bread, Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon Toast- it's called the poor kids cinnamon roll. And this is now one of my kids favorites as well. Again so simple, so easy, and brings me right back to 1311 Siskiyou Street when I was a kid.

2. Peanut Butter Cookies- My mom always seemed to have a batch made, and I love, love, love them. LOVE peanut butter too, btw(sidenote). Mom if you are reading your peanut butter cookies are still my all time favorite cookies. I love them. I love you.

1. My number 1. childhood snack that I have never seen another adult in my life (other than my Ma who taught it to me) is ... Drum Roll Please....

Saltine Crackers with a little butter on top.
I LOVE THIS SNACK. LOVE IT. If I am having a day where I am missing my mom, all I have to do is run to the pantry, pull out those beautiful salty, crispy squares, and get that doll-up of creamy butter on there and I am good to go.

Mom if you are reading this I know I should have listed on there a box of cheeze-its as a go to snack because you always had those as well, but I thought I would leave that for your list.

And now that you have just heard Noel's top 5, what are yours?

What was your momma making for snacks after school everyday?

Or what did you run to the pantry for when you first got home and could eat at your leisure?

I want to know.


Jessica said...

Graham crackers with peanut butter and/or nutella! Mmmm!

Noel said...

Oh Jess, that's a good one. I will let you know when we make those homemade graham crackers. I have the recipe in my box :)

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

One of my all time favorites: warm flour tortillas buttered and sprinkled with white sugar and rolled up to be held like a "stogy" and nibbled...mmm takes me back to my childhood

Noel said...

Those are Zay's favorite too. I sometimes buy the uncooked ones so we can watch the bubbles form, makes it more fun. He doesn't roll it yet, but I am sure when and if he sees his Gramma Shelle do it like that, it will be his style to come.

My fleeting life said...

Ice coffee in the summertime, Can't believe my Mom let us have that once in awhile. Some of us were adhd. It works to help calm and focus.

bean said...

mom also gave us celery with peanut butter a lot, that was a good one!

Noel said...

SO Mom that is where it comes from. The Ice coffee with the lil ones. Hmm... well we do that here too, and we let Isaiah have coffee when he was so little that one of the all time favorite quotes of his when he was like only two was, "I want foff" foff meaning coffee. :)

Oh yea, Bean that's a good one with ants on a log.

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