Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eggs according to Zed

Levels of Eggs according to Isaiah

"You're (me his mom)the professional egg.
I'm the golden egg.(Isaiah)
Chloe is the silver egg.
Emma is the cracked egg.(Emma comes out of her room and says,'Why would I be the cracked egg when I get home before all of you do?')
Oh well,umm...
Solomon is the rotten egg because he got home last today.(Solomon in protest points out, "I am not the rotten egg Dad will be home last or maybe cousin Derek")

...or I guess Dad would be the
rotten Egg since he will be home last then.
Or it might be cousin Derek that gets home last?
Then I guess Solomon you are the bronze egg.

(Emma says, "I should be the pro egg since mom never even left the house!" said in a very rolling the eyes kind of tone... ahem... these are the typical 13 year old responses one should expect to hear from a 13 year old, no else could possibly be the pro egg EXCEPT a 13 year old, even in playful banter they have to be the pro AND be right... all the time RIGHT!?)

If Derek comes home before Dad then he would be the cracked egg"

After school conversations.

I guess Chloe was happy with being the silver egg because she never said a word.
And me the demoted Pro Egg... I was taking it all in and No, I was not at all bitter that I was no longer the Pro Egg.


My Fleeting Life said...

I remember my fathers car broke down with Mom and all five of us children in the car.It broke down in the middle of a snow storm and thank God we were just up the street from Grandma Farina's house. Our grandma always had cookies in the house and this night she was out of cookies.She got us all a piece of bread with butter and sugar on it. It was the best snack I can remember having on that cold winter night. Thank you Grandma I love you so.

Noel said...

Ah, Ma that is a really sweet memory. I can't wait til I get to meet Grandma Farina. She is a legend in my mind. I love you Momma-zita!

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