Monday, January 16, 2012

Facebook and My Growing Disdain for it

A friend on facebook posted this the other day and it catapulted me to write this post here. Here you have some things I have wanted to say about Facebook for a long time, but didn't quite know how. After seeing the above pic, it really did make me LOL, and I thought of how it's funny because you know it's true.(Corky Romano quote)
Or at least you know it's true that is, IF you are on facebook. If you are not on Facebook then first let me say to you congratulations... you have succeeded in REAL LIFE!! Also I commend you, I want to be like you, you are my heroes, and don't do it! Don't EVER do it!

Now, if you are on facebook well, then this post should make complete sense to you. Feel free to add a category that I may have left out. And dont' get all butt-hurt if you feel you fall into one or all of these categories, because so does the author of this post.

Whether you are on facebook or you are not on facebook, let me break it down for you(Hammer Time)Why this pic is so damn funny!!

If I were to break up into categories the kinds of people who are on facebook,(and maybe we could extend this to in life in general, but that might be a stretch) and also the kinds of *(status updates) one might find on FB, then this is my bullet point version of that.

* Status Update- Is a little box at the top of your page on facebook where you tell the world your status. I'm Hungry, It's Snowing, I am at a really cool concert wish you were here... that kind of thing. Just keeping you non-FB-ers in the know!

Here are just a few off the top of my head:

1. There are Those who should be on Twitter instead of FB

2. Braggers

C. The Shock and Awe(attention getters)
(I would put the breast cancer awareness ladies in this catergory, if you aren't on FB and don't understand what I mean by this then consider yourself one of the lucky ones in life)

D. Those who don't really care about FB, they are just on there because everyone else is, and they didn't want to be the only ones who weren't.

5. Those who use FB to promote either themselves, their business, or something of that sort.

Those who should be on Twitter instead of FB

These are of the group that want to tell you what they are doing at all times. Who they are with, what they are eating, where they are at, etc. These people of course share everything, and are the reason the phrase TMI(Too Much Information) was established. Really, the problem I have with these people is that there is another website that was created for them, and they have either not caught on to that site, or they just refuse to move along. Move along TMI-ers, Move Along!

These would not be the people that the above pic would apply to because like I said, they tell you everything. The good, the bad, and the butt ugly!!

This is the reason why these people should get on twitter because not only will it teach them to keep their updates down to only 140 letters, but then they can freely tell everyone that they are going to the bathroom now without grossly misusing the social network they are on.


But then we will enter the braggers. These are the ones that I would say the above pic applies to whole heartedly. I understand that there are times you just want to brag. Heck, I even have a word for it on here, I call it blaggin, but I at least give you the reader for-warning that the post ahead will have some serious braggin going on, but the beauty about a blog is that you hear about my bad days as well.

People only share the very best things on facebook that they want you to know because primarily the status update bar doesn't leave much room to tell your whole life story. Can anyone's whole life's story fit in a status bar? And, I am pretty sure that the status bar is not intended for your whole life story, but I digress.

At this point I would like to say that is probably why Facebook is the best place known to man, and woman, then if you are a natural bragger. Boy do you ever see the people who have it in their DNA to brag. They seem to go quiet for days, weeks, even until they are ready to brag again.

The Shock and Awe

And then moving on there are of course the shock and awe status updates. We all know what these consist of. The cursing, the updates that don't make sense because they are meant to reel you in, the things people might be thinking but just shouldn't say.
These kind of updates I like to call the drive by shooters of Facebook. They are only on there to stir the pot, get you all excited, and then go away again. They leave you wondering, are they really going to blow something up today? Should I call the police, therapist, or priest??

Here is my most favorite shock and awe quote that I have seen;

"Happy Mutha Fu(&$n' NewYear bitches"

(Those of you who are on FB,
comment HERE on my blog spot,
and know who posted this, get a prize!
For real a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble.
SO you can keep reading :)
The first 3 comments to get it right win.)

D. Those Who Don't Really Care about FB, but go on there and quietly stalk everyone else so they can feel better about their own superiority. You know they are on there even though there is no activity on their pages, because when you see them in person they tell you something that they read on FB or that they found out on FB and had no way of knowing otherwise. These little sneaky, sneaks can be of the worst kind. Go big or Go home, is what I would like to say to them! Either have an FB and use it or don't have one at all, like the people who are my personal social heroes!

