Friday, January 13, 2012

Field Trip with Lo Lo

My daughter Chloe is in 6th grade. Very soon she will graduate from Elementary School and be an official Jr. Higher. I am trying to prepare for this in my heart, because being that I am the sentimental type, I have to prepare for these big life changing events well before they take place. I have til June.

I have until June to prepare for the fact that after Jr. High comes High School, and after High School is Marriage... wait NO College... and after College, do you see how my brain works? Do you see why I need to prepare now, in January for June?

The field trip was to the Burke Museum in Seattle Washington. The museum is on the campus or by the campus of The University of Washington. So after we got done touring this very cool Museum we explored the campus of "U Dub", and I had some moments where I had to tell my sentimental heart that Jr.High does not equate College.

So at least there's that.

The field trip will probably be one of the last ones that I get to go exploring with my Lo Lo. I tried not to think like that. I tried not to hog her that day. I will admit to you, but you are sworn to secrecy that my thought processes honestly went a bit more like this... Like this is the last lunch we will share... this is the last bus ride we will take together.... this is the last time she won't be embarrassed by her mother !! Yep, I think like that. But thankfully after all these years, I have managed to, try to, learn to, in process of, working through, letting her go.

Remember, I am preparing now for the day she will have a baby.

No seriously though, Soon she will be in the Land of No Field trips... and well, that just makes me sad beyond measure.
I love going on field trips with my kids. I love to see them with their peers. I love to discover and explore new places and learn things with them. I just... well... I love them, my Fab 4. They are all getting SO Damn big, Dammit!!


Remind me to tell you the story about these carvings that are in the above picture. It's a good one that involves a momma bear that gets cheated on.... and then has her unfaithful partner murdered. Oh wait, shoot I just gave away the ending. Well I think I just told you everything, but there are a few more details and they are good ones so if you want more details... then remind me.

Ok where was I, oh yeah Chloe going off to College.

This is just one of the pictures on that beautiful campus that is going to steal my daughter from me in a few, ok well more like 5 years. Well, at least I hope she goes somewhere close... Oh Geez... Oh man... would if, would if she wants to go out of state? Breathe Noel... Breathe...

I caught this pic toward the end of the day and honestly I had to walk a few steps behind the rest of the group for a minute because the water works started to work up and I went and got all sentimental again.

Damn them getting big.
And Damn my sentimental heart.


Jen Simms said...

What are you trying to do, make me cry at work? Geez.

Here's my take on field trips. See what you think. You just have to adultify field trips post-junior high. Basically, you can think of your adventures a little different - and like once she's in college or married and stuff, you can just think of those trips as field trips too. It's still her world. You're still in it. It is good. :) But growth is hard.

Noel said...

You know I am aim to please sister :) But really around every corner, I see Big/Lil People and I can't stop getting all teary eyed about it, so I figured I should pull you all down with me. JK hee hee hee!
I like your idea of "adultify-ing" the field trips though. I guess that's where date night for the kids will come in to play.

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

I SO understand!!! I cannot dwell on this fact of life for fear of sinking into an abyss of lost time and opportunities with my own kids. There will never be enough time in their childhood for us to wish them away. Just be comforted in knowing that YOU have done an amazing job of being a parent and all of your kids are great people. One more thing I've got to say...five years is a blink of an eye. Another reason why I am desperate to be closer to you all

Noel said...

Thank you Momma Nash. You know that mom guilt plagues us all, but my mom always says, "Screw Guilt"! So when I get too down on myself about what I shoulda, coulda, woulda, done I hear her voice saying, "Screw The Guilt" in her beautiful east coast accent. It helps.
5 years, ya.. a blink... you better get your butt here already :)

my fleeting life said...

Field trips are awesome now that you can have airphones to listen to your ipods, ipads on the bus. Then the time spend with that special student is priceless.The memories! awe..

Noel said...

Mom- you are right, they don't let allow ipods, but that would be nice if you wanted to drown out all the noisy children. You being a teacher would probably appreciate getting to have a ipod break :)

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