Tuesday, January 17, 2012


On Saturday we experienced the first snow of the winter season here in Washington. It was reported that it was going to start snowing on Sunday, and well... it came a day early. The news media made it sound as though this would be the Snow to End all Snow, as another friend called it "The Snow Apocalypse". We probably got about 5 inches here in Redmond. There is supposed to be another storm today, but meanwhile I can't get out of my driveway, mostly because of the mud, not the snow. And so I sit here with you, and blog.

It started out weak and I laughed in it's face. It then got angry. Big flakes began to fall.
And now, here I sit with snow all around. Trapped inside. We live at the top of a hill. The cool thing about that is that everyone comes up here to go sledding. The not so cool thing about that is that cars like to go sledding too. Even as I am typing this there is a cute little Honda that bless it's owners heart keeps slipping and sliding down my street trying to make it's way to the top. "I think I can, I think I can, Whoa... Slide..."I maybe think I might, I really want to"

Needless to say, we have cabin fever. To entertain ourselves, the Fab 4 and I, we have made countless bowls of snow ice cream, and Solomon just decided to get a little fancy and add coffee to his snow... and we were like this is the greatest thing ever! "Do you think we could sell this?" says, my lil 10 year old inventor. Giggle. His sisters then got involved in this great invention and I think the last recipe involved maple syrup, coffee, and peppermint syrup. This ain't no poor kids snow ice cream! And not to worry I made sure the snow was being collected from the tops of tables, we do have 2 dogs after all! But this does go to show how bored we have become. Variations of Snow Ice Cream, who ever heard of such a thing?

We have made a total of 3 Snowmen, Countless snow balls for snow ball fights, And we are pondering building an igloo.
I told we were going crazy up in here!
We are running out of milk, creamer for my coffee, cereal, and butter. If the olives start getting low, I will be walking to the store. What would you be willing to walk to the grocery store for in a snow storm? I want to know.

Barley is out of control in the cold white stuff. The first time we let him out in it, he ran back and forth all over the property like he was a wild cheetah just let loose from it's pen at the zoo. Which, if you could see how big this doggy is now, in comparison to how small our lil cabin is... this could just be his normal behavior. Hmm.. maybe I just hadn't noticed ? Truly it was the greatest sight to behold. I only wish I had it on video because he was OUT OF CONTROL! So, now we know, Barley loves snow.

The Boy who won't be photographed, in the midst of all the excitement of the snow, has also lost another tooth. It can't be seen in the above photograph, but because he was so excited about his invention of coffee ice cream, I managed to capture it here.

Emma made these beauties. Peanut Butter Cookies. My favorite. Did I mention I have been off sugar? Well, I am off sugar. Except Stevia in my coffee. It wasn't a new years thing... it was a I hate exercise, I am grossly overweight, my pants are way too snug and I refuse to shop at the Lane Bryant store, kind of thing. In support of my decision, my family in the past few weeks has decided to make homemade cake pops, my favorite cookies, buy cake vodka, and well, I just can't get over how supportive they all are. No really, I am not bitter about my decision.

This is how Bella has been spending her snow days.

Curled up to her Teddy Bear Barley, or

Laying near the fire place, like a frog. Oh the life of a dog. I envy them.
And now for a little fun. Here is a game of where's Waldo, I mean Isaiah?


Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

There is no doubt in my mind...I would slog through the snow for coffee, for a friend and for fun. I would also go so far as to say I'd even do it for a visit with my lovies. So - do the kids have a sled or toboggan? A garbage bag wrapped piece of cardboard works pretty good for a little while. Stay snug!

My fleeting life said...

I think you people are handling the snow with great creativity. I love the photos. wow! seattle . This kind of snow hasn't happened since the 40's, so I heard on the news. Well, if I had to get to the store in this weather I would do it for coffee and for a senior. LOL I can't get though the morning without a hot shower and so coffee. Actually I would go with out a shower for that last cup of coffee. Love the coffee ice cream, you have a genous there. Seriously!

Noel said...

Oh... The Momma's. You Momma's you are my favorites to get comments from. I love and thank you both for being my biggest Cheerleaders.

Momma Nash- Coffee is a good one. A friend for sure, and fun isn't snow supposed to be all around fun?
The kids have been using the top of a plastic garbage can like in Chirstmas Vacation. I need to try and get a picture of this because it's really funny. They don't make it very far.

Ma-I am glad you like the photos. WOW, since the 40's really?
And yes of course a million times over for a Senior. I will tell Sol you called think he's a genius, he needs a bigger head.NOT! What's up with 10 year old boys who think they know it all?

Mommas seriously,how long do your sons last in this know it all stage? Oh wait...I don't think I want to know the answer to this.

My fleeting life said...

It's going to be 59 degrees on Wed. Can you believe it? I still cannot find My fleeting life anywhere. It's fleeting alright. At least I can find my facebook.LOL My face is on it.

My Fleeting blog said...

Ya! One of your brother still knows it all,until you prove him wrong. He does it all too. He is awesome with his handyman skills. I should have used hot sauce on his month. What a truck driver. Fire truck mouth at times.LOL I sure love him. He makes a great secret Santa.Wow!

Noel said...

Wow! The weather has gone katiwompas! Almost 60 degrees in NV, that is just crazy! Well we another few inches here again last night and right now it is a constant light snow. For the last hour or so. Constant light dusting.

bean's blog said...

love the pic of chloe in her new patagonia jacket she could totally model for patagonia and get us all free stuff!

Noel said...

She is getting so big, my LO lo can't believe it!

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