5. The Self Promoter
These people have a business, have a band, have a store, have a church, they have a political agenda, have You tube videos they want you to check out, have a blog they want you to read... ahem... guilty, and they use FB for that purpose. To self promote. They are the commercials on FB. They are annoying... sorry. And they know who they are, ME :) again sorry!

These are just a few of the types you might find on there. There are of course countless other types of people on FB for a variety of reasons. But there you have my friends the ones that stick out to me the most.

Now at this point you might be wondering why I am on Facebook. Well, back in the day the very first social networking that I ever took part in started right here. Then there was Myspace. And then FB, and now Twitter, Path, Instagram, etc.....

I am at the point where I don't really remember why I got on facebook.

I am grateful for all the social reconnections I have made on there, but I am getting a little tired of all the changes Mr. Z keeps making to it and I have started posting a lot less.

I no longer share pics there, instagram
I rarely share a status update, twitter
and I have never really posted stories there, blogspot
and honestly if it weren't for my Dad just now getting on the site,
I think... dare I say it.... I might have abandoned it all together.

For now I am still there.
But I do have a lot of questions about it,
and you know what happens when you start questioning Facebook?

I dunno what happens, I just wanted to be dramatic.

Can't wait to see who the winners will be.
Shontell, no cheating by going on Mike's FB, although you can tell him about it.

Share your thoughts.
What category do you fall into?
What happens when you start to question Facebook?
Who was that Shock and Awe statement from?

Oh and Don't worry those that aren't on FB and couldn't play this lil game, I will have more games to play soon enough, don't you worry your pretty little heads about it.


Debi said...

haha! you crack me up Noel. and you are so right. The shock and awe that comes to mind right away is mr. tim meredith. lol. although he didn't post the shock and awe you quoted. Although I was there hanging out when Petey, Tim and Andrew were cracking up at that post by TheMoses. :)

Noel said...

WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner!! Oh good, I have your address gift card will be in the mail :)

Jessica said...

I don't do any of those. By the way, make sure to check out my blog. Haha. Ahem, I suppose I'm guilty.

My fleeying life said...

OK! so you think facebook is overated. That's your story and you are sticking to it. I love how I can see the pictures of all the family. I can see them grow though the pictures.I can save them,the pictures,to my places.Facebook is the best way to keep up with family and friends.I see the people I pray for and have the memories to savor. Now you taught me to Facebook and this year I am learning something new. Love the pics on your blog. Your family is beautiful.

Erica said...

I'm the drive by read'em and don't post. guilty for sure! Something about having an audience (I think) that draws people :)

Noel said...

Ma, I am just sharing a thought or two about it. I don't think it's overrated. I think it is really great how we can all stay connected and be so far away, I just don't think it gives the best updates on a persons life like a blog does. I miss the days of blogging.

Erica- I miss the blogging days, don' you? I tried to see your posts but it won't let me. Anyway, how is Sacramento treating you? How are your 3 bambinos? And I am guilty of all of these so I feel that is why no one should take offense.

bean's blog said...

ok so it was tim meredith or themoses. you said first 3 to get it right? i believe you and jen are also the fbers that used to post minute by minute updates, no?

Noel said...

Sister Bean- Yes I self admittedly said, that I am guilty of all of these if not more! But you my dear have to choose one or the other to truly be a winner!

bean's blog said...

it was themoses of course i love my brother for his sarcasm and curses, and of course tim meredith is too sweet to say something like that!

Noel said...

WINNER, WINNER YOU ARE LOOKING THINNER!! Good thing I know your address too.
Now who will be the final WINNER WINNER YOU ARE A HEAD SPINNER?
Can you tell I have some cabin fever going on? Help!! Help Me!!

Jessica said...

Well now, I would be your third winner...I do like to win. But I have to admit that I did not know the answer until I read it in Debi & Gina's posts ;) Does that count?

Jessica said...

I suppose I'd have to give my guess...oops! TheMoses! lol

Noel said...

Jess- WINNER, WINNER, You are the final Head Spinner!
I have your new address as well so as soon as the snow clears and I can get out of my driveway... check your mail for your gift card.

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

I guess you forgot to categorize us old farts that are part voyeur part stalker and part curious as well as far far from family.... And even though I'm out of the running to be a 'winner winner text beginner' it was my shameless son.

Noel said...

Hey Momma Nash- those are all good categories as well. Ahhh.... I love that shock and awe shameless son of yours. He keeps us all guessing, what's he going to say or do next?

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