Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Snow Pics

You didn't believe when I said, we were snowed in, did you?

Ok, well our doors were not actually closed shut due to snow, but we did have snow up to our shins at least.

Well, maybe not My Giants shin level, but surely mine and the Fab 4's.

Yeah, we had snow boarders actually up the hill. I was going to start charging a fee and calling it Scofield's Heavenly Ski Resort. It could have worked. The coffee snow ice cream alone would have beckoned them inside.

They were hardcore these snow boarders. Not that I know what a hardcore snow boarder looks like, but these two, they looked the part. I think they would have appreciated our snow ice cream. We should have had like a snow ice cream/hot cocoa stand out there. Next time.

The problem with the Scofield Ski Resort though is that it's not really resort-ish material this here lil cabin. I mean, I love it. But would if they did want to stay up the hill? Ya know, where would I have put them all?

Course, Barley was busy building igloos. That might have worked. Where there's a will there's a way.

Isaiah was not busy building igloos. He was busy saying..."I've fallen and I can't get up!"

See do you believe me now?
Crazy Talk!

I am now convinced that the Washingtonians who say, "Oh no it never snows here!" Are really just Californians who have wishful thinking.


Erica said...

your last comment made me laugh! probably true!

If it ever snows here, I will post a picture of a palm tree covered in snow

Noel said...

As crazy as the weather patterns have been all over Erica, I would start preparing!!

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

These pictures are all so beautiful and make me want to crochet next to the fire and drink cocoa.

Noel said...

Momma Nash- That would have been so much more fun, if you were here it would have made the whole experience wayyyyy better. But trust me... you should be so glad you weren't here. It was a pain in the a$$!! It still is. SO many have gone without power for days, and it's cold and dark, and muddy, and Bleck!!

Bean said...

I think you should have charged those snowboarders! If there is a next time you definitely should have your coffee snow cream stand :)

Noel said...

Bean- I sure hope there ISN'T a next time!

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